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Stylistic originsDeath Metal, Hardcore Punk, Metalcore
Cultural originsEarly 2000s, North America
Typical instrumentsVocals, Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
SempiternalLyricsMetalcore, Alternative Metal, Alternative Rock, DeathcoreUnited Kingdom4315020
Angel or AlienLyricsProgressive Deathcore, DjentUnited States14894
The Harvest WombsLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Progressive Metal, DeathcoreUnited States10737
This Is Where It EndsLyricsDeathcoreUnited States8675
Lugal Ki EnLyricsTechnical DeathcoreUnited States11570
...And I Return to NothingnessLyricsSymphonic DeathcoreUnited States11601
Ending is the BeginningLyricsDeathcoreUnited States261186
ReclaimerLyricsSymphonic Deathcore, Melodic DeathcoreUnited States10441
NeverbloomLyricsDeathcore, MetalcoreAustralia13412
The Somatic DefilementLyricsDeathcoreUnited States13484
Wolves WithinLyricsMetalcore, Deathcore, DjentUnited States11301
DeathwishLyricsSlamming Brutal DeathcoreSlovenia20353
The Elysian Grandeval GalèriarchLyricsSlamming Brutal Deathcore, Technical DeathcoreUnited States5373
The Common Man's CollapseLyricsDeathcore, Melodic Metalcore, DjentUnited States15481
Surpassing the Boundaries of Human SufferingLyricsSlamming Deathcore, Brutal Deathcore, Blackened Deathcore, Death MetalUnited Kingdom22290
World War XLyricsDeathcoreUnited States20310
Moon HealerLyricsDeathcore, Death Metal, Technical Death MetalUnited States10291
VäldeLyricsProgressive DeathcoreSweden9221
EvolveLyricsDeathcoreUnited States18282
ExoplanetLyricsProgressive Metal, DeathcoreUnited States11191
Planetary DualityLyricsTechnical Deathcore, Technical Death MetalUnited States8183
Walk Beyond the DarkLyricsMelodic Black Metal, Deathcore, Atmospheric Black MetalUnited States12231
The Process of Human ExterminationLyricsDeathcoreUnited States11191
Breathe in LifeLyricsDeathcore, MetalcoreFrance9224
The Serpent ServantLyricsChristian Deathcore, DeathcoreUnited States12171
XenocideLyricsTechnical DeathcoreAustralia8141
Dawn of CorruptionLyricsDeathcoreNetherlands12181
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Artists : 46,076
Reviews : 10,026
Albums : 165,312
Lyrics : 216,820