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Gates of Hell Records

9 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Dawn of GenesisHeavy MetalFinland310
Time of the Sword RulersLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed MetalUnited States1210
SacrificeHeavy MetalSweden100
Termination ShockLyricsHeavy MetalCanada300
Forgotten LandsLyricsHeavy MetalGermany400
Curse of the SkyLyricsHeavy MetalFinland200
Destiny CallsLyricsHeavy Metal, Speed MetalFinland300
Endless Halls of Golden TotemLyricsHeavy MetalUnited States100
MauleHeavy MetalCanada100
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Artists : 40,734
Reviews : 9,728
Albums : 147,076
Lyrics : 196,312