The Bitter End Lyrics - Xentrix - For Whose Advantage


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[Song Lyrics] Xentrix - The Bitter End

Xentrix - For Whose Advantage cover art
Band Xentrix
AlbumFor Whose Advantage
Release date1990
GenresThrash Metal
Running time43:11
Reviews : 0
Comments : 2

Total votes : 2
Rating : 90

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Lyrics X Xentrix Lyrics (43) For Whose Advantage Lyrics (9) The Bitter End Lyrics
Submitted by Sathanas (2011-05-28)
5. The Bitter End (5:18)
Entangled in a web or sordid lies
No hope until I walk with open eyes
The way I feel I can't express
We trust each other less and less
Twisted thoughts and twisted deeds
Ever changing different needs
Never planned it quite like this
No more pain I'm powerless
Do we end it while we can
Or should we make a differing plan?
I cannot treat you like a friend
Must we see it to the bitter end?
Confused don't know which way to go
Carry on, the hatred grows
Never have any kind of peace
Until I find my own release
Do we end it while we can
Or should we make a differing plan?
I cannot treat you like a friend
Must we see it to the bitter end?
Maybe now you'll understand
Or do you need a helping hand?
Time will pass and we will see
We were just not meant to be
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