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Notice   게시판 안내입니다. level Eagles 2004-01-196527
843   GREAT COWBOY debut album now available  level cianotiko 2016-11-1841
842   Death metallers Nocturna A.D. present  level cianotiko 2016-09-06109
841   BARBAROSSA death metal attack!  level cianotiko 2016-09-06126
840   익스트림메탈전문Nemesis Divina Production 2016년 신작발매 SADHANA - "ब्रह्माण्डको गर्न आव्हानले" 앨범소개 level Nemesis Divina P 2016-07-14267
839   2016년 부산국제락페스티벌 1차 라인업 발표! 임펠리테리,국카스텐 외 level 임펠리테리 2016-05-18416
838   임펠리테리, 2016년 부산락페스티발 공연! [2]  level 임펠리테리 2016-05-01665
837   Debut Ep for european guitar wizard DANIELE Bat MARASPIN level cianotiko 2015-11-04360
836   David Ellefson Interview [1] level Mefisto 2015-10-10475
835   Heart Of Steel Records announce the debut album of MASTERDOM level cianotiko 2015-06-05476
834   Heart Of Steel Records announce the second product of TEZZA F. level cianotiko 2015-05-20381
833   Invincible Records is really excited to present the debut full lenght of SALVATOR level cianotiko 2015-05-20322
832   Heart Of Steel Records announce the digital issue of the debut album of SYMPTOMEN  level cianotiko 2015-05-02370
831   GADARA sign a deal with Nerocromo Music  level cianotiko 2015-05-02347
830   Tension Prophecy's frontcover of the digital release was banned  level cianotiko 2015-05-02366
829   BURNINVOID record deal with Eur Records  level cianotiko 2015-05-02339
828   Heart Of steel Records announce the second solo album of R  level cianotiko 2015-05-02356
827   Italian rockers EX presents new album  level cianotiko 2015-03-27447
826   Italian speed metal veterans Fallen Fucking Angels announce 4th album  level cianotiko 2015-03-27413
825   Heart Of Steel Records announce the debut album of true metallers DARK WITCH  level cianotiko 2015-03-27415
824   Debut album of russian metallers ANION EFFECT  level cianotiko 2015-03-27396
823   Third album for iranian TENSION PROPHECY  level cianotiko 2015-03-27406
822   Heavy Thoughts on sale today level SG Records 2015-03-13396
821   Heavy Thoughts by Adamas out today in digital download level SG Records 2015-03-11389
820   Fourth album of XIPE TOTEC Extreme metal band from Mexico  level cianotiko 2015-02-21419
819   True metallers SYMPTOMEN presents second album  level cianotiko 2015-02-21394
818   EMPIRE SAINT scandinavian melodic metal band from 80's  level cianotiko 2015-02-21439
817   BREAKING CHAIN, outfit Heavy metal band from NWOBHM  level cianotiko 2015-02-21417
816   Exit Light: the new single by Confess level SG Records 2015-01-16581
815   중고나라에 새드레전드 1집 올라옴 [1] level hai77a 2014-10-091521
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oacoon [12-01 06:26]
Heavenly의 신보가 올해 안에 나오기는 할까요... 또 미루면 진짜 화날듯;;
Bloodhound갱 [11-26 00:02]
디어사이드 활동기간이 어느덧 12년이나 됬군요;;
harlequin [11-24 13:50]
슬픈 일이네요 ㅠ
Mefisto [11-23 04:58]
디어사이드에서 12년동안 기타를 잡았던 Jack Owen이 탈퇴했다네요ㅠ