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Melodic Death Metal

Stylistic originsDeath Metal, NWOBHM, Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Power metal
Cultural originsEarly to mid 1990s, Scandinavia (particularly Gothenburg, Sweden) and the United Kingdom
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Burning BridgesLyricsMelodic Death MetalSweden4688553
Damage DoneLyricsMelodic Death MetalSweden3272147
ColonyLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Alternative MetalSweden4278348
Hate Crew DeathrollLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Power MetalFinland3163143
New World ShadowsLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland2341929
HeartworkLyricsDeath Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Death 'n' RollUnited Kingdom3535226
Winter's GateLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland2130312
12 GaugeLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland1031315
Silent WatersLyricsProgressive Metal, Melodic Death Metal, Progressive RockFinland472968
VerklighetenLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Alternative Metal, MetalcoreSweden3131016
A Virgin and a WhoreLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic MetalFinland1224017
AathmaLyricsProgressive Metal, Melodic Death MetalAndorra718113
Twilight of the Thunder GodLyricsMelodic Death MetalSweden2221710
Holographic UniverseLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Groove MetalSweden1420615
InvictusLyricsMelodic Death Metal, MetalcoreGermany221618
...and Death said liveLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland1214713
Slaughter of the SoulLyricsMelodic Death MetalSweden231425
Time ILyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic MetalFinland512712
Fragments of D-GenerationLyricsMelodic Death MetalItaly61237
The Weight of OceansLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Progressive MetalSweden1312015
Architect of LiesLyricsMelodic Death MetalDenmark101265
Death UnlimitedLyricsMelodic Death MetalFinland1013611
AmarantheLyricsTrance Metal, Melodic Metalcore, Melodic Death MetalSweden281494
Stone's ReachLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Progressive Metal, Gothic MetalAustralia5991
Anti-Life SaviourLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Industrial Death Metal, Symphonic Death Metal, Black MetalFinland10965
AbstractLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Thrash MetalKorea141134
NocturnalLyricsMelodic Death MetalUnited States19992
Shadow WalkLyricsMelodic Death Metal, MetalcoreKorea7955
CrimsonLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Progressive MetalSweden208810
The DiaristLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Symphonic Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom MetalItaly119110
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Reviews : 9,978
Albums : 153,333
Lyrics : 198,799