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Fragments of Unbecoming - Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black But Shining cover art

Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black But Shining

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
Album rating :  77 / 100
Votes :  2
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Sterling Black Icon - Chapter III - Black But Shining Lyrics

Submitted by level ― (2013-05-24)
1. Carmine Preface (Entrance) (0:52)
2. Sterling Black Icon (5:14)
A dark force is calling me, the black sun enlightens the scenery.
The horizon is filled with clouds so pride,
In a time when silence is not only a word or a feeling.

I'm on my way to march the fields of disbelief,
A certain thought, my senses disappear.
To see will never again be to believe
I'm dying for the chance to be!

I´m gonna be the one who tells his son
Not to do what I have done.
A time to mourn, a time to pray,
There are so many words to say.
Is this all I can sway…

Misery strikes fear into those left behind,
Horrible phantasies erased from my mind.
The lost souls will be missed by none!
When night has passed and turned into light,
Sorrow in my eyes, in silence my tears flow.
Light of day replaces the darkened light,
Here I am among the ones (insane) dreaming, screaming...
They tried to take my life.

I'm on my way to march the fields of disbelief ….. (repeat)

You don't even know what you've become (in your life),
I feed my weakness with pathetic lies (I am blind).
Paranoid thoughts so close yet not to find,
So here I stand with tears in my eyes.

You don't even know what you've become ….. (repeat)

I´m gonna be the one who tells his son ….. (repeat)

Misery strikes fear into those left behind ….. (repeat)
3. Weave Their Barren Path (4:08)
Redefining wishes of your past - behold the realm.
Dream by hellspawn withering the mold.
We do not dare the distrust but a wielding life,
Scourged from these displeasing eyes.

No more shelter given from their path.
Disclosure draining skywards - onward and never to be stopped!
I was born to reign and weave their barren path,
A solitude eternally bereaved.

// Chorus
Weave their barren path - sorrounded by disconclusioned minds.
Weave their barren path - retaining all their illuminating rays.

Pray - another words offence,
Stalkers thread - yet felt intense.
Raise - another open end, leaving all my source intent.
Pray - another words offence,
Stalkers thread - not felt intense.
Raise - another gory end, leaving not my source intent.

Pathway all in vain…
Signs of their hell - forever thou molasting.
Carving the stone - embarrassing in slowly (felt) torment,
Disparaged voices tell.

You will never reach the light, undo - or you will burn for me!
My wastelands…
Forgive me - for I have sinned, break me free from my barren path.

Dead dreamers - no one can take them far from me.
Await my voluntary(ness) with deception.
Reborn reality - so faint, mesmerized and buried nowhere,
So free me from your weaving arts!

// Chorus (repeat)

Pray - another words offence ….. (repeat)

Pathway all in vain ….. (repeat)
4. Dear Floating Water (7:11)
I wake up in a deep dark night,
Bathed in sweat and can't realize what happened.
My eyes are filled with endless fear,
Making me feel the bitterness of helplessness.
Sorrow overcomes me, what will come, what will be?
In my life nothing has changed,
It's like a path that never ends.
I´m out of hands, I am at the point of no return.

Blind I am, I'm down on my knees,
A new day (will come), a new belief.
These days will pass and (will be) formed by degrees.
The darkest dye a mystery…
It's in my dreams when misery speaks to me,
To forget the past and think of disbelief,
It's like a fucking disease, it's in my head.
My love is dead, I drown in sorrow - it makes me sad.

Come with me, come my friend!
I'll show you how to live and understand.
A line exists between you and me.
Emptiness - your heart will be mine.
I've never thought about what I've done,
But now I'll be gathered by the past.
As far as I can see there's misery,
Father, please give me a chance to be!

I wake up - is this the place I have to go to forget my sins?
I will come - searching for my better way of life.

Blind I am, I'm down on my knees ….. (repeat)

I wake up in a deep dark night ….. (repeat)

// Chorus
Life is a simple thing - dear floating water.
Don't leave me be!
Dear floating water, water, water.......

I wake up ….. (repeat)
5. Breathe in the Black to See (7:20)
Darkness falls on landscapes of grace
To mourn the beauty of the past.
Down for the days, feel the pain,
Feed the hollow ground again – again and again!

Sable thoughts in sombre autumn storms,
The sun that never rises died long ago.
I held out the stabbing pain before
As the slumbering trees of tears sigh her name,
Like fading voices in the din.
Breathe in the black to see,
The razorblade cuts too deep.

Disposed for eternal sleep,
I’m dressed in lost shadows
Like costumes for my dying hope.

Masquerades on broken knees,
Blinded by spectral memories.
Remembrances on sullen eyes
Don’t seem to listen to my suffering cries.

There is no time for just waiting,
For whatever I wonder why.
The words are empty and her mind is closed forever.
I can’t pretend, this is the end!

Goddess forgive me, the fever burned out my heart!
I should come to you, yes I should have… but it’s too late now.
I creep on broken knees below - mountains of sorrow,
Besides seas of ashes and nameless trees of tears.
Blinded by blackness through bleakly dust.
Sable thoughts in sombre autumn storms,
This bitter sleep of emptiness and fear.

The sun that never rises has never died before.
Can’t stand the pain no more!
….. (repeat)

I feel the pain, down for the days,
Feeding the hollow ground again!
I held out the stabbing pain before.

When the slumbering trees of tears whisper her name
Like misty voices everything stays the same.
….. (repeat)

Masquerades on broken knees ….. (repeat)

Sable thoughts in sombre autumn storms ….. (repeat)

Masquerades on broken knees ….. (repeat)

There is no time for just waiting ….. (repeat)
6. Ride for a Fall (0:44)
7. A Faint Illumination (5:49)
Betraying wisdom towards sheltering of thou.
For I'm not liar - drenching all my past in you.
Building enemies - the ones that scattered me before,
My world on fire - retaliating undone deeds.

My fate - not just words to bring me down,
Aside - melting withered disacceptance.
Eternal struggle, forcing disgust with redemption.
My dead emotions - showing me this black dimension.

Forsaken dreams I bleed - neither that I'm not awaking.
Can't stand the calling - fervant fears that I have doubted,
The soul devoured - surrendering an endless distrust.
Lost all glory - serving no more altered deride.

A Faint Illumination!

Pleasure of the elder ones - fulfilling obedience,
Enlightening shadows - overwhelming lurking pathway.
My tasteful harmony - scourging lifeless superstition.
A life so disagreed, never to be released…

Betraying wisdom towards sheltering of thou ….. (repeat)

Abandoning the sun – I bleed! Abandoning the sun!

Pleasure of the elder ones ….. (repeat)

A Faint Illumination!

Soilent hereby, whispers crawling upwards silent.
Devotion intense, calling from the darkest inwards.
Scattered ease, falling into unborn sorrows.
Illumination - forgotten source of insane whishes.

Abandoning the sun!
8. Live for the Moment, Stay 'Til the End (5:49)
Burn, burn – out of fire you´ll never walk!
Turn, turn on you liar, try again to stalk!
Bloodstained your wicked vision – a deceiver´s heart,
Forward! Bend! A million needles pierce – a solemn art.

Absence, presence, intense defense,
Efforts to breathe only embitter your state.
Vengeance, welcome the cremation sequence…
Depart, discard! Your downfall´s lying in wait.

Forlorn, forlorn, affliction your glance reflects.
Face the last of competitions!
I grant your fall, the fatal poison injects,
Fading out all insane visions.

Suspense? No chance, no gracious sentence!
Downward, now swallow to the core…
Entrance – step closer to the chasm´s fence,
A free fall into the abyss, to the floor!

// Chorus
Black, black, black, black but shining - your very inside.
To most negative irradiance always aside.
Unshorn? Never! I force your descent,
I live for this moment and stay ´til the end!
´Til the end, I stay `til the end!

Shiver (you) deceiver! Face the facts: we differ.
On the rampage – let me introduce:
Heat of fever, your lights of life they wither,
To blackened ashes they only will reduce.

Forever forgather with this fatal end!
Forever forgather – any last comment?

Forlorn, forlorn, affliction ….. (repeat)

Suspense? No chance….. (repeat)

// Chorus (repeat)

Forever forgather with this fatal end!
9. Scythe of Scarecrow (4:49)
Blood is on my hands!
Stand strong, watch out! Forward to desecration!
Never me, it's all for you.
Contact, collapse - domination of the wicked,
Indecent, heaven sent.

The world hates me.
I`ve got this glorious feeling.
Blood still rains on me, the slaughtering has begun.
I am out of any emotion, I leave this place behind.
My revenge tastes bitter sweet in a war of pain and deceit.

Ignorance and hate is my recipe, a step to hope or misery.
We are all on our way to burn a mark into the history,
Satisfaction in a higher form.
Doesn't matter what you want, you'll get what you deserve!
A bloody piece of freedom, don't know where my heart belongs to.

Start the killing!
Forward, forward - I can't stand that feeling.
Daylight, unlight - to start a brutal war.
Empty emotion, my eyes are filled with hatred,
Lost in confusion, is this my inner will?
I am out of any emotion, I leave this place behind.
My revenge tastes bitter sweet, sacrifice and prepare yourself to die! To die!

Killing is my pleasure - out of my eyes!
It's such an aggressive measure - they come from behind…
Sadistic acts (we have to) run faster - unearthly hate.
Now we gotta get the shadows to hide.
Scythe of scarecrow - I have no fear, the time to think this time is near.

Ignorance and hate is my recipe ….. (repeat)

Scythe Of Scarecrow.

Lost all control, try to make the right decision!
What´s the key to our final mission?
One choice left, this is our way to death…
Death is real, my heartbeat I can feel.
I think this is the right decision, now we start our final mission…

Start the killing ….. (repeat)

Killing is my pleasure ….. (repeat)

Blood is on my hands!
10. Onward to the Finger of God (1:37)
11. Stand the Tempest (4:12)
I`ll take my revenge for what you have done,
Your life will be left in my hands.
With all my strength of will,
There's no reason why, surely none will die!

Put your hands in mine - together we stand in pain.
The moment absorbs the time, together we walk through the golden rain.

Put your hands in mine ….. (repeat)

Share your hate with me!
The process of being I can't receive.
The love I gave was not enough.
Up around the land free at last…

// Chorus
Do you know the feeling when your heart gets closed down?
It's like a stab down in your throat // stand the tempest!
There is no reason why, surely some will die.
My time has come, I'll lead you through eternity.

These images that I see appear so strange to me,
All the things with life come forth from the dead.
Can't you hear the screams in me?
I'm dying for the chance to be.
Pleasure in a time of pain and suffering,
…think of my words and be sure they are real!
Can you make it feel? It's your destiny to be!

// Chorus (repeat)

I`ll take my revenge ….. (repeat)

Put your hands in mine ….. (repeat)
12. Chambre Noire (Departure) (2:30)
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