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Mute Books Full Album Lyrics

Auroch - Mute Books cover art

Mute Books

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBlackened Death Metal
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2018-10-20)
1. Billowing Vervain (7:48)
Satan, decompose the adipose and oppose the verbose verb oath.
Tenets curtail in chambers foetid; salamandrine host deluge from the amphora.
Urn vericose, take flight on Icarian currents; in anabasis plummet to charnel leagues.
It is Helios' time to devour Iscariot in the basalt of Styx; cerbereposed.

What will it take to flood the Hells?
How many years must pass before the levees widen?
Before the Leviathan swidens?
Long hours will be lost to the floodplains of consciousness- and hours innumerable remain yet.

What have ye to say for all your brittle whims?
When wanton wants wither and wane, will you wallow in the womb?
With wounds be ye wracked...

Drink the shit from the cancerous bowels of Corinth's patron, for Lucifer in policeverso doth pressure your hyoid; the same as plucked from that honeycombed hive.

Pregnant and famished- peons to the claw of Cancer, and sigilium therein. An ovulating and obeisant child of Mercury milks feces from a tumorous and flaccid penis.

Mark my words, Siddim!
I alone speak the truth;
None before me have,
And none who come after will.
The solecorporeal and providential phosphene,
For but a moment-
Viscerally triangulated.

Janus gapes the edifice to the temple of Yeshua- and the waters rush in.
Janus gapes the edifice to the chambers of Satan- and the waters rush in.

Omnascient- ever-birth the weight of white waters.
To the inescapable tide's predation submit, and plummet in to the Taurus mouth.
Ophiotaurus on throne of disjoined bones, arms aloft to be as Sa'ul.
O, LORD! I am your son!
Manasseh! Hear my voice!
Amon! I bow to thee!
O! Father Cain! Bless and accept this work!

From septenary diminish
The non-finite in formulae.
Within the athenor of Taurus Fading,
toxins of uterine dispel creation so total.

Serifalanx! Even imperishable vanguard concede as the waters rush in.
Lexiconsume! The thorn genesis most finite in terminus as the waters rush in.

I know now your name, and I call you by it as the rivers deluge in to the furnace.
Break me on the rocks.
Amphora to athenor.

I now know your name,
2. He Wreaths the Cross (2:59)
(Concerning the concealed interstice by which he lays portent upon the twice octonary event)

He strikes the tower with crippling force; he topples the Godhead.
He sends nations of accusers and usurpers to assail the edifice; he brings the fire of perdition with him.
He impales children and woman on weapons heretical; he castrates their fathers with obsidian knives, serpentine in shape.

(Concerning the apparent dilemma directly antecedent to the aforementioned event)

He lashes them in tandem at the thorax, but alas the lash is one of leather.
The leather is of that carved in resplendence from the carcass of every great bovine God.
Theirs is Moloch, and he has granted them honour with this marriage.
A triunity reformed.

(Concerning the Great Discipline)

So can he too then not be as Abraxas? He is seated upon the axis of Abir, and flagellates the necks of the betrothed.
Does he not wear a mask with great protrusions from the cranium? Verily, he does.
And the servitors may stay, and they may drink of mercurial semen each hour, or they may go as Azazel, and bring water a nameless desert.

In corde meo abscondi eloquium tuum ut non peccem tibi...


(Concerning the martyrdom of finality)
Man in himself is a fine cross- and one worthy of a Christ impaled.
To pray in fever dream for a man from Talpiyot to step forth from the scarlet night is the fate of the katabat.

Sainthood awaits.
3. Say Nothing (7:12)
Know this- this which I proclaim past truth!

That which is ordained as holy law even up through the corridors of Hell; even the lowest hall of Elysium.

There is not one hand which may scribe a codex for the Devil, and there is not one mind with the knowledge of Satan's doctrine; and there is not one tongue that may hiss the true name of that abomination!

For there are no ears that have heard it, and yet there is not one which has not!

Crane'd pillar prostrates its nacre upon necrolith; eager ecstasy flung alabaster vitality to the foot of the famished tomb.
Woman of many phosphenes; eyes not unlike altar-stelles.
Mouths like myriad alembics; multitude of mirrors to mask master's countenance.

Lost in the murk of flotsam created when ye Devill's name was uttered in Syriac, the neophyte's soul's exclaims "all hail death".

White hands calmly caress beneath the mandibles, and the pearls are scattered.
Wight hands clammily carest occipitals, and Venus is shattered.
Show them, O Grande Marquis, where the heir hath erred in the airt!
Tell them, Leopold, of the archer's acumen!

Frothing at pregnant maw; a jovian child splayed in droll supplication.
It is he who sayeth, lunting gayly the gold and merrily the myrh of the manger,
-Patiently, darling, in the reverential presence of the torrent of revenants!
-Quietly, my dear, in this time of no angels!

Behold! Death will temper the vanities!

Frayed tapestries flutter and pustules burst in adoration.
Sojourn the cloister's naos unct in hyssop.

The sage, bound so, may never be set aflame.
All paths have lead here.


Ye victim of order imposed,
Neither dilligence,
Nor sanctified verbum,
May kiss even the foot of my master,
Nor the ring of his papacy.
4. Tipharethagirion (3:31)
To put fear in the heart of Helios!
Tipharethagirion, ne'er to be Apollo yon, wane the weight of midnights in advent of the morrow's dawn.
Thusly shall he go to war, and trample on his sister's corpse, then rot through silver, Lord, and love to be reborn Apolloyon.

Hear me, O cancerous sun!
whence the worlds are one, then shall our war be won.

Afront Esarhaddon in chains, I shan't affront thy sacred name. Your open arms and maw alike, have beckoned for a son alight.
The litten bodies of my young shall pass through fire of the sun, the twice risen o'er thy sphere shall rise as thrice with this deed done.
Thy Sorath-Christ awakened be!
Thy scorching sun like Galilee revolve above the astral sphere
to make Turinic shroud be clear.
The face of Lord, at last be shown, and thy name at last be known.
Eleven eyes of cancer blaze!
Hear my voice, O end of days!
5. The Keeping (2:16)
I could not know how quietly they spoke, until I came close, and heard nothing still.
Take solace in my work done; my word kept and thine to keep.
Naos, open be.

When verbum and ordeal may be counted alike,
and a ten fingered hand has been fed,
then the pentacles to glass may return,
and the naos shall open be.

Thy airt of the acre- ripe for the reaping.
Blood of my heart- thine for the keeping.
6. Her Bidding (3:08)
Sire a litter of whores, Tresmegistus! Supple crux resonates through all Ninevah bouyant on a feverwind, redolent of hircine diaspora.

Lignam vitae, lingam vindex!
Pythian dismay; heed to auspex!
Super flumina Babalonis!

Hadogenous Magdalen! Hadogenous Magdalen!
In through the porous birthing pools they slip; bounding out the maws...
Their mother's honey hath conjoined matter, but her acid has dissolved all laws...
On the lunar crest and solar cusp she waits in joined division...
Only the Other God may drink from her chalice of strange vision...

Edax rerum!
Baphomet, appear!

Summon the name of the night- Ama Lilith.
Speak shemhamforasch and take flight on breath of ire; (to) concede not again.
When Gilgamesh hath hewn thy place of resting, the hour will be thine.

I, who shall not be counted amongst your rescinded matriarchs.
Ye, who shall never recant my name.
7. Cup of Hemlock (3:26)
Consternation cast up from pyre roaring; providential senate amok.
Ye seminal, arte of word and sword.

As auroch unto cosmos as acosmos, so then serpent unto word as a sword.

Holy spirit, by the triaga immolated, dileneate your diaspora.
Holy spirit, by the low left leg of the Red Dragon, dismantle the courthouses of Jove.

Irridescent cadence from brilliance of tambour.
Downwardly decree; bereft of sulphur ordinance.
The taurictonious vow; to take of the bull.
Recant even the helm of the Mitræ.

Blessed peacock, thrice of Moloch, feed the Auroch root of Hemlock.

Saraf Samael Adonai!

The craft in the circle- the adept engulfed by the Nightswork.
To destroy the incumbent houses, and the regency therein.

Taurus fading.
Speak now the name of the olde enemy.
I give you my word,
If you give me the cup of Hemlock.
Moloch rising!
Speak now the true name of God!
I give you my word,
if you grant me the grail of Adramalech!

Imbibe the hemlock.
Drink deep of manbain.
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