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Eden`s Fire

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresSymphonic Black Metal
LabelsPagan, Empire
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Eden`s Fire Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-07-21)
1. Prepare To Revolt (5:36)
Incline your forehead to receive the sign
Incline yourself low to worship
Here's the reward
Habitation of eternity
Here's the reward
Sit close at my side

I am who million and one time hunted
Lose for me is to give away everything
Our kingdom - eternity of redness
Our kingdom - lair of desime

Time of assembly is close
Time of harvest comes
Follow the hand of power
Follow the sign of ancient eternities
Keys are within me
Code is my body
Time of assembly is close
Time of harvest comes

Consume for the last time the communion of power
Soak ritually the hands in my flesh
Touch the heart
Bring forth destruction
Touch the soul
Gaze into future

Prepare your body
For the baptism of the dead one
Mysteries of the universe threshold you cross today
And again - I am the master
You necromancer
Boundaries made from today are no more
Boundaries of the universe you now appoint
Revolt time is now
Time to start infecting
Let the virus of eternity achieve triumphs
Let the virus of eternity rule over them

I put aside my hand from your temple
Blessed for ever
Blessed you are by THEM!
2. Back From Divine (3:58)
Hour is here by eternity measured
Eternity is from ages annealed
By hour, in which born will be pain
In endless depths of bloody plains

When seventh seal bursts - by dagger injured
You fall right into my arms
Today hell will be your paradise
When rapture in frenzy arrives

Sin you call me
Before daybreak will set in
Admitting that eternity will pass
When hunger of life shall arise

Call me death
Call me everlasting
Call me immortality
I will be sin

Death I dispense
Eternity I return
With deathlessness endow
In sin I dream on

Reminding gods their calling
When the era of nonexistence supervenes
Reproaching kingdoms
And their regency

Time of vengeance draws near the hour of uprising
I am appointed and from gods retaken
Arising from gods hatred
3. Septu Annu (Theory Of Nature) (6:32)
Yet I feel the aroma of incense
Yet I feel the smell of wax
Ardour of flames
Emblazes in the night

And I hear the rhythm of drums
And I hear the flutter of enemy wings

My shamans from ages rant the rhythm
My shamans from ages know the mantra
I have come here to know the rhythm
I have come here to know her

Dance brothers on the burnt shroud
Dance brothers to feel the wax
Dance brothers ardour under your feet
Dance brothers on the burnt shroud

They began all the magic's
They knew the escape code

Only what I want is death now
Only what I want is to feel the scent of food
Only what I want is to be on the bottom
Only what I want is to stay and be clean

All of them arrived here to depart
All of them are here in nonexistence
All of them are the illumination of the past
All of them will come bow to me

Obeisance give to the eternal
Obeisance give to the first
Obeisance give to the one who deals eternity
Obeisance give to the blood

Arrive, o ignorance for salvation
Arrive in crowds rabble for eternity
Let the taste and ecstasy be the communion of eternity
Redness of blood be the food of eternity
4. Immortal Stars (5:08)
Endless depth of inexhaustible desires
Only the scent!
Only the taste!
Nothing else do I feel
Imperious albugo begs - more!!!
Savour of redness
Smell of power
I await the imperfect creatures in the cave of my rule
To take off the voke of degradation
To take back the cross of affront
Only fear is my ally
Only hunger is my inspiration
The taste of blood - eternal commitment

I want to enter into your pupils
Like the glitter of the sun dazzle your body
Take rapture from your struggle
I want to enter into your soul
Like acid dissolve your body
Take rapture from your impuissance
One bridge is not enough!!!!

Exonerate you I shall like the serpent's venom
Exonerate you I shall like I was told to

I arrive from the endless depth
I arrive from the opened limbos

I know the language of the dead
Spreading the virus of condemnation
Eternity rejection
Death itself nauseates at the site of me
Albugo battles for power
I am dead in eternity I last

Recognize your scent I shall
Recognize your taste I shall
Waiting for you
Among the eternity of stars
5. Fear Of Blood (5:40)
Two millenia I adhere you
Millions of generations brought to naught
You infiltrate my body
With a treacherous hunger

In the temple of death, at the feet of devotion
Ages still with you
Sanctuary of venom still lasts within me
I give away my whole
To the virus of paleness
I give away my whole
To the virus of paleness

I am eternal
You're never-ending
Venom is within me
Intoxicating for ages

My body torn by tremors
Like in agony
I scorch my stigma
Marking the path

My pale green pupils
With madness they mist
My fangs and claws
Always ready
My throat prepared
To feel the taste of redness
My body awaits the communion of life

Whether wings I spread
Whether fangs I drive
Feeling meat
And the warmness of your existence

You deliver fury and wrath
Controlling my mind
Leading me
Making me invisible among the living
I am the undead fear

Whether wings I spread
Whether fangs I drive
Feeling meat
And the warmness of your existence
6. Eternalization (4:54)
From opened veins and mangled arteries
Flows the treacherous venom
I crawl wounded like the lowest reptile
From opened aortas, deep wounds
Laves the poison of eternity

Contracture of tendons and damaged muscles
From delecrated trechera I expiscate
Rattle an croak
I squirm in a filmy pool of blood
I expectorate death!

Yet another bow in a sunny day
Yet another ray of garish days
Yet another shine of azure in the morning
Yet another crimson sunset heat

I scream to the makers
I am the Cain's son
In embryo of death
Lord of suffering

I will greet with gladness of crucified wounds
Annihilation at his gates
With every move of my body
Hatred in his bloody eyes I burn

Rise of nonexistence
In chasms I remain
Birth of now
Around you
Always here and beyond there
I am the unnamed sarcophagus
Of his memories

I last among death and life
Unnamed lord of life and death
Nonentity - being
Lord of spasmodic bodies kingdom
Agony of life
In suffering I last
7. Vampyronium (3:42)
I am who hundredfold expired, to be born renewed
Vampyronium is my throne
I am from Cain's stiletto liquefied with life
Vampyronium is my throne
Blood of first crime delivers pain
Vampyronium is my throne
I am who was born again, and time for ages suffice
Vampyronium is my throne

In glitter of star dust born
Auroras millions at my feet
Idolatrous salute at my side
With devotion, reverence and sacrifice

I am engraved by mark of hundred's magic
I am the eye, the fang, the claw
So feel the taste of my kingdom

Come my children
Follow my voice
Come my children
Follow the craze of desire

Throne my streamed by pain and terror
Scepter my severe - dividing and measuring
Kingdoms mine million and one
Inflicting pain in eternity last

In eternity to me devoted
In rage of pain from death retaked
In nothingness I last
Freedom retrieving from YOU
8. Fury (4:38)
"Sticking nails into your bare neck
I furrow with claws your innocence
Nectar of life flows straight to my throat
Slowly you withdraw
Pale-green body descends to the hard ground
I am the master and lord"

Kneeling at your body I am your keeper and servant
Nervously seeking your breath
Nervously lifting your eyelids
Grey pupils vocalize image of betrayer
Grey pupils reflect his face
Grey pupils vocalize image of betrayer
Grey pupils reflect his face

I am the servant of blood
Rage is my power
Rage is the redeemer of souls
I am the servant of blood
Rage is my power

Return thou can not
I shall wash your blood from his
Cleansing my face
With his soul's wax
I shall look right into your pupils
To strengthen the image
Cleansing my face with his blood
Shriveling arteries
Into the sun I shall expose in day

I am the servant of blood
Revenge is my power
Revenge is the redeemer of souls
I am the servant of blood
Revenge is my power

And I feel his breath and the taste of his blood
Sword is my arm, blade is my hand
I emerge from the earth
Kingdom mine where I am
His heart is my trophy

I am the servant of blood
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