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 (Republic of the Philippines)
LanguageFilipino, English
Area300,000 k㎡ (73rd)
Population103,112,800 (12th)
GDP$291,965 million (39th)
122 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Satanik EonBlack MetalPhilippines21241
Ashes of EternityDeath MetalPhilippines650
Demo 09Brutal Death Metal, GrindcorePhilippines841
Sadistic Way of Intense PerversionBrutal Death Metal, GrindcorePhilippines230
A Hero for the WorldLyricsPower MetalPhilippines230
Souls Eternally DevouredBrutal Death MetalPhilippines220
no imageBrutal Death MetalPhilippines520
The Corroding Age of WoundsBlack Metal, GrindcorePhilippines1910
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalPhilippines1110
Demo TracksBrutal Death Metal, GrindcorePhilippines210
Villain From the DepthsBrutal Death Metal, GrindcorePhilippines110
no imageBrutal Death Metal, GoregrindPhilippines111
ProfanoBlack MetalPhilippines210
Tales of Cadaveric DismembermentsGoregrindPhilippines1010
PilgrimageDeath MetalPhilippines200
Hacked to DeathBrutal Death MetalPhilippines100
MorkhgratBlack MetalPhilippines100
no imageThrashPhilippines100
Surgical MurderDeath MetalPhilippines200
Siege DemonsDeath MetalPhilippines300
Hymns of Ruthless PestilenceBrutal Death MetalPhilippines300
Black Himatayon RitualBlack MetalPhilippines100
no imageMelodic Death metalPhilippines000
Aftermath of the ApocalypseLyricsBrutal Death MetalPhilippines700
no imageBrutal Death MetalPhilippines200
The Junkyard of InfinityLyricsGrindcore, Death MetalPhilippines300
Holocaustic SymbolsDeath MetalPhilippines100
no imageThrash Metal, Death MetalPhilippines000
Satanic Age is Upon UsBlack MetalPhilippines200
The Army of HadesDeath Metal, Thrash MetalPhilippines100
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 39,360
Reviews : 9,403
Albums : 142,474
Lyrics : 190,508