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Above All Things Lyrics

Sit At My Right Hand - There Is More Than One Way Out

There Is More Than One Way Out

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10. Above All Things (10:29)

Falling apart one by one, we all fall down.
We all fall short of the glory. Which of us wears the crown?
There is no glory; only pain. This life is pointless; with nothing to gain.

Fall down at my knees, my mind is weary. I can't be pleased.
Why, dear God, if I believed in You, did you make me lose her?
She was all I had...
I gave up a long time ago to philosophy.
There is more to life than false religion.
If you're real please prove this to me.
Otherwise, just leave me be.


A river of fermented numbness consistently running through my body.
Liver constantly filtering that which keeps me alive (dead).
There is joy yet to be seen. I'm blinded by my own inebriation.
(Is this the end? When did it begin?)
Classic. This world chews me up and spits me out.
I just rip myself up further
(of course, this is me. I wouldn't expect anything else.)
I scream, "Die! Die!" in my alternate realities.
But I won't even try to make any more of this life I've been given.

Fake. I hate. Yet fake is what I am. Keep. It underground.
Preach. Not to me. (But know this is your life.)


Skin so soft, so wet. Parasympathetic output of NO.
Love, no not love, just lust. Just lust.
There is more, I know. But right now, I just don't care.
I am the worst of all, because I know, I just don't care.


Save us all. There is more to life than pain and misery.
Alcohol has nothing on you. You created it for all of us to enjoy.
But not like this, I'm so sorry God. Please forgive me.
And I, I know the way.
I shall live it and absorb your word into my bones and my blood.
Your love shall pour off of my lips forever more.
And please... Save our friends.
Let us all go to heaven and just hold hands.
And love... LET THERE BE LOVE.
Love above all things... and the praising of your name.
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Sit At My Right Hand - There Is More Than One Way Out
There Is More Than One Way Out - Album Credits
  • Jon Fann : Everything
Additional musicians
  • Edward Pharr : Drums (track 11)
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