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 (Republic of Indonesia)
1,154 artists
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Cover art Artist Lyrics Genres Country Albums Votes Reviews
Homeward PathLyricsAtmospheric Black Metal, BlackgazeIndonesia5131
EnvisagedLyricsAvant-garde Metal, Black Metal, Progressive MetalIndonesia2300
Hymn to the Woeful HeartsLyricsAtmospheric Black MetalIndonesia571
Dominion over CreationLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia850
Witness of Perfect TortureLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia1030
ProfanatikLyricsTechnical Death Metal, Brutal Death MetalIndonesia622
Eugenics of Terrestrial ExistenceBrutal Death MetalIndonesia430
Different Infinite EquationsLyricsTechnical Death MetalIndonesia320
Eleventh FormulaeLyricsDeath MetalIndonesia320
Hell Comes to BelawanBlack MetalIndonesia420
Remnants of Chaotic ApogeeLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia530
The Invisible DimensionBrutal Death MetalIndonesia320
Into Total DestructionBlack MetalIndonesia510
FatamorganaBrutal Death MetalIndonesia320
no imageBrutal Death MetalIndonesia220
The CarnageBrutal Death MetalIndonesia810
Systematic Terror DecimationLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia110
no imageLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia420
Suffering MutationsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia220
AndalusiaGothic MetalIndonesia600
Thrash Metal 1983Thrash MetalIndonesia510
Force of NatureAtmospheric Black MetalIndonesia3021
Birth of AbominationBrutal Death MetalIndonesia320
Gobbling Peculiarity on Unanimously Deformation of the Gory MonstrouslamorphousLyricsSlamming Brutal Death MetalIndonesia220
Symphony of HatredMelodic Black Metal, Death Metal, Symphonic MetalcoreIndonesia310
The Era of DestructionLyricsDeath MetalIndonesia110
Rebuild:The Unfinished Interpretation of Irrational BehaviorBrutal Death Metal, Avant-garde Death MetalIndonesia710
The Lord's WisdomPower MetalIndonesia500
no imageDeath MetalIndonesia110
Bloodshed FatalitiesLyricsBrutal Death MetalIndonesia230
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Artists : 44,227
Reviews : 9,814
Albums : 158,979
Lyrics : 214,261