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Michael Monroe - Not Fakin' It
Alice Cooper - Love It to Death
Lee Aaron - Lee Aaron
UFO - Strangers in the Night
Alice Cooper - The Eyes of Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper - The Life & Crimes of Alice Cooper
Alice Cooper - Welcome to My Nightmare
Alice Cooper - Raise Your Fist and Yell
Alice Cooper - Brutal Planet
Alice Cooper - From the Inside
Alice Cooper - Fistful of Alice
Alice Cooper - Killer
Lee Aaron - Bodyrock
Lee Aaron - Metal Queen
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
Joanna Dean - Misbehavin'
Nightwish - Once
Vain - No Respect
Accept - Metal Heart
Alice Cooper - Detroit Stories
Alice Cooper - Hey Stoopid
Bruce Dickinson - Accident of Birth
Kane Roberts - Saints and Sinners
Deep Purple - Machine Head
Alice Cooper - Flush the Fashion
Every Mother's Nightmare - Wake Up Screaming
Alice Cooper - The Last Temptation
Hardline - Double Eclipse
Halford - Resurrection
Badlands - Badlands
Savatage - Hall of the Mountain King
Alice Cooper - Trash
Firehouse - Firehouse
Michael Monroe - Sensory Overdrive
Lee Aaron - Call of the Wild
Helloween - Treasure Chest
Nightwish - Human. :||: Nature.
Accept - Balls to the Wall
Alice Cooper - Constrictor
Alice Cooper - Special Forces
Kane Roberts - Unsung Radio
Bill Ward - Ward One: Along the Way
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Jackyl - Jackyl
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previewJoanna DeanHard Rock, Blues RockUnited States11Nov 27, 2022
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Emotional RainpreviewpreviewEmotional Rain1994751Nov 28, 2022
Misbehavin'previewpreviewMisbehavin'1988951Nov 27, 2022
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The Love Drag Years preview  Star Star preview  The Love Drag Years (1992) 85/100    Nov 29, 2022
Kind of a quirky album but some good fun songs and riffs. This album works for me and if you want to go deeper into your musical catalog give this album a shot.
Revenge preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992) 80/100    Nov 29, 2022
One of their heavier albums and a good one. A few of the songs are great and most are average to good which is typical of KISS. A fairly strong album.
Kiss preview  Kiss preview  Kiss (1974) 80/100    Nov 29, 2022
A solid Raw sounding debut. There is nothing awesome here or bad. Frankly KISS Is one of hard rock's most overrated bands. Great on the visuals but the music is rather simplistic. They usually have 2 or 3 stellar tracks per album but no truly great albums.
Hot in the Shade preview  Kiss preview  Hot in the Shade (1989) 65/100    Nov 29, 2022
KISS is very hit or miss with me and this album is a miss. Part of the problem is it goes on about four songs too long and just seems to drag. They are trying to do way too much here instead of focusing on 8-10 good songs.
Not Fakin' It preview  Michael Monroe preview  Not Fakin' It (1989) 100/100    Nov 29, 2022
A complete masterpiece, not a bad song on here!
Sensory Overdrive preview  Michael Monroe preview  Sensory Overdrive (2011) 90/100    Nov 29, 2022
In my view, probably Monroe's second best solo album behind Not Fakin' It.
Master of the Moon preview  Dio preview  Master of the Moon (2004) 80/100    Nov 28, 2022
I am not sure why this one gets rated so low. Yes he has done better but like with most Dio albums he rarely made a bad album. This is not a classic I will confess but it is still a good solid album by one of metal's best.
Angry Machines preview  Dio preview  Angry Machines (1996) 60/100    Nov 28, 2022
I love Dio and he rarely missed on anything he did. This is the rare exception as Dio seems largely bored on this one. Don't worry he got it back together quickly. The man rocked!
Fistful of Alice preview  Alice Cooper preview  Fistful of Alice (1997)  [Live] 95/100    Nov 28, 2022
Recorded in 1997 at Sammy Hagar's club, this stemmed from Alice (who is good friend's with Sammy) being invited to play and recording a live album there. The band and Alice sound great on this one. One interesting note, you can still find this on CD but it is very hard to find on Vinyl and if you can, you are going to be paying a lot. A good live album but rock's best live performer.
Pretties for You preview  Alice Cooper preview  Pretties for You (1969) 70/100    Nov 28, 2022
The debut album by the original Alice Cooper band sounds nothing like what they would become. This album you will either get or you won't understand it at all. It quite simply sounds like a bunch of guys sitting in a garage making noise while learning their instruments. That makes it a weird, bizarre, and at times fun album, but if you are a true Alice fan start with album 3 to the present for the true Cooper sound. This is essentially Alice before Alice was Alice.
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RevengeCarr Jam 198185/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeI Just Wanna90/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeParalyzed75/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeEvery Time I Look at You80/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeYou Shalt Not70/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeHeart of Chrome70/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeDomino80/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeGod Gave Rock & Roll to You60/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeSpit95/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
RevengeTough Love75/100    Nov 29, 2022
preview  Kiss preview  Revenge (1992)
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