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Cloven Hoof - Cloven Hoof cover art

Cloven Hoof

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresHeavy Metal, NWOBHM
LabelsNeat Records
Album rating :  88.1 / 100
Votes :  7
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Cloven Hoof Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-05-19)
1. Cloven Hoof (4:51)
The House of God
has been,
here this night.
Cross upturned
alter desecrated,
disciples of darkness
in unholy light.

In reverence to
the dreaded master,
Spill lifeblood
unto goat
headed shrine.
Praise be
the fallen lord
of Chaos,
Cloven Hoof
his sacrilegious sign.

Witches Rune

Darksome night
and shining moon,
East, then south,
then west, then north.
Hearken to the Witches Rune,
here I come to call thee forth.
Earth and Water,
Air and Fire,
by all the power of land
and sea.
Work ye unto my desire,
as I do will so mote it be.

Queen of heaven,
Queen of Hell.
Horned hunter of the night,
Lend your power unto my spell
and work your will be magic rite.

The rites complete,
the room grows cold.
Black candle flames
flicker then die.
Summoned anew,
terrors centuries old.
The hour of the one is nigh.

Witches Rune

By powers of the Witches
Come ye as the charm is made.
Hearken ye unto my word,
as it is said,
let it be heard.

Chords and censer
scourge and knife,
Waken ye unto life.

I feel the all consuming power unfold,
amongst the chosen relenting
to its hold.
Smothering all in heretic rite,
taken in sin
to dwell in Hells
eternal night!..oh no!
2. Nightstalker (3:52)
Never pay no heed to those
who oppose my lifestyle
Feel no remorse for the wrong
that I’ve done
I constantly abuse all who try
to use me
Like a fallen angel banished
from the sun

Cause I’m the Night Stalker,
feel the cold caress of knife
Stealthily advancing to cut out
your life
Yeah the Night Stalker, assassin
at your back
Skulking in the shadows
poised for attack

Prowling these streets at night,
I fight a deadly game of survival
Stealing through the concrete
jungle with bloodlust in my
All here fear me I’m ruthless
as I’m godless
A preditor of the side walk in
his alley-way domain


Society brands me a homicidal
madman, but they cannot
cage what they cannot see
When I’m coming you as
good as a dead man
Ain’t no one alive that can
elude me

3. March Of The Damned (1:49)
4. Gates Of Gehenna (5:27)
Part 1 - The Grand Deception

Look on high son of man I stand before you
Celestial traveler of time and space
Take my hand discover realms beyond the living
Cast aside the mortal fears that ever plague your race
Leave your world behind seek and you will find the Gates of Gehenna

Part 2 - Beyond The Veil

Sinners scream from tormented fate redemption but a dream too late
Damnated souls in the aftermath of Gods own
Wrath, with paradise lost forever, and ever

Part 3 - Truth Unmasked

Now you will know your reason here
Mine is Lucifer, destructor, abductor of your soul
Seek not escape once lured to Hell's own kingdom
None may elude my presence nor relinquish my dread control
You are sold to brutality never to break free the Gates of Gehenna

Part 4 - Requiem

My fate is sealed in shadow denied the gift of light
Cast down damnated banished from salvations sight
The prey of the betrayer, spirits never finding peace
An eternity of suffering possessed without release

You'll never get away, no...
5. Crack The Whip (4:36)
Gonna ride you hard,
hold on fast.
We can last the whole
night through.
Take the strain,
feel the pleasure and pain,
shooting up inside of you.

Give it all you got,
make it hot.
Ya really do it to me so right.
Touch it taste it feel it now,
ya know how it fit's so tight.

Crack the whip!
You keep me coming,
on stronger than ever before.
Light my fire,
feed your desire,
till it leaves ya
burning for more.

Hairs all wet,
starting to sweat.
Give ya every inch of my love.
moving in on your knees,
to me standing above.

my bodies breaking.
Heart beating to the rhythm as one.
Take it to the limit now,
keep me up
till the loving is done.


Give it all you got,
make it hot.
Ya really do it to me so right.
Touch it taste it feel it now,
ya know how it fit's so tight.


Crack the Whip!
Keep me coming
You know,
how to get me high.
Sure know something!
When my finger runs
along your thigh.

Give ya every inch of my love.
Crack the whip!
6. Laying Down The Law (4:33)
I guard these sleazy streets,
from gambling joint
to speakeasy.
No back alley hoodlum
is gonna muscle in
on my territory.
The gangster and machine gun
is public enemy number one,
in Chicago where the innocent
pay protection to stay free.

Well nobody gets hurt,
If he walks the straight and narrow.
Bend the arrow out of line,
and you have to reckon with me.

Cause I'm laying down,
Laying down the law.
I'm laying down,
Laying down the law.

Behind every street corner,
there's vermin crawling out
of the woodwork.
Some low down punk
with a shot gun,
itchin to fill ya full of lead.
Wine, women
and bootleg whiskey,
threatens the basis of society.
Side walks are paved with blood,
Who couldn't keep their head.

Sin city never sleeps,
You better learn to
pull no punches.
Eyes to the rear,
cause down here...
They play for keeps.


You say I'm dreaming,
to believe in a better way,
For this rat trap
we call home.
I'm the enforcer
Making sure
that crime don't pay...
And I'm not alone!
7. Return Of The Passover (9:01)
Part 1 - The Coming

he comes forth spanning starways
That sinners may live in fear
Retribution, marks this eve day
The hour of vengance draws near

Dark angel of our destruction
Mounted on black winged steed
Irresistably anhialating
All bearing malice, lust or greed

Dawns now the death dealer
Atomising soul stealer
Inflicting damnation
unto he that spurns salvation

Earthly resistance, proves futile
No mortal force can halt this man
Evil minions meet extinction
By making mockery of the heavenly

His mission is that of deliverance
Seeking repentance from all
In a world plaqued by Violence
And Deception where the
weakest, surely fall


Part 2 - Executional Redemption

Those exempt of compassion
Devoid of trust
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust

Cleansing all sins
Dispersing all pain
Question not his judgement
Defy not his reign

Repeat First Verse

Repeat Chrous

Part 3 - Cold Reign

The ancients have told, of the first passover
They felt ones power, in centuries past

Now we live in his dreaded shadow
Never heeding when, the die was cast
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