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i like all different types of metal: favourite band = darkest hour.
scar symmetry
Iron Maiden
Favorite genres: Heavy Metal
Death Metal
Stoner Metal &
Doom Metal

Final Thoughts
Lykathea Aflame - Elvenefris
Darkest Hour - Deliver Us
Scar Symmetry - Holographic Universe
!T.O.O.H.! - Rad a Trest
Diascoruim - Abstractions of the Absolute
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth
Iron Maiden - Dance of Death
Gutalax - Shit Beast
Sic - Pandemonium
Zao - All Else Failed
Slipknot - All Hope Is Gone
Black Tide - Light From Above
XPDC - Samurai
Sic - Fighters They Bleed
Party Cannon - Partied in Half
Nekrogoblikon - Stench
!T.O.O.H.! - Pod vládou biče
Ancestral - The Beginning
!T.O.O.H.! - Democratic Solution
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preview Witchclan Black Metal United Kingdom 2 0 2013-05-21
preview Zombie Cookbook Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Grindcore Brazil 2 0 2012-10-08
preview Grim Ambient Black Metal United States 1 0 2011-11-27
preview Voice of the Soul Melodic Death Metal Kuwait 2 0 2011-11-13
preview Laboratory Sickness Technical Death Metal, Brutal Death Metal Netherlands 1 0 2011-11-13
preview Corporate Pain Death Metal, Thrash Metal Germany 1 0 2011-11-13
preview Missing Melodic Heavy Metal France 1 0 2011-11-13
preview Fear Traders Heavy Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal Italy 2 0 2011-11-13
preview Rapscallion Progressive Metal United States 2 0 2011-11-13
preview Ruins-C66 Technical Thrash Metal Russia 1 0 2011-11-12
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Bong Hit Hospitalisation preview preview Bong Hit Hospitalisation 2015-07-06 - 0 2015-06-24
The Dark Binding preview preview The Dark Binding 2014-10-31 - 0 2014-10-09
Be All End All preview preview Be All End All 2014-10-10 55 1 2014-10-09
Seven Sacrifices preview preview Seven Sacrifices 2013-10-04 - 0 2013-10-03
Power preview preview Power  [EP] 2013-08-27 - 0 2013-10-03
Misanthropist preview preview Misanthropist 2011-10-31 - 0 2013-06-06
Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror preview preview Apocalyptic Visions of Divine Terror 2013-05-07 - 0 2013-05-07
Grip of the Dead preview preview Grip of the Dead 2013-03-11 - 0 2013-03-09
Outside the Grave preview preview Outside the Grave 2012-10-12 - 0 2012-10-08
Dawn of the Rebellion preview preview Dawn of the Rebellion 2012-10-06 - 0 2012-10-08
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preview  Black Tide preview  Post Mortem (2011) (40/100)    2012-12-17
Post Mortem picked this up after seeing half price, I now see why it was.

This is Black Tide's second full length and to be honest, it's not all that good. The main let down, it's no where near as heavy as Light from Above. Some of the introductions to the song sound like they are from a pop group. The vocals are the main difference. They are more matured but even though in Light from Above, they were a little bit screechy, that are not at all good enough. They just don't suit the guitars, they might go well with acoustic but not with heavy and distorted guitars.

When I first started listening to Ashes (featuring Matt Tuck), I thought yeah this is good, but then came the vocals. I mean they were just awful, it's like the song just reaches out to grab you, then it misses you. But the upside is that the drummer has improved a lot.

But then we come to Take It Easy, this song probably has the worst introduction to a metal song in the world. Its has a huge similarity to an introduction that Justin Bieber would have. But as it progresses it gets better, but not much. There are some decent solos, but nothing special.

The band chemistry is going straight down and first thoughts are going to be that they are more of a rock band than metal. I'm seeing them entering Spirit of Rock and leaving spirit of metal very soon. The lyrics in my opinion are very weak. So overall I wouldn't recommend getting the album, listen to an MP3 first before you are certain of getting it.

originally written for http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/index-l-en.html
preview  Darkest Hour preview  Archives (2006)  [Compilation] (75/100)    2012-12-17
Archives This is a compilation of Darkest Hours first two releases ( The Misanthrope and prophecy fulfilled). So lets start on the prophecy fulfilled. The prophecy fulfilled was a 6 track EP. This features fast paced guitars, drums and old style John Henry vocals.

The first two tracks are fast paced and have a very good melody to them, vocals are very under matured to what John Henry sounds like today but overall very good. But the you come to broken wings, this song is an all acoustic and no vocal what so ever. I find it very relaxing but other people might think differently. Then we come into This curse and This Side Of The Nightmare, these songs are slower paced than the first two track but are still very good. They still have got a good melody to them.

Then we come to Coda XIII this is probably the dullest song in this album. No guitars vocals bass or drums, just the sort of repetitive sounds made on a keyboard, but oh well. Now onto the alternate versions in the album, these are better than the original versions of the songs. Especially Reflection of ruin as Ryan Parrish features in the song.

On The Misanthrope its a more slow paced one guitar songs so it is much easier to pick out the bass line. The first song featured is not the best but once into the song it improves a lot. The rest of the album is slow paced especially vise and looking forward (to the end). Onto the last track of the album Crossroads, this is probably my favorite song on this CD as it is has a very fast introduction but then suddenly slows down which I like very much.

So altogether this is a very good compilation. 75%

originally written for http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/index-l-en.html
preview  Diascoruim preview  Abstractions of the Absolute (2010)  [EP] (95/100)    2012-12-17
Abstractions of the Absolute The album Abstractions of the Absolute is a true masterpiece. The vocals are a combination of high-pitch squeals and deep death metal growls. There's some amazing drumming and guitar playing also, put together so that you get a completely unique and refreshing new sound which many dislike. It's kind of a cross between technical death metal with elements of black metal.

There are many good elements on this album with a few bad ones. The one bad element I could find with this album is the poor sound quality. The crash symbols seem to sound a bit odd or it could just be me. The good elements are that the sound is unique, especially the song The Blood Shall Spoil, dipping into high-pitched screams. Some very quick finger work and the listener will grip this song right from the first 10 seconds they hear it (as long as they can stand the vocals).

The first track on this ep is very, very odd and experimental. I think after the intro it drives straight into some odd buzzing sounds that I can't really explain . To be honest, this track isn't really needed as it doesn't show the band's true potential, but I think they very quickly regain this with their next track, The Blood Shall Spoil. It starts with a long scream and some technical death-style guitars and drums. This track starts off with the deafening high-pitched, squealing vocals that I really like. We next come into Self Modifying Game, which is a very fast-paced song with the mix of high and low-pitched vocals. Again another very good song.

The very final song and also the longest is Cnidaria. It's odd as this song starts off very slowly, then expectantly bursts into a quick-paced song, screaming and growling again, but this is more on the growling side than the screams with some very quick finger work as well.

Overall, a very good album and if you find this anywhere, I would buy it because you will not be disappointed with this very fine release.

Originally written for: http://www.spirit-of-metal.com/index-l-en.html
Shit Beast preview  Gutalax preview  Shit Beast (2011) (90/100)    2015-12-22
Good goregrind
Partied in Half preview  Party Cannon preview  Partied in Half (2013)  [EP] (85/100)    2015-06-26
Great EP
Stench preview  Nekrogoblikon preview  Stench (2011) (85/100)    2014-10-09
Good album
Pod vládou biče preview  !T.O.O.H.! preview  Pod vládou biče (2002) (85/100)    2013-12-07
Raw, technical, catchy riffs, great drumming, amazing album.
Democratic Solution preview  !T.O.O.H.! preview  Democratic Solution (2013) (80/100)    2013-12-04
Never heard anything like it.
Elvenefris preview  Lykathea Aflame preview  Elvenefris (2000) (100/100)    2013-09-30
nothing will beat this in it technicality or originality
Rad a Trest preview  !T.O.O.H.! preview  Rad a Trest (2005) (95/100)    2013-09-30
One of the greatest metal albums of all time
Light From Above preview  Black Tide preview  Light From Above (2008) (86/100)    2011-12-29
Very good debut, lots of heavy rifts
Samurai preview  XPDC preview  Samurai (1999) (86/100)    2011-12-27
Very odd but very good, would recommend this.
no image preview  Wolfpakk preview  Wolfpakk (2011) (98/100)    2011-09-25
An amazing piece of work by Michael and Mark. I listen to this album constantly.
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