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Industrial Black Metal

Stylistic originsBlack Metal, Industrial Metal
66 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
The Whole of the LawLyricsIndustrial Black Metal, GrindcoreUnited Kingdom171579
Kali Yuga BizarreLyricsIndustrial Black MetalItaly7140
Lost Masters of the UniverseLyricsIndustrial Black MetalNorway10122
Drep De KristneSymphonic Black Metal, Industrial Black MetalNorway880
Deleted Scenes from the Transition HospitalIndustrial Black Metal, Dark AmbientUnited Kingdom620
A Sigil Burnt Deep into the FleshLyricsIndustrial Black MetalFrance210
NyneIndustrial Black MetalGreece210
En to Pan OmegasIndustrial Black MetalFrance510
Instinct GateIndustrial Black MetalNorway410
The Necro ContinuumIndustrial Black Metal, GrindcoreUnited States110
Hacking the Holy CodeIndustrial Black MetalFrance110
PlazmadkaosIndustrial Black Metal, Death MetalBelarus210
Ia Pazuzu (The Abyss of the Shadows)Industrial Black MetalSweden500
Ultraviolence Über Alles - Übercharged EditionIndustrial Black Metal, Electronic MetalFrance500
Screams of Tortured AngelsIndustrial Black MetalRomania200
Il Braccio SinistroIndustrial Black MetalItaly600
War, the world's only hygieneIndustrial Black MetalFrance100
Deimos XIIIIndustrial Black Metal, Doom MetalFinland400
GoatstarIndustrial Black Metal, SpeedcoreSweden400
S.T.N Nuclear GenerationIndustrial Black MetalFrance100
WeltherrschaftIndustrial Black MetalNorway100
Hybrid ScornIndustrial Black Metal, AmbientRomania800
Black KarmaIndustrial Black MetalNorway100
SOPA: Stop Online Pissing ActsLyricsIndustrial Black MetalMexico1600
VoidIndustrial Black MetalUnited Kingdom500
Grey MetalIndustrial Black Metal, Death MetalFinland300
Life Has Ended HereIndustrial Black MetalAustria200
N.S.T.M.Industrial Black MetalRussia200
Volume 13Industrial Black MetalAustralia2200
Der KriegLyricsIndustrial Black MetalFinland200
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Artists : 39,504
Reviews : 9,464
Albums : 143,193
Lyrics : 191,745