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Terra Lyrics

The Northern - Solstice


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
LabelsTragic Hero Records, Independent Records
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9. Terra (3:40)
Here we go;
Same old shit as its always been
You're fucking wasted
Run and hide from your life but it has to end
So open your fucking mouth

Was it all the same?
Bitter words laced with self loathing hatred

Was it all the same?
Walking out that door
Head hung in shame

Open your fucking mouth
Was it worth it?
Whenever there's conflict you run
Prove your more than this

Common sense ain't so common place anymore these days
There's a passion in your heart but you've forgot it in your mind
Instead we plug ourselves into machines
Using filters and friend lists as common currency

Spewing lies
To try to hide from who they think you are
You're just a coward
Funny how it comes around to bite you in the end
Step out that frame mind
Is it all the same?
Twisting words just to work in your favour
Yeah. Is it all the same?
When you're all alone
With no one to blame

Drink, Blackout Those memories forget you're alone

Again, Blackout Those memories Lie through your teeth

Again, Blackout Those memories Until you've reached the
Blackout Those memories
Totally clueless again


Totally clueless again
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The Northern - Solstice
Solstice - Lyrics
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