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Agonized Lyrics

Relinquished - Susanna Lies in Ashes

Susanna Lies in Ashes

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Death Metal
LabelsNoisehead Records
Album rating :  55 / 100
Votes :  1
1. Agonized (7:33)
3 AM all clocks stand still.
Captured within a world of thrill.

I walk through the halls of endless torture,
where the sun won´t ever shine,
innocence fucks with indulgence,

where chaos and genocide entwine.

I fell for illusions of hope.
This dark carries the brightness

I´m searching for, I´m here to find

Driven by deep love and grief;
Misery cages the bliss

I´m searching for, I´m here to find

One step after another takes me away
from sanity and attitude.
I got rid of my pain barrier I built around me and grew hate as a substitute.
My inner twist became the drive, which I need to survive, when darkness overcomes.
I loathe the creeping death, for taking my wealth, and I envy the lucky ones


The light I used to see, when she was with me;
my days are all the same

Now I live in agony, since she has left me;

and I´m the one to blame...

I´d change me into anything you´d like me to be.
But you already loved me just as I was. You loved me implicitly.

The time is winding down; in a spiral into moulder ground.
Your spirit is encased by the twilight, leashed and forever bound beside...

How come, we got separated in a fight?
How come, I´m alone here night after night?

How come, your life had to end this quick?

All these thoughts make me so sick!

My love transcended all odds. I won´t bow to the cruel will of god.

Nihilation will overcast us and greedily devours...

My life, my ambitions, my dreams and my future, my faith, my perceptions, my hope and all comfort

There´s just too much left, I haven´t told you yet. A lot of pain. So many words unsaid.

There´s just too much left, I haven´t told you yet. This journey takes me to my limits, but my goal is worth all that.

It´s more than certain, that you´re still out there, crying for help. Your redeemer is on his way.

Just wait a little longer, my dear. Your redeemer is on his way.

Remove all fear and calm for a while. I´ve been cheated by death with a devious guile.

Sidetracked for a second, absent-minded and weak. What do you want from me? What? Speak!

I sing this lament for you; a lullaby for lost souls; an aria for all those gone.
A serenade of dying- forever agonized
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Relinquished - Susanna Lies in Ashes
Susanna Lies in Ashes - Lyrics
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