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Vicious Rumors - Warball cover art


TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal
LabelsMascot Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Warball Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-06-22)
1. Sonic Rebellion (2:55)
G. Thorpe/L. Howe

Power and pressure all balled up together
compounded by hatred surrounded by glass
Fragments will splinter and fragments will shatter
Rip torn and tattered away at your past

Louder the hellion Sonic Rebellion
Faster the toxic that bleeds in your mind
Sonic rebellion the beast of the best the last of your kind

Force feed a diet of gutless delusion
Whining and crying is just not for me
Out of the shadows the weak will come out if we show them
A sling shot of decibels reeling with strength


Take on the pressure if hurts for minute
Drenched from a shower of volume insane
Now you're electric empowered perfection
Riding the force of a champions reign
2. Mr. Miracle (4:52)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera/L. Howe

Don't look in the eyes without a face
Don't try to see through time and space
She'll give out her hand for you to take
Only to deceive she will forsake

(Pre chorus)
She'll promise you the way to the land of opportunity
She'll promise you the key to the door that will set you free

Beware Mr. miracle
Beware Mr. magical

Mistress of sin knocks on your door
With all her wicked charms lost fools adore
Don't you ever let her bring you down
Bound forever to be her own slave

Beware Mr. miracle
Beware Mr. magical

Mistress of sin knocks on your door
With all her wicked charms lost fools adore
Don't you ever let her bring you down
Bound forever to be her own slave

(Pre chorus)
She'll promise you a world of wealth prosperity
Can't you see it only leads to your insanity

3. Dying Every Day (4:44)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera/L. Howe

Empty cries fill the skies
All across the land
Lonely heart reaching out
Bleeding hands in their hands

Dying, dying, dying every day
Crying, crying as they fade away
Dying, dying, dying every day
Crying, crying, watch them fade away

Can you hear the children cry
Cause I can hear them scream
Ripped of all their hopes and dreams
As we watch them bleed


After all is said and done
What lies ahead in tomorrow's world
Lessons in life they never learned
Will they have their turn?

4. Inmortal (3:56)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera/L. Howe

Rolling thunder and acid rain
In my head, inside of my brain
Riding on overload, I'm insane
I'm at the top, at the top of my game

(Pre chorus)
I'm the immortal fire and rage
I'm the immortal power and rain
You wont hear me till it's much too late
Watch me seal your fate

With me you never die
Let me reignite your life

Soaring the night, searching for souls
I'll take my blood from the young and the old
Stakes are high, sun turns night
Take my embrace and give up the fight

(Pre chorus)

Come back to life

(Pre chorus)
5. Warball (6:22)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera

Synchronized the madness starts
Override we're close to launch
Never mind the civil truce
All hands down and warball's loose

Warball's on and we 're born again hard
The cycle never ends
A sea of death
Warball's on and we're born again hard
Time to say goodbye
Goodbye my friends

Situation def com 5
No-one gets out of here alive
the betrayal set in stone
A plague unleashed has found its home

Darkness and sadness Fills the air

Right back where we started Warball's armed and locked on
Contracts in blood Warball marches on

6. Crossthreaded (4:46)
G. Thorpe

I ask for hot and you give me cold
You want it young and I give you old
You say one thing and I say another
man against man, sister and brother

Crossthreaded history
the same words heard so differently
Crossthreaded misery

The words that are spoken seldom are heard
they twist and they turn they're misunderstood
Communication emergency
I'm screaming out but you can't hear me


You won't know until it's to late
Time will tell the story creates
A life of its own

Invincible, your silhouette
Confusion is a special gift
Hanging motionless it seems
Attracted to you murderous teeth

7. Wheels Of Madness (3:46)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera/L. Howe

Flashed, phenomena, mysteries in sight
Unanswered, but still remains
From the outer world a presence was made
But secrecy sustains
The closer we get to the answers
the further away we go

Wheels of madness turning
Will we ever learn
Wheels of madness turning
The candle burns

Abduction foretold, stories of madness
A history self portrayed
From the underground, a secret secured
Forever hidden away
The closer we get to the answers
The sooner we'll know it's a lie


The blackouts, confusion a state of illusion
It all took place last night
No-one believes you, you must have been dreaming
Or, maybe you're out of your mind
the closer we get to the answers
the sooner we'll know it's a lie

Aeon years flash before your eyes
the future past, present systemized

8. Windows Of Memory (3:03)
J. Rivera/G. Thorpe

Windows of memories Is all that he has
Voices like fallen rain
Echo in his head
Vision of my face
His thoughts last embrace
Dear father close your eyes
It's time for you to rest

Fly away

We take for granted every day
Suddenly it slips away
There's nothing left that I can say

Looking back on your life
You'll be apart of me
From a boy to a man
You gave unselfishly
From the place where you lie
Fly away and be free
Oh father close your eyes
It's time for you to rest


9. A Ghost Within (4:56)
G. Thorpe/J. Rivera/L. Howe

Behold the warriors by my side they're sacred steel
take on the pressure mounting power that they yield
The signal getting stronger growing every day
We take no prisoners the battle decides our fate

(Pre chorus)
Can you feel the rage within our eyes
Can you feel the pain of your demise

A ghost within awaits his revenge
Saints and sinners run in fear
A ghost within waits on no man
Time is up and he's here to collect

Unbearable the cruelty of man at heart
Genetic break down his source of modern art
We take our power from the cries of the weak
So join with us and live these words we speak

(Pre chorus)

A ghost within
A ghost within is here to collect
10. Oceans Of Rage (3:39)
G. Thorpse/J. Rivera/L. Howe

I'm sealing your fate
You will feel my hate
Death and despair are coming for you
I can't stop, I can't sit still
I'm twisted up on twisted thrills
I'll back it up, I'll make it real
Beneath the core the pain I feel

Oceans of rage
Mountains of hate
Pressure builds, I can't concentrate
Sealing your fate
You will feel my hate death and despair are coming for you
I live my life with conviction
A path through the dark, a beacon of friction
I'll bottle your hate and sell it in pills
Four times a day as needed for kill

When you look into my eyes
You will feel my hate
As you fall to your knees
When you look into my eyes
Now you will feel my hate
As you fall to your knees
It's just a little too late
Die! Die! Die!
Why won't you die?!

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