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Utopia Reborn Full Album Lyrics

Solace of Requiem - Utopia Reborn cover art

Utopia Reborn

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Black Metal
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Lyrics > S > Solace of Requiem Lyrics (33) > Utopia Reborn Lyrics (9)
Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-09-16)
1. Theoretics (4:14)
Atomic feat, Searing heat, Theory
Holding life by a string
Or do...
Do just what the fuck they tell you to
And ewww...
Does it hurt when they rape what's inside of you?
Lead sheep, Lamb of the meek, Theory
Rise to curse the name of Darwin...
Can you feel your indifference
Are you part of the same?
Makes no difference
It’s all theoretics, We all live in pain
There is no acceptance, Only the shame
No forgiveness
It’s all theoretics, We all live in pain
2. Red Sea (3:43)
What defines a human being?
What is life and what does it mean?
To die alone in misery
Blood was thick, now it's salt in the sea
Winds... They've come to take them
Blow through their armies
Capsize their fleets with winds...
Seven decades
Fall of Tyre, Ashes reborn
Who defines holy things?
What are lies?
And what do they bring?
To foolish minds with empathy
For a life eternally
Waves, They've come to take them
Cut through their armies
Crushing their fleets with waves...
Ships of Tarshish
Fall of Zidon, Ashes reborn
Blood was thick
But now it's salt in the waves
Flowed within me
Now it's rust in the wake
But be brave
You'll only suffer until
Homage is paid
Let us pray...
That we find a way
Just to make them pay
For the life of the matrix
That they preach
That the bastards teach
To control the weak
May the floods flow crimson
Render salt unto the sea
And may the floods flow crimson
And render salt unto the sea...
3. Language of the Gods (5:48)
I see the eyes of a coward
Pathetic, blank, ugly stare
I see the look of remorse, contempt
Confusion and sorrow
I know I helped take you there
I know you'll get what you came for
I know you'll reap what you sow, so
When all your lands are infertile
Clay, red, empty
Hollow your gardens will grow
The things I see in my mind
They make me feel so dizzy
The antidote is strong today, will it be?
Enough to damn you to a new disease
The sick are in need
Blessed the hymns of redemption
Call to wroughter of the soil and seeds
Does it make you feel free
When they do as they please?
God anthems put my soul at ease
You may be taking a loss
You may be taking what others have lost
But what you've claimed it makes no difference
Said the liar to the thief
For after all they hold no preference
To those in labor of the beast
Odds weighed, regain
The thing to shut my mouths to feed
Remorse, up-close and sensual
Lash out, repay
I'm not the thing I used to be
Enforced and quite exceptional
Thus far the rest remain unseen
A wall to scale, lay veiled in dreams
Ingrained and willed at birth
To smite the edge and break the curse
All too much to handle
These demons we must battle
No way to damn the pain
To the clay and earth in which it came
But whom you've slain it makes no difference
Said the butcher to the priest
For after all it bares no relevance
Once the slayers are released
Odds weighed, regain
The thing to shut my mouths to feed
Remorse, up-close and sensual
Lash out, repay
I'm not the thing I used to be
Enforced and quite exceptional
4. Lost - Vapors (4:53)

To save the nine, The weak and blind
They find, A stitch in time
To mend the vines, That reap the wines
That serve to fatten kings
Fermented suffering...
The ones before, Who left our shores
To sail, The sea of dreams
Left only whims and poets hymns
To hold as cherished things
Left wondering...
Can you feel me? Lost...
Can you feel me? Are you lost???
To save the nine, The weak and blind
They find, A stitch in time
To mend the costs, Of what was lost
To spoil the harvest seeds
Fermented suffering...
All before, Who left our shores
They fled in, Dead of night
Upon the gale, They've set asail
In search of better things
Kept wondering...
Pray they have their peace...
What comes through me
Can make you feel so, Lost...
What comes through me
Can make you feel, so...
Flows through me
Too complex the views
That's why they sing to me...


Ich rufe all die Engel
Die verkrueppelt am Boden liegen
Halbiert, zerissen in Zwei
I see you hiding through vapors
Deny you eat
Though you reek of the feast
Stink like your supper...
This is a call to the angels
Lain in half, Torn in two
Cut at crease
White at the knuckles...
This is a call to the angels...
5. Deceiver (4:52)
When you swelled
Did it hurt your vote?
Were you labeled cheater?
Was your pride hanging from a rope
That was woven in tears?
So it seems that the wounds are work
In the eyes of a healer
Undeterred you intend to cope
With the scorching fever
Lies, Creature of habit
Servant to no one
It knows you
Wise, It never forgets you
Make it bleed
Watch it scab again
So the scars run deeper
So a lifetime of pain begins
For the next deceiver
Lies, Creature of habit
Servant to no one
It knows you
Wise, It never forgets you
Tortured body
Soul in misery
Perhaps it's best if it die
Leave it hated and uncreated
Amongst the kings, it will rise
Don't mold me Deceiver
Can't make me a believer
Deceiver, foul creature
Waste breeder
Don't mold me, Deceiver
Or soil my bloodline either
Deceiver, foul creature
Waste breeder, Deceiver
6. To Suffer Mortality (5:21)
Torn apart, Led astray
Feel betrayed by your mother
This ain't you...
Break the hold, There's a way
Controlled by your weakness
Emotions are clouding your mind with their haze...
Limp away, Wounds too deep
Can't run now
Limp away
Then crawl when you drop to your knees...
She circle while you bleed
Falling in closer
Once all your flesh lie stripped away
She pick her time to feed
Void calling, Blood colder
She's picked the carcass clean
You're dead to me
You'll get nowhere...
She prays, You fall to your knees
You'll get nowhere...
She stay, Prevent your retreat
You'll get nowhere...
She pray, You fall
You'll get nowhere...
So don't cast your guilt on me
Like I give a... Fuck
Call him a myth
Call him creator
You wear your fears
You bare your cross
For after all
You're only mortal...
7. Beyond Grace (4:14)
It's true it once lay dormant
Somewhere inside of me
Entombed in deep and timeless sleep
Emerging to the surface
In all it's majesty
I fear that now awakened
I'll fall in deep and timeless sleep
Sleeping through the ages
These years are mine
Through dreaming I feel betrayed
It was not snide nor vicious
More of a subtlety
Bleeding and leaking free
Collecting in depressions
Within it saturates
Cold - used - emptied
Hollowed and cutting through my name
Oh please god don't leave me
Don't let me go
How it pains my soul to see you breathe
Tortured, Scared visibly
Broken, yet still I kneel
Butchered, bleed unto me
Driven, beyond grace
8. Your Last Enemy (5:02)
Why I seem hollow
Our time is borrowed
It's like a curse to me...
Can't stop the feeling
This pain from healing
It's like the poison breathes...
New life into me
What's the words
That once they're heard
Disrupts the nerves
It is confessing...
To the lies and betrayal in the works of man
All for one
And when you're done
Invoke the son
It is depressing...
The heart can't attain
That which the soul can't reveal
Look away
Enjoy your pricing of me
Left behind
To wither with disease...
Let 'em go and watch 'em grow
The ebb and flow
It is regressing...
To a time where the faith
Is upheld by fear
What's out of site
Is out of luck
And out of mind
It is not brave...
To deny the ones
That have sensed the greatness in me
All that was, It ends now
You're not forgotten
You're not forgotten at all...
You're not forgotten
Won't be forgotten
Culling over, Your last enemy
Try to rape me
Replacing what's inside me
With fear
Do what you want to me
Release the blood
The pain it seems to flee
Caught running
Running blindly
From the thought of the loss
From the fear
But have you lost what you fear...
9. Cry Out for Mercy (5:29)
Rest in peace...
Their elders hide away
Beyond the light of day
Unto the gods they pray
To bless their steel...
And clad their armor strong
The final journey's long
To sounds of past wars won
The tribes march east...
The frail are left behind
Most of the women try
Unless the elder's wives
Have sensed their seeds...
Against the sun they siege
To all that fall beneath
Their hand of god will strike you deep...
Into a level
That you cannot retreat
Mundane existence
Harbors nothing but bleak
Tear down your altars
Leave your servants to me
Give me your profits
And you'll live like a king
When we...
When we pray...
Pray for peace...
Lord may the fires die
Unto the heavens cry
That their way of life
Lie kept in keep...
Within their books they weave
A noble plot to read
In text their lands must bleed
For sovereignty empowered...
An ever-winding maze
Inside the mindless haze
The young are taught their ways
And noble deeds...
Void of all they seek
And for the price of answers
Their hand of god will strike you deep...
Into a level
That you cannot retreat
Toward the darkness
Will your life force recede
Death of a martyr
For the best guarantee
Give me your profits
And you'll die like a king
In his blood
Cry out for mercy...
Can't help it, My god
I can't take it no more
I’ve been pushed to the edge
On the brink of existence
I just feel like my life
Has been slipping away
If this is the end
I award my persistence
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