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Cadacross - Corona Borealis cover art

Corona Borealis

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal, Power Metal, Folk Metal
LabelsLow Frequency
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  6
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Corona Borealis Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-03-25)
1. The Northern Crown (2:11)
2. Among the Stars (4:16)
Don't you want to see how it ends?
Gaze the comets that scrape the sky
Close eyes and make a wish?
Don't you pray for the stars to fall?
Eternally burning chaotic brightness
Further from our galaxy
where ignorance meets king fear
they came...

Descent from heavens on to the earth
destructive angelhorde
Bring sorrow for tomorrow
summon endless agony
For wounded we are on our crusade
to a lost paradise
Oh' how my heart yearns back
to shores of everdark
Chariots of fire flew
downwards from heavens blue
Over lands, lakes, over mountains high
dashed Faethon on his way
Thousand stars burn in the night
Blazing glory ride on the final day
At last as one, we can be united
None better, none less
as we merge with the stars
At last as one
Thousand stars burn in the night
Blazing glory ride on the final day
At last as one...
3. Kings of Grim (4:47)
Darkness has for so many years
dwelleth still upon the earth
And by every cycle of moon can be seen
that deeper it has drawn
In tales once told by the Elders
were that this dark time would come
Sooner , they said than it is proper
for little boys like you to know
When darkness eats all light away
we, humans are to fall
Kings of Grim will rise to claim
their right to rule once more
When the dark blades fulfil their deed
shall rivers blood-red flow
Before North bestows it's wintry frost
the ancient kings stand tall
Harbingers of plague they are
the spawn of ancient gods
They claim the throne to rule the earth
to rule as it is foretold
Kings of Grim as they are known
horde of celebrating Death
Riding along with beasts of hell
and the night stood by their side
So fell to endless depths
the keepers of the grace
With wings torn, demolished
Make haste now, Death awaits!
And I saw the drooling beasts of Seth
as they gathered for the feast
Sight that made me certain
they did not die invain
And so shall it be, new order amongst men
as we circle upon the prey with joy
We who embrace thee with rage of cold steel
now rise from the realm of stenching sulfur seas!
Thunder above, Hellfire below
march of Immortals forever goes on
Time we have waited finally at hand
Give none no mercy, death for each and all!
Harbingers of plague...
So fell to endless...
The new moon so majesticly broods
upon these wartorn vasts
No more humans serve their selfish deeds
where the forlorn kings have once roamed
4. Morningstar (4:53)
Ages ago in a region far North
there godly breath roared throughout the earth
Shaped the stones, built mountains high
Invoked forests verdant and oceans wide
Then made rapids to roar across the wild untamed
With blooming fields of gold woody lands he framed
Gave name to all those places that yet were without
or at least that was what he thought
for there was a place he did not know of...
Majestic sight it must have been
when the Griffin twins took on the wing
Faster than winds, shreaking like hell
Seeking the one who disturbed their peaceful sleep
Their beating wings revives the dreaming fire
now those flames burn forever more
With sparkling claws they shatter the earth
and rape the dawning life
Underneath the blaze of Morningstar
5. Learn the Dark (4:52)
Tell me whence will I find the passion once lost?
May it rise with strength to burn
away these synthetic sins of mine
away those days by gone...

For my demons never rest down here
where morbid dreams form reality
I don't know who you are nor where you come from
I only know of who I am and when my shape is shifting
For I have learned the Dark
and His neverending quest
Down here I never rest
Down here in my gloomy depths
Where morbid dreams form my reality
"they" would never let me slip away...

Spirit keep what my flesh cannot
I still bleed red
No memories, no breath
torn apart I will drift till death
All these faceless creations
they seem to grope along the way
Leper guides for us to lead astray
to be lost and how to find the Way
Days of torture & redeeming pain
lies ahead, will I stand or am I to fall?
Everything here forced to sustain
for my demons never rest down here
With nails I masturbate my deepest wounds
and ages most profound came to me...
6. Flaming Ember (4:29)
Still I yearn to see chaos and calm in harmony
Arcana that lies beyond the dreams of everblazing skies
And the night fell black upon the ones who yet
Blinded still wander in the mysteries of life
In blood are the murderers hands once again
As I hold you my child for the very last time
Though I'm crushed by grief , there is no other way
"Thou shalt not hesitate, just let it slip away"

I am the Flaming ember
Flood of neverending pain
Rise my Sons now from the flames
Kill! Kill!
Release Hell...
Come new life like old once did
Weed out the weak now from our way
Leave their bodies to be eaten
By the Beasts that haunt the night
Before this earth from dusk was drawn
When gods were sleeping, I was born
Son of Chaos and Mother Whore
Tempter strong yet without form
Through your eyes I see this enraptured disharmony
Arcana that is never solved by the one tangled in dreams
And the night fell black upon the ones who yet
Blinded still wander and refuse to see the truth
In blood are the murderers hands once again
As I hold you my child for the very last time
Though I'm crushed by grief there is no other way
Tattoos in my soul displays the Fall of heaven's dome
I am the Flaming ember...
7. Bring Out Your Dead (3:35)
The end is near, but have no fear
Take a vacation to pits of Hell
First-class flight awaits you all
We fly to Hell via Twilight Zone
The bell tolls noon, the bell tolls doom
So bring out your dead and bring your friends too
For we're all doomed, no turning back
Last day dawns black in the eastern sky...

Never will you close your eyes from this!
Witness the lifeless gaze of the dead
Bodies that lie before your very eyes
Are they asking you to join?
So come and bring out your Dead
8. Forest Remains Victor (5:43)
Now shelter I must find from strong gale about to rise!
The Northern lights delight me
sets the darkened skies ablaze
As I slowly make my way over glade
to reach the firwoods rising gates
But savoring came the jaws of night
swallowing all but moon and stars
Storm, it groped till raging blow
Impaling bare-clothed
like dagger thrown by embittered foe
Beneath the flickering eyes of night
there under firwoods branch, he rests
In the cradle made by encrusted snow
Without a grief or care
The northern lights...
The icewinds cold breath forces me
to this fortress of evertrees
That offers me a place to rest
Den for me and the beasts as well
Oh Fortuna thou hath abandoned me!
Who could see through the veil of night?
could hear the fainting call of the desperate one
When the storm rages on and on...
...and once again it strikes forth with
such a furious howling blow
No mercy given for the lost
who is seeking a way out from
this horrid maze of ice and snow
Under the stars may moon guide your way,
but cold Northwinds will blow eternally
Under the stars, beneath the blazing skies
you were forced to leave from where forest remains...

Out from the darkness just like that
a swelling light became
Now chanting for the traveller
whose road became to its end
The Northern lights delight thee
sets the darkened skies ablaze
As you slowly make your way over glade
to reach the firwoods rising gates
Savoring will come the jaws of night
swallows all but moon and stars
Storm it gropes till raging blow
Impaling the one who tries
to conquer the forest's throne
Beneath the stars may moon guide your way
but cold Northwinds will blow eternally
9. Wreath of Seven Stars (4:42)
From where the eye can see beyond miles
From the top of mountain high
I found it shining on the ground
Blood-red like dragons tear it was
The second by placing spoon on a stump
From magpies nest I obtained
What a beauty met my eyes
When silver in daylight sparked
From where great rivers run down to the ocean
Where winds weep and waves forever sing
From there I found the third, on a reef
Like blazing fire it was
burning like a lively golden flame
From where the treetops reach out to the blue sky
In the deep woods, where no man-made pathways go
From there the fourth-one I did find
From inside the trunk of great pine tree
On a mossy bed scarlet glew and I went on
To a place where goblins once used to live
Long before our days
At the end of cavern deep and dark
I found it, gray as a dragons scale
For you my sweetest wolverine I forge a wreath of seven stars
So that in the times of darkness it reminds us
Of the glory of our days
Beyond the horizon where crimson sun sets
We will sail to our haven afar
If winds favour and the storms let us go free
With sails of silver, with helm of gold
Towards the cosmic seas we sail
Wreath will guide our way
Descending glory of our days...
10. Turmion Taival (14:31)
Mä veriset kentät aamunkoissa saavutin
rikin katku peitti löyhkän ruumiin mädänneen
Näin miesten kaatuvan mä tuoksinassa taistelun
kuin koirat he vuosivat Isänmaansa puolesta
Raivoavan härän lailla taisteluun mä käyn
ja huudan "Kuole Saatana!"
Verenmaku suussani ma syoksyn turmioon...

Urheasti katkeraan loppuun asti taistelin
uljaana mä kaaduin miekka sydämessäin
tunsin tuskaa suloista ja kipua viiltävää
kun liekit Helvetin ruoski haarniskaani
Raivoavan härän lailla taisteluun mä käyn
ja huudan "Kuole Saatana!"
Verenmaku suussani ma syoksyn turmioon...

Viel' kerran mä nostan mun verisen pääni ja raivoan taivaisiin
viel' kerran mä kiroan taivaiset vallat ja suon niille Helvetin
Ruhjottu, raiskattu, verinen ruumiini on jätetty mätänemään
kohtaan katseen mä Tuonelan Herran porteilla Helvetin
Silmät nuo tappavat nään, mä, Kuoleman Enkelin
Nuo kuolaavat Helvetinkoirat raastavat sieluni...

Urheasti katkeraan loppuun asti taistelin
uljaana mä kaaduin miekka sydämmessäin
Tunsin tuskaa suloista kun maailma hiipui pois
jouduin nöyrtymään mä eessä julman kohtalon
Pimeys peitti valon mielessäni mun
Miekka sydämessäni kentille nyt jäin
Portit Helvetin eessäin aukeni
Tulisen meren rannat ovat kotini ja ikuisuuteni
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