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Traditional Heavy Metal

Stylistic originsBlues Rock, Psychedelic Rock
Cultural originsLate 1960s, United Kingdom and United States
Typical instrumentsElectric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Vocals, Fuzz Bass, Keyboards, Sitar
36 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Heavy Metal BulldozerLyricsTraditional Heavy Metal, Speed MetalJapan11131
Crisis in UtopiaTraditional Heavy MetalUnited States831
Judas Priest LiveLyricsTraditional Heavy MetalCanada410
Rise to PowerLyricsTraditional Heavy MetalItaly310
no imageTraditional Heavy MetalFrance100
Lawbreaker/A Wanted ManTraditional Heavy MetalSweden100
ResurgirTraditional Heavy MetalArgentina200
HuellasTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockArgentina200
Cursed By the SwordTraditional Heavy MetalUnited Kingdom800
Hello Suckers!Traditional Heavy MetalItaly300
no imageLyricsTraditional Heavy MetalFinland600
Rock ItTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited States100
no imageTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockSpain400
Entre TinieblasTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockSpain200
Demo 2004Traditional Heavy MetalSpain200
Si PenanggalTraditional Heavy MetalMalaysia200
Rock Me Rock YouTraditional Heavy MetalSweden400
no imageTraditional Heavy MetalGermany200
Children of WarTraditional Heavy MetalGermany200
RegenerationTraditional Heavy MetalGermany400
Welcome to the ShowTraditional Heavy MetalIceland100
Another VictimTraditional Heavy MetalGermany300
DemoTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom100
no imageTraditional Heavy MetalCzech Republic100
Tributo ao SpectrusTraditional Heavy MetalBrazil600
Epsilon SkyTraditional Heavy Metal, Hard RockUnited Kingdom500
Revelry and ResilienceTraditional Heavy MetalUnited States200
The Gift of DeathTraditional Heavy MetalBrazil300
Simplesmente RockTraditional Heavy Metal, Glam Metal, Hard RockBrazil400
Hopes and IllusionsTraditional Heavy MetalItaly200
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 46,306
Reviews : 10,051
Albums : 166,155
Lyrics : 217,233