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Rise Records

FounderCraig Ericson
GenreHardcore Punk, Metalcore, Post-Hardcore, Metal
CountryUnited States
LocationPortland, Oregon
Also known asRise Records Inc.
Rise Records
52 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
My DamnationLyricsDeathcore, Progressive DeathcoreUnited States16291
SleepwalkingLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States10215
The FloodLyricsMetalcore, Post-Hardcore, Alternative MetalUnited States12201
SevendustLyricsNu Metal, Alternative Metal, Groove MetalUnited States16140
The Resistance: Rise of the RunawaysLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States7140
AlienLyricsAmbient Metalcore, DjentAustralia10110
Love Will Kill AllLyricsMetalcoreUnited States10100
In Fear and FaithMetalcoreUnited States570
It Comes in WavesLyricsDeathcore, Atmospheric Sludge Metal, MetalcoreUnited States1990
GeevingLyricsMetalcore, ElectronicoreCanada661
ChangesLyricsMetalcore, Melodic HardcoreUnited States1060
Genesi[s]LyricsElectronic MetalcoreUnited States865
HeadspaceLyricsTrancecore, Nu Metal, MetalcoreUnited States552
SkydancerLyricsMetalcore, Post-HardcoreAustralia1350
The Love You Let Too CloseLyricsPost-HardcoreUnited States430
Someday Came SuddenlyLyricsMetalcore, Electronicore, TrancecoreUnited States7133
I, ColossusDeathcoreUnited States340
Sweet TalkerLyricsMetalcoreUnited States1330
AfterburnerLyricsPost-HardcoreUnited States521
Fragile FiguresLyricsPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreUnited States1320
NarrativeLyricsNu Metal, MetalcoreUnited States710
The Arcanum OrderLyricsMelodic Death Metal, DeathcoreUnited States320
First BornLyricsAtmospheric Metalcore, Beatdown MetalcoreUnited States310
The Pale HorseBeatdown Metalcore, DjentUnited States320
Too Far GoneLyricsNu Metalcore, Industrial MetalUnited States410
RedemptionLyricsPost-Hardcore, MetalcoreUnited States610
Oh Grave, Where Is Thy VictoryLyricsMelodic Deathcore, Post-HardcoreUnited States100
unRealNu Metal, MetalcoreUnited States700
Truth IsMetalcore, AmbientUnited States200
Hands Like HousesLyricsPost-Hardcore, Alternative RockAustralia900
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Artists : 39,245
Reviews : 9,372
Albums : 141,936
Lyrics : 190,035
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Issue date :  June 18, 2021
Gojira Fortitude (2021)
VOLA Witness (2021)
Epica Omega (2021)
Synsnake Fluxus (2021)