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To the Ends of the Earth Full Album Lyrics

English Dogs - To the Ends of the Earth cover art

To the Ends of the Earth

GenresHardcore Punk, Power Metal
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Submitted by level 21 록스타 (2017-12-03)
1. Ambassador of Fear (3:02)
Stalking and hiding and planning to win
Taking them all on his own
Scheming and building and thinking to win
How can he beat them alone

Planning his world with a cordon of fear
Disclose of the rivals around
Pulling the strings making everyone move
but others are holding him down


Mortals above him are running his life
to see that he gets out of hand
But they’re not the only ones pulling the strings
the only ones making a stand

People he rules are all striken with fear
With beatings and death's in the night
Lying in torment of murder severe
They will soon show they are right

[chorus/ lead break]

Ambassador is beaten
Conquerer defeated
Ruler of evil

People did rise and stand up for their rights
Cutting down those from above
Conquerer culvered and shock in the night
People will lose him no love

Ambassador struck down with hate and remorse
from slaves who had now become free
The tables have turned and have taken their course
The ruler is now history
2. The Chase Is On (3:54)
One day soon I'm gonna run off the edge of the world
'cos my cries for help and my pleas cannot be heard
Mine ain't the only voice in the chorus of gloom
There's a million of others just waiting for doomsday

Living in the hope that the powers can unify
All we do is hope but the leaders they can try
'cos there's too many battles in this world
that we are fought with tongues
There are too many government crackpots who don't belong

'cos the chase is on, and we're not the prey
Yeah the chase is on, and they're still running today

Stop that lying, you're twisting all the words
It don't make sense if it can't be heard
The racing of the nations to fatality
The realisation of death to you and me
Deterrent of the end is at hand, who you trying to fool?
We're all passed of as powerless in their rules
Reactionary armies, militant brigades
But all we use are words and our mouths are grenades


Demonstrate the ignorance brought about by their laws
'cos we've heard the crap a million times before
When they get their greedy hands black and they dirty out lives
We realise there too late that they told us the lies
Here it comes
Nowhere to hide
Nearly here
Death from the skies
3. Incisor (3:05)
Teeth grind down the last bite
The victims last breath drawn tonight
The bitting the tearing of the flesh
The moment he's ready to strike

Eyes of hatred, jaws of fear
Now that your end is so near
Attacking and mauling, screaming in pain
No one around you can hear

The incisor strikes
Upon you
Biting right down to the bone
Weapons of steel
Devour you
Throat torn out so you cant moan

The bodies just remains
What evil creature could do this?
Stomach torn out, head has no brains
The curse of an evil black witch

Town lives in fear of revenge
The creature that howls in the night
Stalking and waiting for his prey
Selecting the time that is right

[lead break]

Devil is the beast that roams in the dark for sundown to come
Terror of the town that waits for the mark of the deadly black sun
Surviving and watching in fear of the creature
that makes death a reality
No one can sense that the killing
the devil, the creature, the evil is me
4. Survival of the Fittest (3:41)
Lying in the underworld, you now foresee the light
Determined to be the vengeful you have lost your fight for life
Taken down the alleys and imagining the pain
Reality confronts you like a bullet in the brain

Only the fit survive
Through a lifeless life
To the ends of the earth
They have the will to fight
Marching victorious
Four corners of the world

Life on earth behind you realising your mistakes
Can't control the feelings that your body undertakes

Life for the strong

[lead break/ chorus]

Through a cruel existence learned in your ways
Build a new resistance

You cannot see through the mist to the judgement days
Survival of the fittest

Power comes from the sky
Life on earth is doomed to die

Striding on through manhood to read the book of life
No one there to guard you from all of the delights
A world full of temptation with no room for the weak
No room for the parasites who have no tongues to speak
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