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Spunky Brewster Lyrics

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Hereatt Heen Trance

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresBrutal Death Metal
LabelsSevared Records
Album rating :  85 / 100
Votes :  1
4. Spunky Brewster (6:13)
Track rating :  85 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Another soccer practice, I am watching you kick that fucking ball around
I begin to daydream, I hear your sounds, nice & loud
Staring and taking pictures of this little kid that reminds me of me
I knew I would never have a kid, soon settling in, done for the day
Drunken stumbling, breaking in, I will find a way

Lights off, they need to get their sleep
Time goes by & I don't hear a peep
In the window, walking into rooms & standing still
Finding the girl, thirteen year old, to fuck & kill

In her own home while her family is asleep; I found her, I mount her
Silence out of fear when the knife came out
Stabbed repeatedly in the chest, 10 year old wakes up from rest
Her friend is dying while she is scared & crying

In the fight she had gotten up, so out of my impulse I slit her throat
Twice, slit back to the spine, stabbed several more times
Now I noticed her friend, before I leave, I walk to her bunk
Instruct her to move the hands protecting her throat, I thought she would croak

From the black out, I wasn't spry until the next evening
The cops came to my door, I guess the second little bitch got away
In I went, my last free day, I can kill no more

This was just a drunken normal day
I can't honestly remember the amount of lives I took away
Never cared if I had to kill a kid
If they were there, they were there and I would kill it
Knives were the best, feel the skin open & expose the rest

Sometimes rape was fun, one was some pregnant bitch that I was watching
Battery induced birth, bludgeoned baby as soon as it's head emerged
Soon to Texas prison, straight to death row of course
I don't really care though, my life has run it's course

These pigs are so slow at everything, I will probably die of natural causes
I couldn't care less about your family or friends
Just like everyone's best friend, Richard Ramirez
They feed me well, I LOVE it here, we make spud juice but I still miss beer

The shatter is in my brain, it is my gift, sucks that I'm stuck in prison
I am always optimistic to breaking out
For the sole purpose of going on a spree to continue my work
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Hereatt Heen Trance - Lyrics
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