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Various Artists - Drum Machinegun

Drum Machinegun

GenresCybergrind, Grindcore
LabelsRelapse Records
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Submitted by level 15 Rousseau (2016-04-25)
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Drum Machinegun Information

Track listing (Songs)

1.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - The Day the Machines Took Over the World1:27-0
2.Dataclast - Intro / Without Ever Having to Say Goodbye0:39-0
3.Dataclast - Telescope Fish0:19-0
4.Dataclast - It's a Tradition0:30-0
5.Dataclast - Be a Fuckin' Human for Once0:19-0
6.Dataclast - Player Piano0:51-0
7.Dataclast - Idevelation0:38-0
8.Dataclast - Suduction, it's Destiny0:50-0
9.Dataclast - July 19990:16-0
10.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Fiber-Optic Detonator0:13-0
11.Noism - Ismism2:12-0
12.Noism - Yes, Copy and Paste3:05-0
13.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Invisible Enemy Detected0:04-0
14.Nerve Not Found - [untitled]0:43-0
15.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Warning! Warning!0:06-0
16.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Dragon Faced Girl0:42-0
17.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - East Borne on the Backs of Naked Men0:52-0
18.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - 171/2 Charred Clowns in a Pink and Purple Hearse as the Marigold Circus Moves to the Next Morgue0:28-0
19.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - Sex Crimes Against Robots0:47-0
20.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - The Poetic Nature of the Sadomasochist0:14-0
21.Jet Jaguar Kr-3 Kill Spree - X2+Y2 = Z2 When N>21:07-0
22.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Command Function Off Line / Testing of Human Fraility0:21-0
23.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - [Disc Read Error]0:04-0
24.Submachine Drum - Suffer the Children2:03-0
25.Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Hungry Homeless Handjob (Original Instrumental Mix)2:00-0
26.Hellz Army - Hey Stupid3:08-0
27.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Small Motors Become Soldiers0:29-0
28.Genghis Tron - Rock Candy1:30-0
29.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Aum Tesla Weapon Powers Up1:32-0
30.Prosthetic Cunt - Disgusting Display of Prosthetic0:26-0
31.Prosthetic Cunt - I'm Using My Music at You0:23-0
32.Prosthetic Cunt - Made0:33-0
33.Prosthetic Cunt - Find My Dumb and Show it to Me0:34-0
34.Prosthetic Cunt - Daddy Did Diddly Squat0:18-0
35.Prosthetic Cunt - March of the Prosthetic2:24-0
36.Nemo - [untitled]0:58-0
37.Nemo - [untitled]1:17-0
38.Nemo - [untitled]1:17-0
39.Nemo - [untitled]1:25-0
40.Decomposing Serenity - Ladybug Drowning in Marcy's Blood1:10-0
41.Decomposing Serenity - Her Head Floats1:02-0
42.Mecha Bongzilla - Budgun / THC3:14-0
43.Mecha Bongzilla - Bong Water Cooled CPU1:43-0
44.Scumfusion - For the Masses2:30-0
45.Scumfusion - Zombies2:09-0
46.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Cams Bad Hand1:26-0
47.Slough - Sex Slave Educator2:32-0
48.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Frieght Elevator Loosens it's Leash0:04-0
49.Mad Cow - Osama Yo Mama / Food not so Privy to His Liking4:14-0
50.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Consumer Electronics Collected and Dumped Into Vats Acid0:10-0
51.Voltron - The End of Planet Aries1:56-0
52.Voltron - I Like the Way You Bow-0
53.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - Launch Code Has Been Activated0:06-0
54.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:16-0
55.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:14-0
56.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:15-0
57.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:14-0
58.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:16-0
59.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:14-0
60.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:15-0
61.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:15-0
62.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:16-0
63.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:16-0
64.Ocrilim / Octis - Rathbarsh0:15-0
65.The Artificial Intelligence Agency - The Last of Mankind Goes Off Line0:12-0
66.Cocoon - Slap Your Face5:31-0
67.Black Mayonnaise - Lead Poisoning4:01-0
Artwork By [Artwork / Design] – Timothy Leo
Artwork By [Moster Ilustration] – Jay RandallMark Price
Mastered By – Scott Hull
Other [Original Concept] – Carl Shultz, J. Randall
Programmed By, Mixed By [Track Mix], Performer [Artificial Intelligence] – J. Randall*
Note: Octus is a typo, it should be Octis.

Produced by Agoraphobic Nosecandy for the Relapse Undergrou ... See More
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