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Book of Fairytales Full Album Lyrics

Fairytale - Book of Fairytales cover art

Book of Fairytales

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresPower Metal
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Submitted by level 21 Eagles (2017-02-04)
1. Battlefield (4:22)
Riding through the blackest night
Many knights ride by my side
On our way to Helm's Deep
We can see the demon breed

Elves and men and dwarves stand tight
Read for a bloody fight
Gloomy is the night outside
Dark and desperate's the day

We'll fight
Into the night
...on the

Gandalf's gone - old friends have died
Seems the orcs will win this fight
Hope is lost and nothing's gained
There's no chance for victory

We'll fight
Until we die
...on the

Battlefield !!!
2. Morsmordre - The Dark Mark (6:10)
Dark figures in hooded cloaks are strolling through the woods
Death Eaters they are, holding wands in their hands
Only one thing in their minds, a pure evil thought
How to get him back again - Voldemort !

They spread fear and despair among the other wizards
They conjured the dark mark to show the world their loyalty
The time is soon to come, they'll strike back and take revenge
All is set and all is ready, for Voldemort !

On a cemetery far away
Wormtail carries a bundle full of hate
He lits a fire and a cauldron bubbles
"Do it now!" ... and seal the world's fate

The Dark Mark has risen
The Dark Lord returns
The world won't stay the same

The Dark Mark has risen
No one can refuse
You-Know-Who gains to reign
Bone of the father - unknowingly given
You will renew your son
Flesh of the servant - willingly given
You will revive your master
Blood of the enemy - forcibly taken
You'll resurrect your foe!

Dark figures in hooded cloaks are strolling once again
Death Eaters they are, spreading fear and despair
The ministry struggles, they're stickin' to lies
No more freedom, no more peace ... only warfare

Dumbledore's to call the Order of the Phoenix
Once again to stand the reborn evil
They are gathered to fight the final fight
Good or bad - evil or divine ?
3. Unholy Magic (4:39)
The moon is shining full and bright
Strange figures move in the streets
Dressed in dark cloaks, unholy in sight
Scornful eyes, to the temples they steer

The entrance is guarded by loyal priests
Caught in the act - they have no chance
They look into the eyes of the beasts
As those drop their cloaks

Blood is running down the stairs
As the priests take a last breath

The altar appears in the gloomy light
On this darkest night
The altar appears in the gloomy light
On this darkest night
unholy magic in the night

They surround the altar one by one
Fanatically, they await the ancient magic
Knowing just what they have done
Released a force that should be banned

Now that the altar's desecrated
They speak chants to seal their deeds
None of the priests they hated
Should be able to practice white magic again

The altar has been desecrated
To turn every spell into the opposite
4. The Fallen Priest (4:27)
Without the powers of the holy temple
The kingdom lies without protection
Furious and insecure
The crowd cries out in helplessness

One of the priests fell into temptation
For the price of power
He betrayed Taderius
In the name of the Twilight Lord

On midsummer's eve
Clouds darken the sky
By the Hand Of Law
The fallen priest's to die

On midsummer's eve
Clouds darken the sky
By the Hand Of Law
The fallen priest will die

The king accuses him of high treason
The judges sentenced him to death
He should burn at the stake
To give his soul salvation

Blindness and Fear

Pain and salvation

While he's burning at the stake
A vision formed inside his head
Devastation of the Iceland
And heretic reign of the Twilight Lord
5. Back to the Temple (4:28)
Ohhh back to the temple ... of ice !

Iceland's armies are gathered tonight
They're prepared for the final fight
The king and his knights all stand in line
Endowed by the will to fight the evil sign
The priests have returned one by one
They try to repair the damage done
Iceland's armies need the temple's power
Before they'll all be devoured

Back - to the temple of Ice
Where the last flame of hope burns and the gods roll their dice

The Twilight Lord is sure to prevail
He believes his beasts won't fail
Outnumbered - five to one
King Taderius' hope is gone
Furious beasts storm with deepest scorn
All knights wish they'd never been born
Cathender - rises his blade
To seal Iceland's fate
Iceland's fate !

Taderius body lies on the ground
Covered in blood on the battlefield
Cathender laughs with a terrible sound
"Iceland ! Now it's mine !"
6. Heavy Metal (3:22)
Follow the blind into the Black Hand Inn
Don't break the oath you gave this future world
The kings of metal are screaming for vengeance
They're bonded by blood like an everflowing stream

Kiss Of Death
You axed for it!

Heavy Metal
Drives me insane

Feel the fire as the darkness descends
The holy diver is riding the lightning
He's among the living with a metal heart
Bark at the moon, it's the number of the beast

Crystal logic
I'm back in black
7. Requiem (0:42)
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