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Fröm the Fjörds Full Album Lyrics

Legend - Fröm the Fjörds cover art

Fröm the Fjörds

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHeavy Metal
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2015-10-19)
1. The Destroyer (5:06)
I am the destroyer
I guard the entrance to the core of the world
Buried beneath you
Are the bones and the blood of my power unfurled

I duel with armies
And doom the creatures of evil spirits
The cursed are those
Who sight this pass and come too near it

I am everlasting. Eternity is mine
My blades all drip the crimson red
Of those who seek the door of time
Eternity is mine

Can you see my eyes
Then you stand within the parallel of death
My blades will find you
Make peace with your gods it's your time to confess

I am your destruction
Do you know from whence I came
I've stood behind you since your birth
The unknown and I are both the same
Eternity is mine
2. The Wizard's Vengeance (3:39)
Underneath his boulder fortress
The wizard plots the kings demise
Mixing potions, sifting powders
Watching with his evil eyes
The body count had risen
From sorcery that he performed
Experiments of bloody torture
Murderous plague the people mourned

He sends the falcon hunting
As he looks into the crystal
Seeing lords and ladies dancing
At the new king's celebration
And he puts his fingers to his chin
To plan his best surprise

Demonic brainstorms fill his thinking
Sitting in his chamber room
The king will die before the morning
And he will step out from the doom
Fifteen years proceeded slowly
The wizard lived his life alone
Lying many sleepless nights
He vowed he would possess the throne

Bearing gifs he's riding
Through the forest to the castle
Standing there with open arms
The king will drink the potion
He will laugh and dance then find his sleep
And die beneath the moon

The court is total chaos
And the guards were summoned much too late
The wizard stands before them chanting
In silence he describes their fate
I am the wizard wise and good
And I shall rule from this day on
The king's untimely passing
Has left the throne I sit upon

Do not defy my bidding
For my magic has the power
To turn you into statues
If you meet with my displeasure
You look at me as though I'm mad
But soon you shall be gone
3. The Golden Bell (7:14)
The sun it rises from the east
And begins to pound our heads
We ask the gods for guidance
For our lives may too soon end

The strongest men on all the earth
Are gathered here this day
The time has come to stroke the oars
First we bow our heads and pray

The waters that we sail upon,
We find, are treacherous
We lose a ship to Poseidon
And the men we thought were blessed

We can see the shores of this evil land
They are guarded by the sun
At the rocks the beast chimera
We must slay it and move on

We are bound by our lust and greed for adventure
To find the world's most precious treasure
We make our way to the lands unknown
We must be on our way

The prize for our lives is a golden bell
It might as well sit in the palace of hell
Oh all the stories time could tell
Of its size, of its sound, of the wealth it abounds
Of the men underground who tried to take it
The devil owns them now
The devil owns them now (repeat 3x)
They are under Hades crown

We cross the path of the oracle
Through the valley of liquid fire
This perilous land can't stop us
The bell is our desire

We can see the temple of the bell
It looks out across the sea
The cliffs are mighty stone walls
Pegasus was the key

There are but ten men left to share
We began one thousand strong
The golden bell is ours now
Among the gods we now belong
4. The Confrontation (3:31)
5. R.A.R.Z. (5:13)
Hey superstars don't you fret
No one's come to see us yet
'Cause we've been workin' much too hard
Tryin' to get on the charts
But of all the music we've designed

We don't play that rock and roll
Play that rock and roll
Soundin' like a zole
Play that rock and roll

You're drivin' in your fancy cars
And no one knows just who we are
We've been workin' oh so long
But we've been cookin' with our style
Just in case we get a trial
We came up with this song 'Cause!


Now we think we've got the groove
And we feel it's time to move
But we're not proud 'cause we'll take
Any halfway decent break
Or whatever fate will bring. But!

6. Against the Gods (3:47)
I feel them coming now
The earth is shaking under thunderous chariot wheels
I feel them coming now
The sky grows black I am the sacrifical meal

I hear them coming now
The crushing of life a sound that I know so well
I hear them coming now
The cries of death from the darkened depths of hell

I have blasphemed the gods with vengeance
For they took my love's breath away
She held my life within her heart
I will fight until they pay

I see them coming now
The body mongers with their evil lizards in tow
I see them coming now
To take my flesh and send my soul far below

Attack me at your will
With help from your gods, the evil I now defy
Attempt to make your kill
Send your anger through the sky you know I will never die

I am the good that's found in all men
It's a power of victory
So take my life unto the wind
And my soul will challenge thee
7. The Iron Horse (6:32)
8. From the Fjords (8:14)
We sail across the ocean wide
With a heritage of pride
Our axes and our swords are set
With conquest on our minds
We come from a land where men are bold
Our voyage is now old
To vanquish all your cities and towns
Your women will be sold

Our ships are gliding through the night
Their shores are now in sight
The riches that they now possess
Will fall to Odin's might
Their villages are sleeping strong
We'll take them on at dawn
The gods are watching our attack
The battle rages on

Children screaming, mothers shrill
Their men they will be killed
They will become our life-long slaves
Because it is our will
We board our ships and move along
The burning cities fall
Battle, wenches and more gold
We know we'll have them all
This country has become our own
Our leader takes his throne
So be it, might Odin shouts
Our power will be known
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