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Swansong Full Album Lyrics

Panoptitron - Swansong cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresTechnical Death Metal, Fusion
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-03-07)
1. Of Heart and the Grave (5:38)
2. The King (6:01)
Sonorous the death knell rings,
a proclamation of my failure.
My cursed blood doth run out,
run into cracks in the desert sands.
What awaits me after this life,
will I bear this guilt eternal?
I tried to shield her from this,
fate did not see it so.
I tried to shield her with him,
his failure stains my soul.
I see it was in my error,
A simple trust misplaced.
What can assuage this loss,
for which I cannot atone?
I now await the judgement,
the death he will receive.
But who can deliver me mine,
death, a judgement so fitting?
More blood must be spilled
to wash away this stain on my name.

And who can bear this crown,
bloodsoaked and forsaken?
An end to end all ends,
a beginning, shattered and broken.
My deliverance is unforthcoming
My noble attempts in bloody vain
I shake the earth with my impotent rage
and could only watch, I couldn't save her

A cascade of fetid blood will
flow from his liar's mouth
His failure I cannot forgive
will putrefy his name

Cast down the fantasy
Awaken to new dawn
3. The Beggar (8:43)
I remember her face, hard eyes glaring from swollen sockets.
I remember when she took my hand and led me out of the darkness.

Come death
Come Hell
Come Lucifer
Guide my hand
Come death
Come Hell
Bring your
glory light

I remember her face, blood-shot eyes glaring at a cracked holo-screen
I remember when she took my hand and told me of a prophecy that would bring Armageddon

She told me...

Seven withered petals
adorn my vanity,
a bare stalk
leans forlorn in empty glass.

Dusty shelves speak of placidity
which passed me by in my absent
wake of the dead.
A holo-image flickers to life as I pace.
All smiles and blue skies,
I guess I'll see her again soon.

I can't forget what she told me,
I wouldn't even if I could.
The pieces fit but the image doesn't make any sense,

I had my mission
I had my loyalty
A simple extraction
of one dear to me,
but on my arrival
I came to understand
circumstances beyond control:
the cult eating from her hand

Time and again we have been tested
could this be our final failure?
Dredged up from Abaddon
her face alien to me
I watched as they took her life
I killed and forfeit mine

This bitter dawn
welcomes a doomed world
You want her back?
Well fucking take her

How could I comprehend
the cosmic perspective we possess?

Labyrinthine prophecy
spells the fate of our kind
pawns in their places
benighted by their pride

I see it all now
the death of our world
Without her
my world is already dead

Nothing now will change what is done,
what is over, what will become.
In death I'll see her again soon...
4. The Garden of Tears (12:31)
A pedestal stands amid marble icons.
Black-veiled statuettes, posed and poised, play their roles.
Emotionless, they glide as if possessed.
A wind stirs as clouds roll from the West;
a distant thunder calls the spectres to attention.
Paying respects, they quickly depart,
this scene left empty save the stalwart stone.
The casket attended by mechanical hands
is lowered into the earth to be reconstituted once more.

A tired cycle of life, death, and rebirth is severed.

Six feet obscure the key,
Six years will set it free.
Six days will see him dead,
the furies' lust eternal fed.

Cast down the grave, as you have
one thousand years before.

These threads of fate once intertwined,
become unraveled one at time.
As each piece of Armageddon falls,
the world of man comes down.

Engraved in time, this path
was yours to command.
This life, this dream of life
could not bring salvation,
but unlock the door.
Shut forever more,
black clouds blot out the sun.
Beneath an ocean of time,
what struggles could scratch the surface?
What will be saved when all is lost,
what can be remembered
when no one remembers?

The will of the juggernaut,
its vile gravity pulls you in.
The meaninglessness of this strife
is buried under proto-star's wings.
5. Last Mass of the Light (0:43)
6. The Swan (16:24)
Shattered images populate a lucid dreamscape:
A young soldier holding his life in his hands,
a dying girl, beautiful and broken,
a carbon copy crumbling
in the unforgiving desert winds.

This fading vision, sterile and brittle, becomes me.
This broken life, bleeding through his cracked hands,
She is me.

The painted sky shone in fluorescents;
a dream, upon waking lifting the stain it obscured.
A thousand miles away, a thousand years gone,
countless lives balance on the edge of my consciousness.
What I know, what lies shrouded
will illumine shadows so emblackened,
the taint will spill forth like a tidal wave.

The soldier remembers me,
let's see if he'll remember what I do.
Infinite lifetimes, flowing into each other,
I'm filled to satiation,
I'm overflowing will,
it hurts,
I can't contain everything,
it hurts,
I need him to bear this burden with me.
It hurts.

The ancient sect made promises
I'm afraid even they cannot keep
My knowledge, their wisdom,
We are its last threat
The blade to sever the thread
holding Damocles at bay
one misstep and it all comes down
I feel time slipping away
the soldier will protect me
but what will protect him
when the hammer falls?

Come forth from the abyss
King from the sunken wool
I beckon thee, upon my crown
lay your blessing, thy be known
in this world evermore

I seek knowledge only you can give
answer me now, or twist in nethers
I hold the fetters that bind you here
Lucifer, be my guide, help me end this pain,
Come Hell.

And they will know the name of The King
Within his flesh and blood
their judgement is sown

Oh Lord on this most unholy day
we offer to you a sacrifice
body, mind and soul
will build the bridge
and they will know the name of The King

Awash with sin, the herd runs rampant.
Time crawls to an end, the end.
Memories weigh like lead,
the poor soldier bears them stiffly.
He will act as an animal, caged and fearful.
I will die.
Should he live, should his mind reach out
and embrace the truth he knows so bitterly,
he will join me soon.
Two little lives, lost in the shuffle.

A blast rings out
gunfire drowns the screams
they awake the demon
that bears the headsman's axe
they cannot know
the royal blood they spill
his will becomes them
feral dogs in search of blood
I can't stop now
I'm so close
I need more time
I can't die like this

I'll break the prophecy
I'll rape the progeny
I'll smite the non-believers
I'll wake the beast they think they know
I'll live on within it
I'll show them what I am
I'll sleep until fruition comes
I'll wait to rend their fucking flesh

With my last breath is my only wish:
that man may find another way,
for with my death there is no escape
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