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Favourite band: Iron Maiden
Favourite album: Ride the Lightning
Favourite song: Hallowed be Thy Name / One / Painkiller
Favourite guitar solo: Floods (Dimebag Darrell) / Painkiller (Glenn Tipton)
Favourite vocalist: Freddie Mercury / Bruce Dickinson
Favourite lead guitarist: Marty Friedman
Favourite guitar duo: Dave Murray & Adrian Smith
Favourite rhythm guitarist: James Hetfield / Dave Mustaine
Favourite composer: Steve Harris
Favourite bassist: Steve Harris / Cliff Burton
Favourite Rock guitarist: Brian May
Preferred genre: Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal
Favourite concept album: Operation Mindcrime / Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
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Rising preview  Rainbow preview  Rising (1976) 95/100    Aug 26, 2023
Stargazer is one of the best songs ever. Also has one of the greatest guitar solos of all time. A Light in the Black is another epic track with amazing instrumentals. Tarot Woman starts off the album very well. Starstruck is very catchy. Do You Close Your Eyes is the weakest song on the album. Even that song is pretty good. That shows just how good this album is. Excellent vocals & lyrics by Dio. Ritchie's guitar work is exquisite as usual. A very short and tight album.
Dominator preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007) 85/100    Aug 20, 2023
One of the best W.A.S.P. albums of the 21st century. Heaven's Hung in Black is one of the best metal ballads ever. The reprise has Blackie's best vocal performance ever. Take Me Up and The Buring Man are excellent catchy songs. Mercy could have been better. Long, Long Way to Go is almost like a thrashy Megadeth song! Track #6 & #7 drag the album slightly. Deal With the Devil is a good rock & roll song to close the album.
Accident of Birth preview  Bruce Dickinson preview  Accident of Birth (1997) 90/100    Aug 12, 2023
The second best album from Bruce's solo career. He topped this one with The Chemical Wedding a year later. Man of Sorrows is my favourite track from the album. Darkside of Aquarius and Road to Hell have a Maidenesque sound and are the other highlights on the album. Taking the Queen and the title track are amazing. The combo of Omega and Arc of Space close out the album really well. The bonus track Ghost of Cain is better than some of the songs on the album!
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Virtual XI preview  Iron Maiden preview  Virtual XI (1998) 75/100    Aug 12, 2023
The weakest Maiden album along with NPFTD. Futureal is a decent short opener. Tracks #2 and #7 are infamous for chorus repetition and bring down the quality of the album considerably. The Clansman is the 2nd best Blaze Era song (Sign of the Cross being the best). Tracks #3, #5 and #7 are decent. Como Estais Amigos is a decent final song for Blaze.
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The Final Frontier preview  Iron Maiden preview  The Final Frontier (2010) 80/100    Aug 12, 2023
The weakest album of Maiden's reunion era. They took a more progressive turn on this album, especially with the final 5 tracks. The track order could've been better. The production is weak. Some of these songs have much better live versions (Especially The Talisman from En Vivo). Satellite 15 intro could have been a separate track. Isle of Avalon is too long. Coming Home is a good ballad. The Talisman is the best track on the album. When the Wild Wind Blows is a great closer.
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A Matter of Life and Death preview  Iron Maiden preview  A Matter of Life and Death (2006) 90/100    Aug 12, 2023
Probably the best Post reunion Maiden album after Brave New World. Not a single weak track. For the Greater Good of God, The Longest Day and The Legacy have great lyrics and are the best songs on the album. These Colours Don't Run has some amazing melodies. Track #7 has an amazing riff. It is almost a semi concept album with all the songs being either about religion or war or both. This makes it a very cohesive album.
Fear of the Dark preview  Iron Maiden preview  Fear of the Dark (1992) 80/100    Aug 12, 2023
This album is better than NPFTD. X Factor is better than this. The title track is one of their best. Afraid to Shoot Strangers is excellent. It has some of my favourite melodies. Be Quick or Be Dead is a great opener and is almost thashy! The ballad Wasting Love is decent. Weekend Warrior and The Apparition are among the weakest songs by the band. Judas be my Guide is underrated. Fear is the Key has a very good first half. The second half of the song is unnecessary.
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No Prayer for the Dying preview  Iron Maiden preview  No Prayer for the Dying (1990) 80/100    Aug 12, 2023
Probably Maiden' weakest album along with Virtual XI. They went for the raw sound of their first two albums on this one and it was a step in the wrong direction, leading to Adrian's departure from the band. They should have continued in the progressive direction they had on SiT and SSOASS. Best tracks here are the title track, Mother Russia, Run Silent Run Deep & Holy Smoke. The Assassin is one of the weakest songs by them. Track #8 & #9 are very cheesy.
The Book of Souls preview  Iron Maiden preview  The Book of Souls (2015) 85/100    Aug 8, 2023
If Eternity Should Fail is my favourite track from the album. The intro is very mysterious and opens the album really well. Speed of Light is a generic sounding single. The Red and the Black drags a little during the section with vocals, but the instrumental section is one of Maiden's best. The Book of Souls also has some of the band's best instrumental sections with amazing solos by all 3 guitarists. Empire of the Clouds is a masterpiece. The rest of the songs are decent.
Hardwired... to Self-Destruct preview  Metallica preview  Hardwired... to Self-Destruct (2016) 80/100    Aug 5, 2023
Disc 1 is pretty good, with songs like Atlas Rise, Moth into Flame and Halo on Fire.Atlas Rise has a lot of Hallowed Br thy Name vibes. Disc 2 is abysmal. Spit Out the Bone is the only good song on disc 2. It is also the best song on the album. They were saving the best track for last. The non-album single Lords of Summer is way better than everything on Disc 2 except Spit out the Bone. It should have been on the album. The Deep Purple cover on Disc 3 is also pretty good.
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Balls to PicassoCyclops90/100    Oct 14, 2023
preview  Bruce Dickinson preview  Balls to Picasso (1994)
DominatorDeal With the Devil85/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorHeaven's Hung in Black (Reprise)85/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorTeacher80/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorHeaven's Blessed80/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorHeaven's Hung in Black100/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorThe Burning Man85/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorTake Me Up90/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorLong, Long Way to Go85/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
DominatorMercy85/100    Aug 20, 2023
preview  W.A.S.P. preview  Dominator (2007)
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