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Chromaparagon Full Album Lyrics

Moon Tooth - Chromaparagon cover art


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresProgressive Metal
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-03-07)
1. Queen Wolf (4:53)
In my den
On the outskirts of density
The fools use miles to keep the wise at bay
And they think they’re safe

But for She
And they won’t speak Her name

Like a bad joke the horns sound
Hits like a dull cloud
As some poor son of a “don’t know how” sets out
And the scent’s out
They should have learned

If there was ever a reason not to stay here alone
Oh, and it’s like a bad itch

Maybe She could be
What I need
So let’s see

I gathered up all my holy books
O, my holy ink and paper
I burned them all
Stripped naked and I set out
And the scent’s out

I am hunger, I am thirst
Where I bite, I hold till I die
I can fast a hundred years
I can lie a hundred nights on the ice and not freeze
I can drink a river of blood and not burst
Now tell me, who comes to disturb me?

She spoke with a voice colder than a grave
But sure as stone, I held my gaze
I said I can make an inch a mile
I am the outcast, the truth-lie
I paint with ghosts
I am any and every meaning in life
I am black blood
I am deeper than dying
I am not here to conquer
I am here

The kill at her breath was a perfume
There was no denying that we belonged to each other

So what do gods do on equal ground?
They don’t suffer any will but their own
And so they went forth into stories told
2. Offered Blood (3:39)
When the light explodes in sound
There are no words left for you

It's real
Sleep, wake, again, again
Try to wrap your mind around what could follow

I give you but a glimpse
And your blood’s turned to fire

This is what the voice said to me
And then in a thunderous roar, it said

I don’t apply to any of your rules
I am the fire you were before you were you

You begin to see how I’ve been waiting
You will not set mid-stride
For we’ve yet to run, let alone fly
So courage
O sore bones, O ache, O offered blood
The gift of pain well-earned
Throbs and volts welcomed as conversation few others understand
They say look brother how we’ve climbed
Four winds and only solid’s left to lift
But mass is pretend when you play at spectacle
All the silent tingles in the air pulse
And the animals know you’re coming

3. Igneous (4:58)
The spirit took me
And this old broken body leapt up and danced
Settin’ out
All my heroes in a bundle at my back
Hawk am I
More wings span in my shadow than overcast
You know what they say
Always need something to look up to

Said I got
Said I got what I need
Said I got the Sun and Trees
I got the sweet sound
And its gonna set me free

Yeah, momma I wanna be
Like the Mountains
Like the Sea
Yeah, tell the newsman he got his story
Couple young men
And they’re hungry

I made love to my ordeals
By light of holy fire
A lion rearing under ash
All the beasts of un-days loomed
And I saw Mars stand

Said I died
Said I died to strange eyes
Said I died to borrowed means
I found the sweet fire
And its gonna set me free
4. Little Witch (4:26)
We scour through the wreckage of our lives
No sign of survivors, we don't mind
We're dancing on the headstones, it's our night
And laughing at the buzzards, we won't hide

Cuz your pain is my pain and your blood is mine

Little witch, stay with me
I will share my place in Hell
And I want to have you cast your spell on me
Little witch, don't be shy
I will share my place in Hell
And I want to have you cast your spell on me

They killed all our parents and our pets
The forest is our home now, our fortress
We sing for the moonlight, she's our guide
And scream at the sunrise, that damn light

Cuz your blood is my blood and your pain is mine

Little witch, stay with me
I will share my place in Hell
And I want to have you cast your spell on me
Little witch, don't be shy
I will share my place in Hell
And I want to have you cast your spell on me
Little witch, take me in
I will share my place in Hell
And I want to have you cast your spell on me
5. Bats in the Attic (1:52)
6. Forgive Me Snake Ryder (2:40)
Strings not played still grow rust
So take good care in who you trust
When in the park well after dusk
Painful love fills you up
7. Chroma (4:15)
So what?
Your day job sucks
Did they put a gun to your head?
Did they tell you to play dead?
No? Then how’d you get there?

We sleep, we shake
In the bed we make

Stop gawking and taking pictures
You were
Put here to watch the world pass you by
So stop with the name dropping
Put some weight to your own
Come and join in

We’re going further and further and further
than we’ve ever
Been before

(Don’t belong)

Four beings
Came down
Four beings
Made of a colorful light

We came here to save you
We risked our lives to tell you that it's okay
To feel God’s touch
We risked our lives
To tell you its okay to be afraid
And still sing
Oh, like mountains
You are no slave
8. Vesuvius I (2:46)
I was tired
Had walked for miles
Left my post
Fled like a ghost

When it started to rain
At the inn I hid my face
He pulled her through the door
Right then and there, I swore
She was to be mine
I can’t just sit by
Something shifts inside
No more can I hide

What made me iron?
What put death in my eyes?
I am the mountain of fire
In my ashes, he’ll die
And over his grave, flowers and fruit will grow
Bountiful, the wreckage left in my wake

Threw the hatchet down
Fingers hit the ground
Blood splattered the crown

Don’t look back, just run
His dogs are whipped and starved
I won’t simply be hung
He will show no mercy
I’ll ask for no quarter
9. Vesuvius II (4:32)
In the wind’s embrace
Swelling at our back
Pushing ever forth
You know
I’m coming home
Love keep my eyes fixed lest I remember Aries
Lest his blood shines brighter than her rosy cheeks
I don’t know if I can let this go
Think I need to find him

Lover don’t
Be here now
Keep that fire low
No I don’t want his blood
I want your eyes
Oh, and I want them on me
But he’s already gone

Who is this?
I don’t know
He’s not the man I fell in love with

Your pain is my cathedral
Your torment so sweet it burns my tongue
10. Belt Squeezer (5:18)
I'd tear the badge off, I'd scratch off my name
But to my hubris I am merely enslaved
And I know your words will haunt me to my grave
"Please officer I am not who you say!"

You have no rights save for what I decide

Then he took a nervous step back
So I took him down
Just in time, I was gettin' bored
And he's tellin' me
Stop it
But I never do

Please forgive me
My whole life I'd forsake

I drown every meal in a whiskey neat
It's my only hope to hide my deceit
And my whole family thinks I'm incomplete
But I keep some secrets that must die with me

His voice
Through my
And I'm telling him
Stop it
But he never does
11. Death and the Vibrant Architecture of Rebirth (4:51)
The sky was on fire
And I screamed and cried
"Mother, get down!"
Then the shock wave hit and it blasted through
Everything that I thought I knew
Prayed to all the luck that followed me
Just see us through
But I felt that it was no use
So we said our goodbyes
And we waited

As I held tight
I knew right then that I would surely die
It was my time to go
I never felt more alive

Eyes closed
I saw the whole thing go
Missiles rained down, weaved and chose
Plague-filled pits swallowed men whole
Don't understand how we were passed over
I opened my eyes and we were still alive
But my mother had not seen
Some stone goddess drifted down
From the vibrant architecture in the clouds
She said we read the signs right
She said the time's ripe

O Death, I am through your eyes
I behold no end in sight
Now I know you as life
And ours are the hands that write

But it's a scary game
Blackened with the thousand fears of child to man
And it won't relent
No matter how long you keep crying or moaning

But it's wonderful
Use the hurt to shine

All on one, for how could one be THE without the world warning?
A voltage not yet understood
But it surges through all of you
Which is to say it surges all through me
It surges through everything
12. White Stag (10:50)
I saw the White Stag
He presented himself
With a great crown of antlers
He tore up the ground
Ran down fiery lanes
Told me he's always ran with my soul
Since the cosmos was kindled
And now that we knew
We could do anything

Yeah, world stand fast and behold
I'm giving all my soul
See, I walk in the light

Fiction's fed me thus far
For the most part
Spend however long we feel we need in the dark
Brief head pokes over the walls
Yeah, then together we stood tall
Little kid with storybooks for brains
Thought that was the be all end all

Yeah but that's growing up, aint it?
We drink joy and taste pain
Circle round, return, ride it again
We know the words but can't speak the language
And it's hard
Forgive yesterday, oh silly yesterday
Said today
So sure, been made but you know that
Tomorrow's sure to be a smirk and a head shake
What's sure?
Nothing, says the man in the grave

Hard speech and saplings
A young man, the only one who knows
Fruit bearer
Cloud King
And he will reign for all his flowers
There is no name for the stir in him
When he sees the trouble he can save
Go on and call him Woe Breaker, Saint's Bale, Debt Payer
With a stern gaze, this one means

Spirit of All, guide him
You've carried to the helm, now aid in the manning
Dream undertowed
Naught but the furious hope to earn the grace could navigate
Above below, but still under
Rose enough to see that it's a choice
Hands above, head under
Clouds dance and weave in infinite potential
The surface is the youth-man line
And if dreams don't end, they die

Help him understand
Grant him the courage to rise and rise well
He wills in your name
On forever in beautiful ways
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