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Deceiver of Fools Lyrics

Within Temptation - Mother Earth

Mother Earth

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSymphonic Metal
LabelsDSFA Records
Album rating :  85.6 / 100
Votes :  33
7. Deceiver of Fools (7:35)
Track rating :  88.6 / 100       Votes :  7       [ ]
He feeds on fear
He feeds on pain
He rules again
With growing hate
He will guide
Their faith again

No light in the darkness
Is too small to see
There's always a sparkle of hope
If you just believe

He told the tale so many times
About the dream not meant to be
In a world of the free
He plays with your mind

As faith for the future faded fast
He grows strong with their displeasure
It sets him free

Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
He rules with fear
Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
He rules again

He feeds on fear
Poisons the truth
To gain their faith
To lead the way
To a world of decay

He rules your heart
He will sell your soul to the grave

No hesitation he'll make
He belongs to the dark

Please awake
And see the truth
He can only be
If you believe what he tells you
Remember who you are
What you stand for
And there will always be a way

In my heart there is a place
In my heart there is a trace
Of a small fire burning
A sheltering ray shines through this night
Although it 's small, it's bright
But darkness is lurking

He will sell your soul to bitterness and cold
Fear him

Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
He rules with fear
Deceiver of hearts
Deceiver of fools
Shall he rule again?
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Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Mother Earth - Lyrics
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Within Temptation - Mother Earth
Mother Earth - Album Credits
  • Sharon Den Adel : Female Vocals
  • Robert Westerholt : Vocals & Guitars
  • Ruud Jolie : Guitars
  • Jeroen Van Veen : Bass
  • Stephen Van Haestregt : Drums
  • Martijn Spierenburg : Keyboards
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