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The Color Morale - We All Have Demons cover art

We All Have Demons

TypeStudio Full-length
GenresMetalcore, Melodic Hardcore, Post-Rock
LabelsRise Records
Album rating :  90 / 100
Votes :  1
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We All Have Demons Lyrics

Submitted by level chelsea485
1. The Sage of Washington Oaks (1:51)
Maybe We'll Come
Maybe We'll Go
It's all for you (This is all for you)
maybe this time around we'll know what to and what not to do
and we'll go on thinking about how we all could change
but what good is changing for all of them
for all of them, for all of them
you're not changing for yourself
save yourself
change for yourself
2. Close Your Eyes and Look Away (3:35)
The day burns darkest right before the dawn
As I've conflicted beliefs with my own
I am as guilty as every one of you
So prepare the fallout will lead us back through this nightmare
Today is the day to get through what you've been going through
Show no concern to those who never even try to learn
I pray. you. you all will find this as I've found this
And every time I forget. it finds me
Prepare your parting gifts and send them all
Right off this cliff they call life
Send them all right off of this cliff they call life I know you will be here
To teach me to fly every time they clip their wings
Your names are written right there in the sky
You just have to read them
Prepare your parting gifts and send them all
Right off this cliff
Send them all right off this cliff that they call life
(I know you will be here) to teach me to fly everytime
They clip their wings they wont give reach for both hands
3. When One Was Desolate (4:15)
return, right back to the hell from which you came from
held back by the bloodline, somethings gone horribly
wrong we feel as if we don't belong
why do I need the answers this moment
and so they came held back by a moments grace
they only speak so they save their face, and then drift away
...and the shadows know of the snakes
the day will come when you'll want this,
but you'll be measured by what you take
so where were you, the light to lead me to this hell and through
don't lose faith we'll find a way, the way back through
they only speak of their saving grace,
and I see that my grace is you
(we're all the same)
well this is me and this is you alone,
but all together (we're all the same)
you smile as you struggle like me,
like these like every wicked chosen decay that lies in me,
just let it leave just leave,
just leave my body are we born among demons
send all your chosen plagues right back to the hell from which they came
false belief dies today, separate my body and let me be
4. Humannequin (3:15)
(and i will)
be there when you get home
and i will be there when you become all you hate
all you hate when you become
you have to see the floor
you have to see the floor before you
you can see the angels are reaching
cross all the t's dot the i's this is your life
the contract expires when you die
you need to see the bottom of every barrel to know
maybe i was wrong to look in to all the eyes of all of my demons
i would rather stare right back into the eyes of the devil
to find my own face
being alone being alone never felt so good cause i found you
maybe time was wrong (time was wrong)
maybe time was wrong (time heals nothing)
we can all be alone, all alone, all alone
we can all be alone but we will still have you
maybe i'll become all that i hate
maybe i'll become maybe i'll become all i hate
maybe (i'll) become (you)
he will pull all of us out
5. Resource: Recourse (2:13)
If you leave then we won't play
for the walls will wash away the few
We'll stand displayed
far past the expiration date
for the stage we stand upon is so vaguely fake
so why are we here
for the sake of the sound
when the sound is falling upon deaf ears (upon deaf ears)
so why are we here
your faces are forward
focused on what you call frames
so we'll offer up the canvas to be left and unobtained
and if no one hears the sound is it there from the start
6. A Sponge in the Ocean (3:26)
I believe in souls and I prefer semi-controlled
when I am at this world alone (when I am at this world alone)
I play a false a false god
and draw shame to the throne
they say the best things come to those who wait
for you to change them wait they know they know it exists
but if they can't see it or touch it it's fake
Why am I here
Why am I here so long so long for holding in
We're told, we're told the dirt
that we throw will some day come back times ten
and cover us all
those who deserve love the least need it the most
they say the best things come to those who wait
I have been waiting and I am not hearing a thing
hearing a thing from you
Those who deserve love the least need it the most
this world reminds me that some day I won't need my skin
Oh my god why am I here
Why am I here
This is something we're born with.
7. Hopes Anchor (4:57)
So this stays been cold.
The nights we'll share I long for
Why do we see with only our eyes
I won't quit I know that know that I truly tried
Every way on my own
We'll move on and on for the way will be unforgiving
We'll move on and on our own
I won't quit until I know that I truly tried
Will we be there in the end
or will this leave me wide open
Will we be there in the end or will this leave me wide open
Waiting on our second wind
We are all enabled
In all you'll say and do
stick to the follow through
We're nothing without you
So tonight all the fearful will feed
And share remains with the ones who need
I've been used I've been tried I been tested
But I have yet to break
So share your fears with me
I won't quit I won't quit until I truly tried
We are Enabled...we're nothing with out you
8. Manumission (1:23)
These Wars we face only keep me in my place
the shadow I cast only grows largest
just right before it meets me unwilling at the floor.
9. The Man Behind the Hands (4:19)
...and the sky awaits us all
now I know today will be the day
where my throat goes first
but tonight there will be no slowing of my heart
or calming my pulse
I want you feel
I want you to feel your pulse in my words
and make your actions speak louder
We're as children numbered in millions
Made for a kingdom
but all designed to fail
We were designed to fail
we were all designed to fail
This is the reason he created seasons
So we can all learn when our leaves fall
In June this is the reason he created seasons
So shoot the arrow but don't miss the apple
I need my eyes
I need my eyes as much as my throat
As much as my voice
God send us down and angel
So she can purge the church
Send her to the earth as living proof of worth worship
Not your priests
Nor your whores
not anything more than
More than what you leak out of all your pores
you have already been marked for death
You have already been marked for death
you made the mark yourself
So I ask you all if tomorrow never came
would you think or would you act the same
And I will ask you if tomorrow never came
Would you think or act the same
Please help the man
Please help the men behind their masks
Behind their hands
10. I, the Jury (5:10)
There's a cure for all the dead
In all the dead
All the dead
It all started out as another failed attempt
They all died underfed
For the sake of all that's failing
I'd rather die on my knees
than stand her with these
same old tired worn out feet of mine
Walking circles because my chords remain unbalanced
This is not about me
This in not about us
Father Father will they let you in (let you in)
Please forgive me
I am one of them (One of them)
So rear me open and reach right in
They don't have to go the same way the came
Born to sin in due time
They'll all find that they can forgiven
We all live in a world of convictions
An ugly world with ugly surroundings
you don't recognize your own faces
cause there's more than
more than just one side
we are all our own jury
Some day day we'll be put on trial
This is not about me
This not about us (Oh us)
Father Father will they let you (let you in)
Please forgive me
I am one of them (one of them)
Oh let me in, let me in
You don't forgive others for their sake
You forgive for your own sake
You don't forgive only for your sake
For the sake of our falling
Forgive yourself today
I stand tallest from my knees.
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