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Blackened Death Metal

Stylistic originsDeath Metal
182 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Bloody BlasphemyLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Death MetalNetherlands13211
Ever-Arch-I-Tech-TureLyricsMelodic Death Metal, Blackened Death MetalBelgium6140
Pantheon of the Nightside GodsLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Melodic Death Metal,Poland280
Where Fear and Weapons MeetLyricsDeath Doom Metal, Blackened Death MetalUkraine980
Labyrinth ConstellationLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Blackened Death MetalUnited States660
ProfaneLyricsBlackened Death MetalFrance760
AnticosmocratorLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Thrash MetalChile940
Breakdown the MassesLyricsBlackened Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal, GrindcoreGermany640
Daemonic: the Art of DantalianLyricsBlackened Death MetalInternational820
Allah SlayerGrindcore, Blackened Death Metal, Pagan Black Metal, Progressive Death MetalIraq220
Godless (...Assuming the Throne of Immortality...)Blackened Death MetalCzech Republic1230
Sacraments to the Sons of the AbyssBlackened Death MetalFrance520
MalignanceBlackened Death MetalCanada130
SunsLyricsSymphonic Blackened Death MetalMalaysia420
After DeathLyricsBlackened Death MetalNorway220
Eternal as TimeBlackened Death MetalMexico320
Nostalgic PredictionsBlackened Death MetalUnited States110
Entangled ExcavationsLyricsBlack Metal, Blackened Death MetalCroatia111
The FeastLyricsBlackened Death MetalUnited States510
EpiklesisBlackened Death MetalThailand210
ApocalipsisLyricsBlackened Death MetalArgentina1110
Sufriendo el Dolor... Despues de muertoLyricsBlackened Death MetalArgentina210
The Order of AmentiLyricsBlackened Death MetalEgypt510
Ο Δρόμος Της ΑποθεώσεωςBlackened Death MetalFrance111
The DeclineMelodic Black Metal, Blackened Death MetalGermany110
GallasBlackened Death MetalPortugal110
Fourth Reign over Opacities and BeyondBlack Metal, Thrash Metal, Blackened Death MetalGermany110
MartridenMelodic Death Metal, Blackened Death MetalUnited States410
Acts of ApostasyBlackened Death MetalUnited States110
FelonyBlackened Death Metal, DeathcoreChile210
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Info / Statistics
Artists : 41,299
Reviews : 9,936
Albums : 148,447
Lyrics : 197,394