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Jesus Skrew Superstar Lyrics

Skrew - Dusted


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresIndustrial Metal, Thrash Metal
LabelsMetal Blade Records
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5. Jesus Skrew Superstar (4:01)
Stars falling in my eyes
Blinding, bleeding, hiding from my sight
Freight train blood rush blowing through my head
Try to remember what the ghost of God said

"As each nail pierces your flesh
Smile and love each dog to death
Find a ride down the line
Travel the unlit corridor of your mind
Until the questions don't matter anymore
'Cause the answers, not the questions,
Will cause you to whore!"

Staring at a picture of life
Pulls my heart out through my eyes
Force me to remember the only ties that bind
Which serve to remind of the hardened empty husks of the once loved left behind
In the dusted trails of tears
Long ago dried now turned trails of rust on an iron shell
That one time long ago contained an animal man

Innocent untouched green like the newest man in the machine
Full of thought which all too quickly turned to lust
Leading to a one way trip though never never land

Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar

Working a psychoerotic equation
Whose numbers plugged in are laced with dust
It's been so long don't ask me where I'm from
I'll have to trace the maps on your arms and pull answers from the chapped open hole in my chest
Which at best was only fit to die with the rest on a cross nailed to my breast

Punctured flesh puckered ready to accept to suck cold steel nail almost certainly blessed
The only absolute truth ready to pass the test of the holy dirty inside out church of emotional incest
Choking on messiah meat, fire & brimstone prayer for the gods of all regrets
Individual to all the rest
Accept the television truth by the mouthful
With a smile all the while
Fear twists your gut and you consume yourself from the inside

Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar
Jesus Skrew superstar

Don't try
To decide
You don't have a choice
With a voice that's moist with shit
With a voice that's moist with shit
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Skrew - Dusted
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