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Perversion Feeds Our Force | Full Album Lyrics

Persecutory - Perversion Feeds Our Force cover art

Perversion Feeds Our Force

GenresBlack, Thrash Metal
LabelsHell's Hammer Music
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Lyrics > P > Persecutory Lyrics (11) > Perversion Feeds Our Force Lyrics (4)
Submitted by level 12 MasterChef (2018-11-12)
1. Obey the Sempiternal Impiety (4:20)
Sacrilegious hegemony rises upon the holy altars
As the messenger to proclaim Lucipherian laws

Violation rites for fiendish war
Ignorant deity collapses at dawn
Ravishing flames eradicates them
Comes from damnation of necrowrath

Deepening hatred is the vengeance that spreads impious energy
There'll be no choice except to obey the sempiternal impiety

Denial of faiths, glorious way
Weak mankind we want to slay
Burning books beneath our feets
Innocence perishes in despair

Resplendent declaration of satanical authority
We refused all the dimensions of presented entity

Unlimited salvation serves for demonism
Seditious depravity that shall be pervasive

Acceptance of chained ideas, extirpate this shameful slavery
There'll be no choice except to obey the sempiternal impiety

And the permanent absence dominates with eternal triumphant
Our only desire for death of depravation when we were buried

We prevail and inhale the smell of limitless slaughter
Sempiternal impiety is tremendous as imponderable
2. Maelstroms of Antireligious Chaos (4:41)
Spirits were fed by pure demonic abhorrence
Against their liars & benighted wretchedness

From infinite depths, flaming storms come with devastating hate
That shall burn everything.. We worship the total extinction
A divine might we want to slay in the name of elitist unholiness
But our great desire is unique disaster.. Nothing shall remain..

Just as ones who've sworn to ungodly death
Our sole parameter is lord satan for the end

Violent deluge is actual result of their poor hope for good
Absolute raids of the hellish maelstroms that shall surround

Barbarous warfare begins, abiding darkness descends
Fall of ridiculous deity.. No mercy for moribund way..

Slaughterer hellwinds of antireligious dominance
Then they'll be able to praise the divine power?

Maelstroms of antireligious chaos!!!
And infernal typhoons blow!!!
Buried in abysmal void!!!
Abysmal suffering!!!
3. Zero Tolerance for Believers (2:58)
Provisions of diabolic grimness ordered to kill
Sanctified spirits deserve the greatest pain

Extreme ruthless is enough to erase the holy praise
Should not be awarded less than primitive carnage
They're idiots who believe in imaginary divine power
Mercy? Then impale them on stakes among the flames

Zero-tolerance for believers!
Yep we're the impious bastards!

Relentless wrath of hate shall forever decimate
Believers shall totally suffer

Our glorious victory means their slavery
Acts of bloodthirsty desires

Zero-tolerance for believers, honour is grandiose demolition!
Yep we're the impious bastards, limitless misery of religions!

Where's the truth in poor bitterness?
Oh! Just see a holy ignorance!
Lust shows the way to screw the prayers
Natural result of our vengeance!
4. Perversion Feeds Our Force (4:06)
Extreme lust dominates our spirits with fiendish flames
Depravity is the only way that leads to eternal death

Relentless curse filled the veins for the honor of impurity
Abhorrence spawned persecutory that's the key for black void
Intolerable emptiness shall reign for the honor of demonism
So we're faithfuckers as to kill the whole fucking humanity

Our perversion so great that it cannot be predicted
It's ubiquitous and abiding
And inexpiable divinity shall agonize with weakness
Buried in ridiculous misery

We breath to desecrate everything
Concupiscence exalts our slaughter desires
Just blessed in bewitching darkness
Cos it's the source of our relentless force
Towards the summit of perversion
And the perversion feeds our force
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