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Invasion of the Porky Men Full Album Lyrics

English Dogs - Invasion of the Porky Men cover art

Invasion of the Porky Men

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresHardcore Punk, Crossover
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  3
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Submitted by level 10 형블블 (2015-06-20)
1. The Fall of Max (2:56)
Do you remember I told you a story
About Max the Millionaire?
He had all his inherited money
Piled up in stocks and shares
For years he’d been a meanie
Kept his money to himself
Thought he knew the best way
And refused financial help

Fall of Max
Fall of Max
Fall of Max
Once a Millionaire- blew it in the air
Fall of Max
Fall of Max
Fall of Max
Then one cold winter’s morning
He has a letter from the bank
Could you please pay attention?
I am afraid I’ll have to be frank
You see all your invested money
Tied up in oil and cotton
Has taken a turn for the worse
And you account has reached rock bottom

It was more of less three years later
And Max the once rich man
Had slipped below the poverty line
Eating from a baled bean can
And it was the next morning’s paper
At the bottom of page nine
That a tramp thought to be Max
Was found hanging from a washing line.
2. World War II (1:52)
World war three is all the rage
Problem child of a nuclear age
Push button missiles on radio control
I don’t wanna die before I get old
That’s the crap we always hear
Doomsday’s coming, almost here
Why not remember the last world war
I hope, for one, there’ll be no more

Why doesn’t anyone sing about world war two

Examples should be made of forty-five
When the people were lucky to survive
The hell all around for those sick years
Should be a constant reminder in all our fears
No-one sings about the last world war
‘Cos modern poets can’t remember any more
Modern Zombies with a one-track mind
Of world war three that will kill mankind
Why doesn’t anyone sing about world war two

Why doesn’t anyone sing about world war two
3. Your Country (2:32)
So you wanna join the army
And you wanna be a man
You wanna go to Ireland
And get killed by a bomb
Does your family want to
See you as a corpse
Because you´re wrapped around
In your empty thoughts

Fighting for the army
Marching for the army
Just another part of
Your death in the army

Rules and regulations
Imprinted in your brain
You brother´s been killed
Oh! What a shame
Left, right, Left, right
That´s right son
Marching all together
It´ll be a lot of fun

You´re in the army now so
Get that gun clean
Switch off your brain
You´re now a machine
Slaughtered like cattle

You hear it on the news
Quite country lane
Victim of their views
4. Blind Man (3:58)
Brainwashed at school, mass produce in a mould
Ruled by the power before you grew old
Brought, oppression and misery
It only bring thoughts of revenge to me

Why must we suffer for a system´s greed?
Why must we obey? Refuse and take heed
Because there´so much money spent on war
When the lower class masses are helpless poor

The blind man is lead into a world we know is wrong
Where the upper classes lords are ruling too strong
The blind man is lead into a world we know is wrong
Where the upper classes lords are ruling too strong
The blind man is lead into a world he can´t control
Where people lead like sheep can´t accept the proper

That´s the way the system is run today
Birth, life, death, pain and misery
Still no one can see that we´re all being lead
To an option of painful death

We don´t want your system it´s all ruled by state
We don´t want your power in your plastic mould
We don´t need your presence we can die with you
We don´t have to take all the things you do
5. Mercenary (2:27)
Send away from a home made war
Plan to kill the country´s poor
Use the weapons all paid for
And create a martial law

It´s a waste of time and money
Lives as well and that´s not funny
All the lives of the innocent
Slaughtered by some foreign cunt

Supply the arms
To kill the men
But the innocent
Can´t take revenge

Signed, sealed, delivered overseas
Brought in like some strange disease
Paid for killing at their will
Brought up to learn to kill

Country says it´s all paid for
Now you too can kill our poor
Smash the rebels if you may
Can´t make do with the army

Religion don´t say who should die
But tell the warplanes in the sky
It´s greed by a mercenary aid
Don´t care what so long as he´s paid

Now you´ve had your home made war
The cost in lives I just deplore
You could have settled this dispute
But all you knew was how to shoot
6. Never Die (2:46)
Written off from the start no hope
Crazy coloured spikey hair with soap
Something new, something fast we´ve breed
Mod, soul, rock and roll they´re dead

Big boots, leather pants so neat
Liquid gold and smoking grass our treat
So when we´re here in five more years don´t cry
´Cos this PUNK music will never die

Like the Phoenix we have risen
Don´t need your wasted jobs
Punk crazed nutters
We´re the English Dogs

Never never die
Never never die
Never never die
Never die, never die, never die
7. Astroph's Waiting (3:02)
I go with a woman and here I am
Stuck in a prison cell with my piss pan
All in the East it´s against the law
Although I thought she was a registered whore

What I deserve not this?
For just night of bliss

Islamic laws laid down
In the age of Pharaon´s tombs
My punishment could be death
As Astophs plays his tunes

What I deserve for this?
For just night of bliss

The British Consul are trying their best
To release me from this eagle´s nest
In the 20 century it´s just not right
To condemn a man for this inborn sight

The Sentence is death no reprieve
A quiet hush as I leave
Condemned to die tomorrow at eight
With Astophs grin I know my fate
8. News Flash (2:33)
Have you heard the latest newsflash
About the deaths In Lebanon
Another forty soldiers died
At the hands of American guns
They had to die said the Captain
They refused to conform at all
And tomorrow morning at sunrise
We're going to kill some more

Newsflash always depressing me
Newsflash why's it never happy
Newsflash always messing up my mind, mind, mind

Have you heard the latest newsflash
About the rapist on the run
He's mad so don't approach him
He knobs his victims just for fun
Used to be a Broadmoor patient
They messed up with his brain
Thought he was much better now
But now he's on the prowl again

Have you heard the latest newsflash
About the copper committing assault
Because of his high status
It couldn't possibly be his fault
The jury returned not guilty
O.K. PC, you're free
Thanks your honour I'm grateful
That's how it should be.
9. Ghost of the Past (2:56)
I look out there to see the few
Who´s changed not me and you
You have your voices and your means
We are dying a death or so it seems

Why can the voices all shout back?
Why can the people all come back
It´s up to you to find a way
The chosen few come on today

The good times weren´t so long ago
They ain´t the people we used to know
Now grown up living with a wife
A boring haircut with a boring life

Re-light the old flame bring in the new
´Cos it only happens with me and you
We´got to try to stop the rot
´Cos if you don´t we´ll be forgot
10. Carol (2:43)
She rises like an early bird
Then runs around. It's so absurd
No-one knows what goes on
In her mind, "The Land of Far Beyond"
What goes on, so far beyond

Carol oh Carol
What do you see
Through your eyes of obscurity
Your tortured mind won't let you free
Carol oh Carol
Please tell me

A giggle, a smile and off she goes
Like the wind, away she blows
A cafe or a pub she'll be there
A glass of water and that empty stare
She'll be there, an empty stare


Carol oh Carol

Nobody knows what she's really like
The mindless spinster on her bike
But don't dismiss her as a lunatic
It could be one almighty trick
A lunatic, almighty trick
11. Spoils of War (1:51)
12. Cranked Up Really High (3:09)
Gamble my life away
A real bum boozer
Made love on dope
Just a pig skin loser
Looked around at this joint
A fool for a living, there was no point

Cranked up really high [2x]

All ideas, I'm shaking my fists
Had a million thoughts yeah to slit my wrists
Hallucination in my dream
I gotta leave gotta leave this scene

Cranked up really high [2x]

Getting high, on glue and cocaine
Jabbing things into my vein
A lucifer lord, a holding my hand
Pushing pills to a rock and roll band

Cranked up really high [2x]
13. Invasion of the Porky Men (2:57)
Coming down in two's and three's
Have ready your payment please
Porky pieces will see you through
Hopefully a day or two
To disobey will do you harm
Suck the gristle from your arm
When the pig is at an end
No longer will you be our friend

Invasion of the porky men
We'll rid you of your children then your men
Invasion of the porky men
Prepare yourselves on sinners to defend, defend

The porky men are all around
Waiting for the special sound
To start the bubble of the stew
The fleshy human brew
No matter where you try to hide
Porky will be at your side
Smash your limbs and grind your bones
The invasion is in your homes.
14. Caveman Brain (4:09)
You try to fight what you don't understand
You laugh at us 'cos we're a punk rock band
Just the same when you were at school
You did all your homework and you never broke a rule
So when you left school you had it sussed
You married a girl with a forty-two bust
Just eighteen and your wife's dropped a sprog
You're happy with a mortgage and a steady job
What happened to the kid and the big titted wife
When you lost your job they walked out your life

Caveman Brain
Here we go again
Caveman Brain
You're a sucker to yourself
You're a sucker to me
A sucker, sucker, sucker to all society.
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