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Killers on the Loose Full Album Lyrics

Farscape - Killers on the Loose cover art

Killers on the Loose

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresThrash Metal
Album rating :  80 / 100
Votes :  1
Lyrics > F > Farscape Lyrics (7) > Killers on the Loose Lyrics (7)
Submitted by level ― (2012-01-31)
1. Under The Loudness (5:13)
Heavy Metal, the religion i respect,
that's not for the weaks
ancient rites, in primitive future i believe
why so many fools
don't believe in hell?
wimps hypnotized under the spell

Speed Metal is a synonym for violence
and not a modern shit
the guys in the black suits
do not understand
what we mean
but nobody can destroy the feeling
and the passion we have
we laugh at your face,
we're stronger than that

under the loudness of metal
riffs melt your brain
under the loudness of metal
posers feel the endless pain

the media dirty our names, our believes
the fake controlling the masses,
world of greed
all money can buy seconds on MTV
but you'll be forgotten, pathetic plastic shit
2. Thrash Until You Drop (3:35)
Denim and leather, chains and spikes
dressed to kill tonight
we are ready for the show

An insane crowd, a riot of violence
the blood spills around
see our madness on the stage
I bang my head
i play it loud
you'll want it
you'll get it

We're gonna Thrash, Thrash
Thrash until you drop

We satisfy you all
put you all to death
fell the power of hell
getting higher, you can scream
no remorse and no repent
watching rthe posers in their graves

We are the warlords
the secrets of steel
we show you glory
in our march for revenge

We gonna THRASH!!!!
3. Killers On The Loose (4:11)
Tonight there's gonna be a jailbreak
And something will happen to you
In prison it was cool behind the bars
But freedom will make dreams come true
Four guys scaping in a tunnel
Meters digged, youth has gone
And now we are proud to say
The boys back in town once again

We follow your steps
Don't look behind
We're watching you
We are your nightmare

The sunshine view on the streets
After drinkig all night along
And all that we stole
And all that we killed
We dance with sluts for fun
Police is now chasing us
But we're driving a white cadillac
It's very difficult to catch the boys
Driving in highest speed

We're killers on the loose

Devastation- the cities that we cross
Are the cities we destroy
Molestation- and all woman are
Better locked at home
Metal invasion- the fuel that feed us
And lead you to death

Victins, losers - die......
4. Captors Of Hate (3:38)
Living among the dead
to eat their souls and skulls
like a ancient rituals
i capture their hate, it's true

i eat their brains to take their forces
and a million sins of life
two thousand years alive
beware, i'm watching you

captors of hate, sin and spell
midnight, who sends our souls to hell
heart of stone, wickdness and terror
two thousand years,
the world lives in horror

i try to eat christ's brain
the vomit reaches my throat
i drink his blood to wash my body
my skin start to rot

the priest start to pray again
but now god doesn't care
ivan and khan's souls
reborn inside me
tonight mankind will feel my hate
5. Celebrate My Death (3:20)
I was born in th underworld
And since i was a kid
I've learned how to usemy gun
My dad taught me the tricks
I laugh when someone dies
Evil is a part of me
An aberration to you
A monster to society

(distoted) visions of darkness
Morbidity in my mind
The pleasure that i please
All corpses left behind
A world in a world
I've lived my live in sin
I'm a dead man walking
And now you can
Celebrate my death

I grew up with my rats
I had to feed my dirty pets
Killing with satisfaction
Fell the knife in your flesh
The taste of blood
Is pure in my mouth
Bodies in my freezer
Píeces everywhere

Listen! people want me dead
Hear the scream from the outside
Dealing aggression with more aggression
A sinner by the sacred church
6. Bizarre Sex Machine (3:47)
Living for satisfaction
of a stranger's body
she sells her pussy
for some change
midnight in the streets
the first customer arrives
they agree on the price
she gives up the flesh

possessed by the evil spell
memories of the paste
she kills for pleasure
to get rid of her shadows

they enter the room
she begins the seduction
dancing on the bed
as in death ritual

fetish for men
for the woman on more victim
his hands are tied
and she assumes the command

the orgasm is reached
slowly he dies
the woman laughs
blood in the knife
with pride to have
committed a crime
with victory in mind
she returns for the night
7. Wild Rocker (5:15)
8. Mutilation (6:50)
I'll tell you a story now
about a wimp dead on the streets
his corpse was down at the corner
i saw his face of course, he was rich

a victim of a poor and rebel boy
who wants justice in the world
he said: i kill on behalf of my my father
politicians must die in pain, you know

he would like to know
wy must he follow the rules?
why that man steals for himself
while his father dies of hunger?

this boys is a metalhead
and he just wants to understand
why he hasn't got the money
to buy the album of MOTORHEAD

after killing he wants
to rip the corpse and
to impale it like a trophy
mutilation thash

he takes his axe and begins
under the light of the sun
he cuts off arms and legs
and takes the pieces to home

now his father has
something to eat at night
eyes, fingers and heart
blood, legs and arms

heads will roll!!!

he cleans the blood and washes his boots
like Jack the Ripper has taught him
now he is a Killer on the loose
politicians he'll rip

he's walking at night
and hunting on the streets
he is ready to begin
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