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 (Republic of Chile)
445 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Sounds of PainLyricsFolk Metal, Doom MetalChile6193
Draining the WaterheartLyricsMelodic Doom Metal, Death MetalChile572
Keziah Lilith Medea (Chapter X)LyricsDeath MetalChile1763
Hail to FireBlack MetalChile2060
Morbid RitesDeath Metal, Black MetalChile770
Unorthodox Creative CriteriaLyricsDeath MetalChile460
PresenceLyricsAtmospheric Black MetalChile1061
The Wrath of DarknessWar Metal, Death MetalChile462
AnticosmocratorLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Thrash MetalChile940
The Curse over MankindLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalChile1150
Spitting SavageryBrutal Death Metal, GrindcoreChile341
Chaos AbominationDeath Metal, Thrash MetalChile840
The SearchLyricsThrash MetalChile652
Experiment of ExistenceLyricsDeath Metal, Thrash MetalChile1330
Force of DarknessLyricsBlack Metal, Thrash MetalChile1221
Æon Vmbra GenesisBlack MetalChile620
Vórtice a lo macabroLyricsBrutal Death MetalChile920
Tierra del FuegoStoner Metal, Psychedelic RockChile220
Triumph of DarknessBlack Metal, Death MetalChile320
Spread Cruelty in the AbyssBlack Metal, Thrash MetalChile420
Southern Black SpellsBlack Metal, Death Metal, Thrash MetalChile120
1994-2000 A.B.LyricsDeath Metal, Black MetalChile820
Doom DecimationLyricsDoom MetalChile820
Wraiths of the Serpent's ThroneDeath Metal, Black MetalChile231
The Sign of DarknessThrash MetalChile720
Derramando sangre impuraBlack Metal, Death MetalChile320
Death Metal PunishmentDeath MetalChile120
Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation in the Temple of FleshBlack Metal, Death MetalChile130
Out for BloodHeavy MetalChile120
Blasfemia y PerversionDeath Metal, Thrash MetalChile120
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Artists : 43,903
Reviews : 9,761
Albums : 157,831
Lyrics : 212,964