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Supernova Silhouette Lyrics

Sludgehammer - Antechamber


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8. Supernova Silhouette (8:37)
Wisdom follows, drown your sorrows in the drought of all your hollows.
New unhallowed built in bellows. Burning light emerging shadows.
Take over the world you know. Embers smoulder in the cold.
The past no longer has a hold, on this place now unborn.
The focus on the old is torn and from this memory new return.

Figures emerge from all that burns. The leaders of your new world.

During the falling process of the sun, fire burns existence of humans.
From knowledge few things left remain, creates the question for the blank.
Newly evolved created a race. All species redeveloped.
All sense of pain, no war of hate, planet of empty canvas.

We are the sentient revival here. Crawled out beneath this chaos nothing left just amnesia.
We are recovered angels of your death. Brought back with memory specifics to lead your path to legion.

The forging of a new born sun, rebirth eternal damnation. See the light we are the ones who bring around your
faith in blood. The hammer falls until the dawn, it breaks new day for all who come.

Regurgitate the consumption of all that drives your rebellion.
The supernova silhouette burns on. Reclaim the place you called home. The light of life eradicates your soul.
Smoulder, swelter in the sun. Destructive deceit in your retreat.
he supernova silhouette burns on. The light of life eradicates your soul.

Burn, cry, take this life. Life grows from this wasteland of your ruins take on your fate.

Crawling through the ash of darkness, bringing turmoil to its end.
Reaching through this hollow harvest to begin ignition of our plan.
Finding truth in fall to madness, climbing over this divide.
Now emerge from calls of purpose

Forwarding the warning signs. Joining forces for divine.
Approach this chaos with no caution to restore the growth of your hindsight.

Reaching forth with willful purpose, no more recede in this life, carry on this mark of darkness believe this world
harbours your torture.

Reborn. The image of your true redemptions been torn to shredded mess of ash and flesh. Reach on, into the
rebirth of our sun. Behold, the prodigy of new resistance shows the path to lead.
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Sludgehammer - Antechamber
Antechamber - Lyrics
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Sludgehammer - Antechamber
Antechamber - Album Credits
  • Josh Stephney : Vocals
  • Jeff Wilson : Guitars
  • Tyler Williams : Guitars
  • Dan Ayers : Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Fernando Villalobos : Drums
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