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Altered States of America

TypeStudio Full-length
Release date
GenresGrindcore, Noise
LabelsRelapse Records
Running time21:42
Ranked#104 for 2003 , #3,189 all-time
Reviews :  2
Comments :  16
Total votes :  18
Rating :  76.3 / 100
Have :  1       Want : 0
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Submitted by level Death and Life
Last modified by level Besi Karat
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Altered States of America Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.Spreading the Dis-Ease0:56851
2.Ark of Ecoterrorism0:14751
3.Living Lolita Blowjob0:13751
4.Thawing Out0:15751
5.The Need for Better Body Armor0:10801
6.Freeze-Dried Cemetery0:21801
7.Children Blown to Bits by the Busload0:12751
8.Scoring in Heaven0:14801
9.Fuck Your Soccer Jesus0:06851
10.Guided Tour0:22701
11.Honky Dong0:08801
12.Famous Last Words0:18801
13.Osaka Milk Bar0:18801
14.Drive by Blowjob on a Bicycle0:12751
15.Ten Pounds of Remains0:07801
16.Utter Mental Retardation and Reversal of Man0:15801
17.Neotropolis Euphoria0:08851
18.Snitch Olympics0:17801
19.Crawling Out of the Cradle Into the Casket0:15801
20.Removing Locator Tooth0:07801
21.Aum Shinrikyo0:04801
22.The Protocols of the Elders of Zion0:04801
23.The Tokyo Subway Gassing0:04751
24.The Star of David0:04751
25.Shintaro Ishihara and the Rape of Nanking in World War 20:06751
27.Micro-Tidal Wave0:04851
28.Crop Dusting0:13751
29.LSD as a Chemical Weapon0:15751
30.Illegal Manufacture0:08801
31.Drugging the Control Group0:10851
32.Alice in La La Land0:05751
33.Apocalypse as Mescaline Experience0:10801
34.The Artifical Religious Experience0:07801
35.The First Day of Sodom: Pussy Hair Prayer Rug0:05801
36.The Second Day of Sodom: Distortion in Eden0:04801
37.The Third Day of Sodom: Serpent of the Gay Pride Rainbow0:04801
38.The Fourth Day of Sodom: Snaking Adam's Black Apple0:04751
39.The Fifth Day of Sodom: Like a Cretin on Christmas Eve0:04801
40.The Sixth Day of Sodom: Boston Hardcore Caligula0:05801
41.The Seventh Day of Sodom: Fantasizing Hydrahead0:08751
42.The Eight Day of Sodom: Lamb of the Rotisserie God0:05751
43.The Ninth Day of Sodom: Holiday Bowl Full of Asshole0:05701
44.The Tenth Day of Sodom: Enter the House of Feasting0:06751
45.The Eleventh Day of Sodom: Passing Blunts and Cunts at Relapse0:06701
46.The Twelfth Day of Sodom: When Taking a Shit Feels Sexy0:07751
47.Poland Springfield Acidbag0:20701
48.Rectal Thermometer0:12701
49.Lemonade and a Snickers Bar0:06751
50.Necro-Cannibalistic Tendencies in Young Children0:09701
51.Bombs With Butterfly Wings0:10801
52.Watching a Clown Point a Gun at a Small Dog (reprise)0:17751
53.Mosquito Holding Human Cattle Prod0:25751
54.For Just Ten Cents a Day...0:25701
55.Mental Change(s): Altered Consciousness0:06701
56.Radical Modernism0:04701
57.Human Enhancement0:05701
58.Juxtaposed Impacts0:05751
59.Unprecedented Experiment0:38701
60.Transparent Enclosure0:09701
61.Bong Hit Wonder0:08751
62.Opening to Personals AD by Richard Johnson0:14701
63.Relapse Refusing U.N. Weapons Inspectors0:10701
64.Neural Linguistic Programming0:13701
65.The Fag vs. The Indian0:05701
66.Black Metal Transvestite0:18751
67.Debbie Does Dishes0:05651
68.Marine Pornography (For Whale Cock Skateboards)0:19701
69.Keeping a Clean Kennel0:04751
70.Baby Mill, Part 1 (Born and Sold Into Child Slavery)0:08701
71.Firearms for All Faiths0:12751
72.Domestic Solution0:04701
73.Definition of Death0:39751
75.Scott Hulk on Intramuscular Steroids0:10651
76.4 Leeches (40,000 Leeches)0:56701
77.Group Taking Acid as Considered Conspiracy Against the Government0:06701
78.Small Room and a Six-Pack0:06701
79.Deviant Arousal0:07751
80.Unbound by Civilized Properties0:09701
81.They All Burned!0:12751
82.Shotgun Funeral 0:04801
83.Homophobic Assbleed0:05751
84.Exacting Revenge on Pets0:08701
85.Baby Mill, Part 2 (White Russian)0:08701
86.Narcoterrorist Megalomaniac0:25701
87.Releasing a Dove From a Ghetto Rooftop0:09751
88.Bipartisan Buttfuck0:14701
89.Bent Over the Cross0:25701
90.A Chance at Reprisal0:16801
91.Altered Ego0:18751
92.Pin the Tail on the Donkey0:22701
93.Latter Day Mormon Ritual0:19801
94.5 Band Genetic Equalizer, Part 30:22701
95.Absurd Boast0:11651
96.Burning Social Interest0:11801
97.Whore Torn Vet0:10751
98.Obi Wan Kaczynski0:12701
99.Placing a Personal Memo on the Boss's Desk0:13751

Line-up (members)

  • Carl Schultz : Vocals
  • Richard Johnson : Vocals
  • J. R. Hayes : Additional Vocals
  • J. Randall : Vocals, Sampler (tracks 21 To 34, 65 To 72), Electronics (tracks 21 To 34, 65 To 72)
  • Scott Hull : Guitars, Drum Programming

Guest / additional musicians

  • Chris Taylor : Additional Vocals
  • Pete Ponitkoff : Vocals (tracks 88, 90)

Production staff / artist

  • Scott Hull : Producer (tracks 0-20, 35-64, 73-99), Mixing (tracks 0-20, 35-64, 73-99), Mastering (tracks 0-20, 35-64, 73-99)
Produced, mixed and mastered at Visceral Sound - Bethesda, MD 2002 except for tracks 21 thru 34 and tracks 65 thru 72 samples/sequencing/electronics by Agnostronic Blunt Productions, Springfield, MA 2002.

There is a hidden track called "Wonder Drug Wonderland" on track 0. To hear track 0 you must rewind from track 01.

Altered States of America Reviews

Reviewer :  level   (85/100)
Date : 
더이상의 그라인드코어는 없다!! 99트랙 21여분의 러닝타임.. 뭐 달리 말이 필요한가!
분당 2000비트에 달하는 살인적인 머신건 드러밍과 노이즈 가득한 보컬과 기타에 날카로운 현실풍자까지! 드럼프로그래밍, 보컬에 기타까지 맡고있는 프런트맨 스콧헐의 역량이 돋보이는 퓨어그라인드의 역작으로 그라인드코어의 새지평을 연 의미있는 기념비적 음반이다. 단지 중반부에 과도한 나레이션의 배치로 인해 긴장감이 떨어지고 약간 지루한감이 있지만 곡전반을 지배하는 엄청난 스피드가 이를 상쇄하고도 남는다. 제한된 짧은시간내에 그라인드코어를 제대로 알고자하는 리스너에게 안성맞춤!
Reviewer :  level   (74/100)
Date : 
2집의 연장선?느낌이 상당히 강한 Agoraphobic Nosebleed 의 3집 입니다.그라인드코어 라고 한다면 갈아 엎어버릴 듯한 사운드와 짧게 박살낸다?라는 이런 공식에 충실한 밴드지만,아주 짧은 곡 구성은 하나하나 엮어 가면서 짜임새가 있어야 비로소 돋보이는데 이번 작품은 난해한 후반부 곡들이 조금은 이 그라인드코어 특성상 그렇다고 할지라도 난해한 편이 아쉬웠습니다.특히 무한 질주의 리프가 도리어 산만한 전개를 보여줬다는 점이 아쉬웠습니다.

Altered States of America Comments

level   (50/100)
고평가 받을 앨범은 아닌 것 같다.
level   (80/100)
Holy crap this was an amazing listen. This album crushes your cochlea in a 20 minute span. If there weren't any talking parts debasing the stream of frenzy, I certainly would've given a much higher rating.
level   (65/100)
야! 참신하다
level   (75/100)
한 앨범에 100곡에 육박하는 수록곡들이 있어 말많았던 앨범. 음악도 수록곡 수만큼이나 골때린다만 손은 자주 가진 않는 음반.
level   (40/100)
병신같은 앨범. NapalmDeath 의 최소한 반만 닮자
level   (80/100)
생각보다 아무 의미없는 것도 아니고 시간 죽이기도 좋고 듣기도 괜찮다.
level   (45/100)
"이걸 왜 들을까." 심각해진 적이 있었다.
level   (85/100)
20분안에 가장 많은 음악을 들으면 이기는 앨범..
level   (95/100)
PGPGPGPGPGPGPGPG!!!!! Bloody hell! this is ultra fucking fast and short. Now this is my kind of noise!
level   (80/100)
중간 중간 나레이션 트랙들이 의도와는 달리 좀 흐름을 끊는 거 같지만 그럭저럭 들을 만하다. 근데 보너스로 딸려오는 리믹스 디스크가 더 마음에 드는 건 나 뿐인가? 여담이지만 되감기 기능이 있는 플레이어로만 들을 수 있는 0번트랙이 존재한다.
level   (90/100)
level   (85/100)
어느샌가 99곡이 흘러가있다.
level   (85/100)
정말로 심심할때 들으면 괜찮은데, 아무리그래도 이건 너무 짧잖아!! [말한마디만하고 허무하게 넘어가는 몇몇곡은 있지만...]
level   (80/100)
20분동안 100곡듣는방법
level   (82/100)
울트라스피드머신건질주를 듣다보면 순식간에 99트랙이 후딱 지나간다..광란의 그라인드향연
level   (80/100)
시간 잘 간다. 킬링타임용으로 최곻

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preview EP - 00
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preview Studio 90 30
preview Studio 70 40
preview Studio 76.3 182
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