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Deranged Full Album Lyrics

Solinaris - Deranged cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresAvant-garde Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2018-04-01)
1. Intro (1:29)
2. Deranged (5:18)
Enthroned supremacy, hailing insanity
Senseless idolatry, sculpted in rot
Pandemic hatred and terror, fortress of void
Cell's invasion, urged to murder, devouring mind
Atrocities grown from visions to reality

Hail to their domination
Dismembering the human being
Hail to the rising of horror
Hanging them to my skeleton gallow

Parasitic insects crawling down the rotting flesh
Cloaked by ages and blasphemy of philosopher thoughts
God Left dethroned, drowned in a pool of faithful's vomit
Summoning iconic visions of wisdom, to never come

Dismissed pityful speech
Which evil pucked in on
A sea of madness

Confessing my state of Lunacy by
Stabbing, torturing, hacking and rapping my
Lethal mindless journey through an empty soul
Falling down the aisles of dementia
Unleashing my devoted skills to
Slit their pitiful existence into pieces

If death and mourning inhabit the earth
Then this procession will never end
If my footsteps are to be etched
Then humanity will be banned
If light collapse to live no more
Then I'll disentomb anarchy
If chaos reigns over this world
Then I'll be the throneless king
3. Torture Chronicles (4:10)
Bind, Torture, Kill
Suffer the inner pulse

Enslave their sickening souls
Expose their human weakness
Dismantle sanity
Unstable strength of faith
Desecrating their fate
Disposing of their mental state
Bind them to my altar
Of torture chronicles

Bind, Torture, Kill
Suffer the outer chaos
4. Blind (4:30)
Death is the shepherd who leads the sheep
Through the path of unconsciousness
Fear is the hand that holds the blind
Through the rays of an archaic sun
The cult of nil I will show you as you fall
Your bid for life will end as you die

Slithering rotten Insects
Creeping deep down infected wounds

Prejudices strike the flies on my hands
Chocking in action
Too blind to see, I will lead your steps
To the end of your tormented sleep

A liquid flowing down the dirty, swollen eyes
Trapped in a dead crimson, rotten skin
Disordered convulsions fight
The signs of collapsing light

Trapped in comfortness
Within a template to sculpt their fate
Wheels of life havoc turned off their cycle
Recycled pain steps back for a while
Blindness throws the overflow of fear
Blank stares filling empty spaces
Dead pupils scanning blackened walls
Disordered gestures guided within chaos

Apathetic movement
Tighten the noose
Around the dangling flesh
Discouraged one sit the throne of disorder
Elder madness's scorching the walls of my infamy,
My only family
Gazing through a waving light
The empty of your soul, your baleful tomb

Stared at the dawn or a night who's to be the only witness
Of time consuming my hate and chase down my demons
Dementia's biting my brain and raping my pledge
To rest my madness
Annihilates peace
Those redemptive hands
Are leading my footsteps
Into the abyss to fool the blindman
5. Murder (7:28)
The sight of a crimson sun
Layered with pandemic clouds
Is opening at the shade of dusk
And warning me of these butcheries

Feeding my faithful mastery
Close to the edge of sanity
I've got to straggle that pain

Close to the edge of sanity
Close to the point of no return

I've got to kill them in your name
Conflicted state of mind
Degradation of strength and dis-
Honor my true self

Walking down the trails of despair
Horror, a canvas to paint on my hate self
Crushed under a sea of vomit
And wonders of pain

Dehumanization of the effigy of god
Is tormenting my gestures, caressing those
Injuries inflicted to skinless
Mankind eating up pounds of rots

Cruelty brought to the highest state of hate
Dismembering the spineless vermin
Colonizing on your empty brain
Evacuate all senses of justice

Slashing down the effigy of mankind
Tormented puppets ruined by the hands of vengeance
Injured deeply into their pride and sleepless glory
Drowning in the wakes of my empty soul
Hanged men are dancing on the rhythm of these
Slobbering worms, feasting on their rotten bodies
Further pain, grotesquely shows the opened wounds
Muted screams, final scenes, closing at the ending act

I am the stalker in your brain, enhancing revulsion
I am the stranger in your dreams, and growing terror
I am the hunter in the night and caressing your weakness
I am the storm that strikes your strength and beliefs
I am the winter of December freezing down your loss
I am the scourge of plague driving you at your decease
I am the cataclysm that cleanse your existence
I am the catatonic mourning of your procession
6. Chloroform (5:32)
7. Field of Trees (6:28)
There's a field, full of broken trees
Their roots, running along dead rivers

A barren land leading to the Cement Mountains
A broken window looking over miasmatic cloud

Invaders in the night, conquerors of time
The majesty of decadence, dreaming of moonlight rays

There is a road from which a path goes forth in illusion
There's a hollow covering my vision blind
Its tentacles leading my hands

A barren land governing an hecatomb
A dying robin on the windowpane
8. November (3:36)
The warmth of frozen blood
Dilating the walls of veins
Heart is beating faster
Pumping fluid through pressure
Ventricles hypertrophies in disease
Oxygen is blipping in coronary arteries
The brain overriding damages
To the nervous system

Crooked arms, around my legs
Ceased to tighten their grip
Broken fingers grinding
The frosted, dirty soil
Peeled-off skin exposing
The root of pain
Strewing entrails
Ripped off from their bed
Barely dressed chest
Leaving decency to injuries
Stricken head, feeble
Lacking presence of mind
Weakened will, still
Fighting to survive
9. Phobopath (5:29)
Final judgement stroke
Devouring your fading beliefs
Nerve impulses moving
Along that cut away at wounds
Have mercy for the painful martyr

Transient lucidity
Lurking in empty spaces
Smothered cries
Slobbering mouth
Growing fantasy

Drowning the fate of my burden
Bleeding holes
Putrid flow
Submerging hate

Blessed by the hands of slaughtering
Grieving sow
Hanging flesh
Entrails dripping alongside death

A tearing from the mansion of terror
From their lost, by their Lost, to the void
Carving my hate through my empty soul
Vagabond, mercyful, lonely piece of wisdom
Enslaved by the hands of purgation
Forsaken, sacred by the enemy of time
Caging bones crushed under adversity
Betrayal, subjugated duality fails

Fathomless mastery plagues
The abomination that is mankind
Haunted guest enters the aperture of mind
Vermin, creeping fucking worms
Disgrace surrounding the wonders of horror
Solemn verse, soiling tongue
Hanging bodies swinging by their skeleton gallows
Under rain, over death
10. Red Rain (5:27)
In the midst of the night I see a red rain
Covering up my sickness
In the wake of a storm I feel the weakness
Flowing down the aisle of death

Frantic vermin bowing to the rotten, broken man
Feeding on guts end vomit puking on the putrid carcass

In the mist of the rain I fell on my knees
Blinded by obsessive pain
In the wake of a storm I feel this red rain
Washing up my body with blood

Emptiness reigns over my path
Layers of pandemic fear
Denying me my state of being
Exhuming my sentence for life
Defying the effigy of mankind
Infertile seed
Purify this torturing madness
Sinking into my pit of hate

Infested bleeding scars
Begging death, scream in pain
Minds explode the very last breath
Tortured life, mandatory mercy
Whirled abysmally deep and low
Through the nil of my consciousness
Red rain blowing down my strength
Ina sigh coming from my open wounds

Inflicted madness, temporary sanity
Drifting path, calling down on me
Unearthing memories, graveyard of wonders
Deviant road leading at my glorification

Blackened horizon, shading beliefs

Tormented hours, sowed seeds of murder
Inducting to self destruction
Whispers of contempt, dreadful misery
Forcing me through the steps for domination

Deliverance sheltered me in promises
I'm delivered from this trickery
Serenity breaks down to silence
Sleepless soul devoured to its skeleton state
Mindless witnesses creeping down my carcass
Feasting over this effigy of martyr
Peaceful existence is digging down my new home
Bringing death one kill at a time
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