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Experimental Death Metal

53 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
NaätLyricsExperimental Death Metal, GrindcoreFrance460
UnihemispheriaLyricsExperimental Death MetalUnited States920
StalkerLyricsExperimental Death Metal, Technical Death Metal, Extreme Progressive Metal, Progressive Sludge MetalUnited Kingdom310
Genocide 71Experimental Death MetalBangladesh110
Cerebral AlchemyAtmospheric Black Metal, Experimental Death MetalSlovenia110
Cosmiclysmic Force ThresholdProgressive Death Metal, Experimental Death MetalUnited States110
Celestial Minstrel MidnightExperimental Death Metal, Gothic MetalMalaysia400
Blessed Be This NightmareLyricsExperimental Death Metal, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom400
Dementia/DyslexiaLyricsExperimental Death MetalUnited States100
In the Dark PitExperimental Death MetalPoland100
The World Is ChangedExperimental Death MetalCzech Republic200
.rewindExperimental Death Metal, Symphonic BlackItaly300
The CoreExperimental Death MetalUnited States200
Mala Herba Cito CrescitExperimental Death MetalPoland100
Ordaining the ApocalypseExperimental Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States300
The Litanies of the QuietusExperimental Death Metal, Doom MetalUnited States100
no imageExperimental Death Metal, GrindcoreCanada100
The Holy Water of DeathExperimental Death MetalUnited States100
Perversions of StablingsGoregrind, Experimental Death MetalLatvia200
The CampaignTechnical Metalcore, Experimental Death MetalUnited States300
Feast of the Blood MonstersExperimental Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States310
Ghost in the FireExperimental Death Metal, Doom MetalUnited States500
Alpha-BetaExperimental Death MetalCanada300
Last DaysExperimental Death Metal, Groove MetalBulgaria400
Labyrinth of ThoughtsExperimental Death MetalNetherlands100
no imageExperimental Death MetalIndonesia000
Sugeng Rawuh Sang Cemeng Ing Tlatah JawiExperimental Death MetalIndonesia100
Discography (2007-2012)Experimental Death Metal, GrindcoreUnited States1000
Exalted DivinityExperimental Death MetalAustralia100
In Crystalline Worlds BeyondTechnical Death Metal, Experimental Death MetalItaly300
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Artists : 45,571
Reviews : 9,974
Albums : 163,233
Lyrics : 216,071