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Perception of Fear Lyrics

Sencirow - Perception of Fear cover art

Perception of Fear

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-10-07)
1. Intro (0:47)
2. Burn it Down (3:21)
I don't want to trust in a TV- Sucker's voice
I don't want to back up any politician's choice
I don't want to fill out the social order's void
I just want to rock on, just want to live my life

Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!

Did you ever trust in a TV- Sucker's voice
Did you really back up the politician's voice
Did you ever fill out the social order's void
Don't you want to riot, to save your piece of mind

Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!

We will never trust in a TV- Sucker's voice
We will no more back up another politician's choice
We will never fill out the social order's void
We have to be rebellious and fight for our rights

Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!
Burn it down!
3. Connection of Evil (4:05)
Narrow-minded little kings playing their deadly games
Bringing death to mankind this is to blame
We'll break their tyranny lead dictators to their graves
Bring all people democracy then they'll live real safe

Won't you agree with us you’ll stand isolated and alone
Won't you believe in us, we could do nothing for
cause you belong to

Connection of evil
We'll eradicate god is on our side
Companions of evil
We'll tear them down world-wide

Of cause there are some leaders we've supported all the years
Get weapons if they need them economy get big deals
Well never agree to extortion's but extort wherever we can
Different measures dependent on our aims

A crusade against terrorism, crusade for new Jerusalem
A crusade for our religion, a crusade for freedom and peace
A crusade against all the evil, a crusade to safe our world
For capital and our industry, a crusade to heal them all
A crusade for all what is holy, a crusade against ourselves

Eradicating everybody who stands in our way
Accept our New-World-Order we will reign the world
4. Fear (4:48)
As the light fades the day comes to an end
The chirping birds grow dump
While the sun settles down
You get nervous by the time and switch on every light
Darkness causes shiver running down your spine

The night is getting darker
Revealing shadows without sun
Your heart is beating faster
Cause you fear the things to come

The fear freezes the blood in your veins
Makes your muscles growing harder
Till they get cramped
The hellish fear increases the rate of your pulse
Turns your lungs into stone and chokes your breath

Heartbeat is getting faster causes pain in your chest
You are waiting for the end of the night
Yearning for the light and warmth of the sun
At last you know the new day will come
5. Incidious Dimensions (4:27)
This is a new world I have found
Drifting bodies before my eyes
You hear the sound of reverberation
Pictures flying in distortion
Seconds and minutes standing still
Your eyes are drowned in water
Hands and arms begins to crawl
Coloured rain falls

You lost control of your mind
Empty dream time the stab in your back
You hear the name and see the cry
The hope erases and breaks your neck

The pain is guilty leading to yourself
Your sorrow is fading away
Silent ranges through deepest minds
Emptiness is filling your head
Your mind rot smell the taste of decay
Evolution stops time runs back
Dreams dancing in circles
You're preaching thinks never seen
6. Keeper of Souls (6:06)
He's a man with an unknown destination
With a secret task
He's a man who seems so unobtrusive
A life behind a mask
He walks on earth since its creation
From the beginning of all time
A wanderer between dimensions
A watcher of all life

Destined to walk alone

The keeper of souls
Is watching over you
The keeper of souls
Is guiding your home

He's the man who's always right behind you
Only he can see your soul
Shining so bright like a candle in the darkness
He's the only one who knows
About your inner self, about your conscience
'bout the decisions in your life
to walk the path of good or evil
he knows the level of your price

You have to pay
On Judgement Day
7. Wargames (4:19)
Welcome ladies and gentlemen
We proudly present tonight
The best wars of the world
We hope you'll enjoy the fights
We'll show you lots of amusing scenes
We'll show you some heroes indeed
Sit, relax and stare at the screen
Just looking how they bleed

Every hundred dying people
will be reward with one point
so let’s start this funny game show
we wish you a lot of joy

Watch tonight the first show of this kind
See them fight entertainment without mind
Feel their pain we can repeat it again
We're not to blame it's all just a game

We'll show you pictures of wars of the past
Pictures of wars of today
Media effective prepared brutality just a game

Program rating the only thing that counts
Morality is kicked with the feed
Deep down on the ground
8. Secret Thoughts (4:16)
Like flames light darkness truth will reveal the lie
Your secret thoughts lie open before my inner eye
The spotlight in the trial room increases all my power
I wear sour mind down 'till it opens like a flower

Get finished with your stammering and all your hope's in vain
You should confess your evil thoughts or I will cause you pain
Like flames light darkness truth will reveal the lie
I'm right behind your blank face to break your evil mind

Secret thoughts you try to hide
I'll find them out I’ll crack your mind

Like flames light darkness truth will reveal the lie
I'm right behind your blank face to break your evil mind
I know my work is finished when you are bound to die
And victims of your evil kind can leave their pain behind
9. The Storm (5:39)
Dreadful clouds coming up the sky
They will cover the sun with disaster
The shining rays are bound to die
The wind howls like hellish laughter
Look at the sky just read the signs
A thunderstorm is coming near
A special kind of natures rage that everyone should fear

In the distance a rumble of thunder
The sonic reminder of powerful bolts

Scattered leaves whirl up in circles and the air is getting cold
Rain pours down like cats and dogs and devastates the ground
Lightning-flash then thunderclap, you hear the hailstone crackle
The storm is here brings lots of fear
Your shack it groans and crashes

The mortal dread wears out your mind
This hell of a storm just makes death grind

Fix your home for the storm to get a safety shelter
Hurry up don't waste your time, the storm comes helter-skelter

Lightning-flash then thunderclap, you hear the hailstone crackle
The storm is here brings lots of fear
Your shack it groans and crashes
Then deadly silence is all around
And outside the window you can see the rainbow
Look the storm is fading out

You're still at home feeling warm in your guarded shelter
Now calm down take a breath, this storm went helter-skelter
10. Dreamspace (4:30)
Sometimes late at night before I fall asleep
When the full moon shine so bright only silence I can hear
Then I fall down into the depth of my mind
To fly away and to leave the world behind

Dreamspace - flying through a world of fantasie
Dreamspace - to infinity
I am falling into dreamspace

Somewhere between the spheres of being
Somewhere behind my reality
Where I am flying high but I’m dreaming
It seems so strange to me
Flying through the clouds of doom, flying on the wings of life
Once I feel death is coming soon, than I know I will survive

Dreamspace - peace and nightmares changes like seasons
Dreamspace - beyond reasons
I am falling into dreamspace
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