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Pagan Glory - The River's Pride
UnendlicheBlüt - UnendlicheBlüt
Mountains - By the Halls of the Starbidden Forest
Hávamál - Feasting With Wuotan
Mountains - Roar of Pagan Belifes
Forstwarg - An Cold Earth Decay's
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preview Windfaerer Black Metal, Folk Metal United States 4 0 Feb 8, 2012
preview Astartehorns Black Metal Poland 1 0 Oct 8, 2010
preview The Abominable Iron Sloth Sludge Metal, Doom Metal United States 2 0 Sep 17, 2010
preview Vodka Humor Speed Metal Russia 1 0 Sep 11, 2010
preview Das Geschöpf Black Metal Germany 1 0 Sep 9, 2010
preview Purified in Aryan Blood Folkend Black Metal, Depressive Rock United States 4 3 Sep 3, 2010
preview immortal awakening Doom Metal, Goth Rock, Shock Rock United States 1 1 May 28, 2010
preview Døendeskog Raw Black Metal United States 3 0 May 24, 2010
preview Hávamál Viking Metal, Black Metal United States 6 2 May 7, 2010
preview Sunnudagr Black Metal, Ambient Germany 1 0 Apr 16, 2010
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cover art Artist Album Release date Rating Votes Date
Tribus preview preview Tribus 2010-11-01 - 0 Feb 8, 2012
Glorybound preview preview Glorybound  [Demo] 2009-06-27 - 0 Feb 8, 2012
Solar preview preview Solar  [EP] 2012-07-10 - 0 Feb 8, 2012
no image preview preview Farewell 2011 - 0 Oct 22, 2010
The Key of the Mysteries preview preview The Key of the Mysteries  [Demo] 1994 - 0 Oct 8, 2010
The Id Will Overcome preview preview The Id Will Overcome 2010-04-27 - 0 Sep 17, 2010
The Abominable Iron Sloth preview preview The Abominable Iron Sloth 2006-04-25 - 0 Sep 17, 2010
no image preview preview Drunk Frenzy  [EP] 1992 - 0 Sep 11, 2010
no image preview preview Chaos, Destruction, and Hate  [Compilation] 2010-09-13 - 0 Sep 11, 2010
no image preview preview Rehearsal 2002  [Demo] 2002 - 0 Sep 9, 2010
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preview  Hávamál preview  Eine Abgetane Sache (2003)  [Demo] (42/100)    Sep 27, 2010
Eine Abgetane Sache Ok now we move on to The Second Album by Raven's Hammer.Another low Recorded Demo Tape with a well done Burzum Cover.The Vocals are some of the Best i've heard during this time in the Black Metal Scene ,the Guitars have jumped up a big step since the orginal Demo,here I still can't Here Bass but on the cleaned up version the 2010 reissue you can tell the bass is their but not alot of parts,again the drums sound very off,i dont think he used a drum machine on these old tapes they were actual drums or trash cans.Typical Black Metal Patternes on these Drums.Keybpards used a little less here than on the Ashes of A New Begginging Tape,but when the come their just as goos as like I said on the Reveiw for Ashes of A New Begginging.Early Graveland Influence can Be heard All Throughout this Demo.
preview  Purified in Aryan Blood preview  Macht (2009)  [Demo] (46/100)    Sep 4, 2010
no image this demo is called macht and the music is very low - fi ,trying to play depressive rock ,he does a good job at it but he needs better quality the music could be fucking amazing but not on this demo, the guitars are utter and the drums sound like scratching,johnny cash cover is the only song worth listing to on this album,the orginals just need more work hopefuly on the 2010 lp it will be better.to sum up this reveiw its not horrible but its bad 4.6/10.this guy knows what he's doing but needs the better equpment.as you can see on the next demo the music is alot better but still needs some work.the lp comes out late in september 2010 and hopefult it will be good,if you liek rare and pbscure depressive rock albums get this if not download the rar file and listen to the johnny cash cover witch is very good
preview  Wotans Vrede preview  From Under The Thunder's Roar/Voices from Below (2008)  [Split] (80/100)    Aug 22, 2010
no image You have Mountains NS Black Metal band like, think Forest (rus) or Branikald creepy atmosphere and raw thrashing black metal,you have wotans vrede a mystic pagan metal band from uk.both together you have a good combo.i heard older Moutains material and these songs are taking from A REh Demo and The Band just added vocals,cool very cool,Last Ride Over Blue Horizon's Fading Into The Dark Illusion 12 minute song that sounds the same the whole song but it works just great.The Wotans Vrede Songs are shorter but they pump you into a the bands world.
The River's Pride preview  Pagan Glory preview  The River's Pride (2010)  [Demo] (100/100)    Sep 8, 2010
Neofolk raging dow na river fucking great
Feasting With Wuotan preview  Hávamál preview  Feasting With Wuotan (2010) (86/100)    Sep 4, 2010
almost perfect
no image preview  Purified in Aryan Blood preview  Gewitter (2003)  [Demo] (70/100)    Sep 4, 2010
decent demo like the covers hate how the band recorded the material very low
no image preview  Purified in Aryan Blood preview  Purified in Aryan Blood (2010)  [Demo] (68/100)    Sep 3, 2010
I Give it an 80 just for the Johnny Cash cover fucking great, the rest of the album sounds very weak and low - fi not good enough
no image preview  immortal awakening preview  Embrace The Darkness (2010)  [Demo] (78/100)    Sep 3, 2010
these guys have a neat a unique style of music,hope to heear more
Wotan's Werewolves preview  Wotans Vrede preview  Wotan's Werewolves (2007)  [Demo] (64/100)    Aug 22, 2010
It's Decent but Something's Missing Cracks in the Temple of Christian Lie is a kick ass song
The Return of Bloodthirst / Blut Und Krieg preview  Sturm preview  The Return of Bloodthirst / Blut Und Krieg (2009)  [Compilation] (72/100)    Aug 22, 2010
good starting album best song Des Düsterwaldes Geist
An Cold Earth Decay's preview  Forstwarg preview  An Cold Earth Decay's (2007)  [Demo] (84/100)    Aug 22, 2010
Amazing Demo by this band Very hard to find but download it to check it out
Wotanic Black Metal preview  Forstwarg preview  Wotanic Black Metal (2008) (72/100)    Aug 22, 2010
Good but Short
Roar of Pagan Belifes preview  Mountains preview  Roar of Pagan Belifes (2008) (86/100)    Jul 20, 2010
superb album,Must have for fans
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