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Drone Metal

Stylistic originsDrone, Experimental, Doom Metal
Cultural originsEarly 1990s, Seattle, Washington
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Re-EvolveDrone Metal, Doom MetalUnited States100
Feelings from the StoneDrone Metal, Doom MetalUnited Kingdom100
Transcend to MadnessDrone Metal, Doom MetalLithuania400
Midnight SpecialDrone Metal, Doom MetalArgentina200
Rehearsal 2008Blackened Death Metal, Drone MetalItaly100
Temples of DoomLyricsFuneral Doom Metal, Sludge Metal, Drone MetalSlovenia100
A Melancholic StateAmbient, Drone Metal, Doom MetalUnited Kingdom500
ImmersionDoom Metal, Black Metal, Drone MetalGreece200
no imageAmbient Drone Metal, NoiseCzech Republic200
Enoisnemid AvitagenFuneral Doom Metal, Black Metal, Drone MetalItaly400
The Blackest GiftDrone Metal, Doom Metal, RockUnited States100
Darkness...Psychedelic Black Metal, Drone Metal, Doom MetalUnited States200
ehrenfeld³Doom Metal, Drone MetalGermany100
Demo 2014Drone Metal, Dark AmbientIndonesia100
Know How to Carry a WhipDrone Metal, Doom Metal, Experimental MetalUnited States400
Echoes of YulAtmospheric Metal, Doom Metal, Drone MetalPoland300
To TartarusPsychedelic Metal, Doom Metal, Drone MetalUnited States900
0))) Presents...Drone Metal, Doom MetalUnited States100
The Human CryGothic Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Dark Metal, Experimental MetalUnited States100
ThronesHeavy Metal, Drone Metal, Doom MetalUnited States500
no imageBlack Metal, Drone MetalUnited States700
Gods of SoundIndustrial Metal, Sludge Metal, Drone Metal, NoiseAustralia800
Volume IIAtmospheric Sludge Metal, Doom Metal, Drone Metal, Post-MetalItaly400
Come Mourning ComeBlack Metal, Doom Metal, Drone MetalUnited States100
Sound of SickeningBlack Metal, Funeral Doom Metal, Drone MetalItaly100
The Master of SuspenseSludge Metal, Drone Metal, Doom MetalJapan500
Rat WarlordAmbient Drone Metal, Funeral Doom MetalKazakhstan500
Fever MarshalBlack Metal, Doom Metal, Drone MetalEstonia100
Binary Life InjectionLyricsBlack Metal, Ambient Drone MetalTurkey1000
IIDrone Metal, Funeral Doom MetalLithuania300
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Artists : 46,122
Reviews : 10,028
Albums : 165,465
Lyrics : 216,890