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When fire rains down from the sky mankind will reap what it has sown...
Lord Belial - The Black Curse
Goatwhore - Carving Out the Eyes of God
The Deviant - Ravenous Deathworship
Through The Eyes Of The Dead - Malice
Rotting Christ - Theogonia
Goatwhore - A Haunting Curse
Impaled Nazarene - Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces
Meshuggah - ObZen
Abigail Williams - In the Absence of Light
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preview  Lord Belial preview  The Black Curse (2008) (94/100)    Dec 27, 2011
The Black Curse The only track i don't like on this album is soul gate;the rest is to put it plain:magnificent!they correct the dull parts and missteps from their previous albums on this one.It's almost as if an angel loomed over this album when it was recorded.a feeling of peace and bliss come over you as those guitars produce a sound that can only be described as heavenly.i like to call this genre glorious black metal(hihi).about.com gave this album only 3.5 stars and said that the other instruments drown out the drums....but i disagree.the drums just aren't the primary focus on this album,and that's the case with a lot of bm albums,so i don't get that review.in any case:masterful,period!
preview  Rotting Christ preview  Theogonia (2007) (88/100)    Dec 27, 2011
Theogonia Rotting christ are black metal veterans but this album is the one that sticks out with head and shoulders above the rest,and will probably be their best album of all time.the first time i listened to them was on Aealo.i found it a reasonable effort.after that,my ears twinkeled when i heard theogonia.god,this album is sooooo good.even people who downright hate black metal cannot deny this one.don't see any cons,and there are only 2 tracks that i find aren't as strong as the rest.this album just lifts jou up and gives you a glorious feeling,like everything is gonna be allright.(strange 4 bm,huh!).it just works and flows so well that you can't ignore it.
preview  Goatwhore preview  Carving Out the Eyes of God (2009) (90/100)    Dec 27, 2011
Carving Out the Eyes of God Oweeee.....just by the cover alone jou can tell that this album will be a bitchin' one;the mayhem starts right away with Apocalyptic Havoc;this album doesn't differ much from a haunting curse.it's just a little bit better in terms of overall quality.a haunting curse didn't have any cons,so that part's kinda difficult to explain.in any case,this is more of the same;This album has received praise and high ratings at all heavymetal review sites,and why shouldn't it?i asked goatwhore on facebook when they'll be releasing their next album and they said jan/febr. 2012.god,i really wonder what's coming,because i can't possibly think of something better than what the band has given the metal community already.
preview  Goatwhore preview  A Haunting Curse (2006) (86/100)    Dec 27, 2011
A Haunting Curse Here's where i was introduced to this band.they blew me away with a haunting curse.blackened trash is my fav and they really lay it down here.i can't see any drawbacks in this album,even from a neutral standpoint.the vocals change from barking to ghostlike in a second,making all the hairs on your body stand up & giving you that satisfying feeling...the standout track on this album isn't a haunting curse as most would think;there are two: Alchemy of the Black Sun Cult & I Avenge Myself.this album is an intense one,where goatwhore rarely takes their foot off the pedal.only brief moments i can remember from when i listened to this one is on those two standout tracks.
preview  Meshuggah preview  ObZen (2008) (80/100)    Dec 17, 2011
ObZen Meshuggah's style has always sounded somewhat strange to me,but absolutely not in a bad way;but hey:technical metal bands will do that to ya...nevertheless:a great album,obzen...skillfull guitar work and good production.

Cons:wish all tracks were like bleed and combustion;the problem with the rest is(a known pitfall for technimetal bands,or whatever u wanna call it) that while the other songs don't differ quality-wise,there's a good chance you'll lose interest after 3/4 listens...
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