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Lost Lyrics

Pesticides - Emptiness EP

Emptiness EP

LabelsVomit Bucket Productions
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4. Lost (4:16)
Mauled... and left for dead
Amputated... life and joy

Like a fish without water
Like a bird without wings
Like a child without mother
Life became a cursed reality

Struck down, smashed on the floor
Destroyed, shattered existence
No reason to carry on
Why the hell am I still breathing?

Why should I get up in the morning?
Why should I bother to eat?
Why should I care about anything at all?
I just can't find any reason...

The knife reached deep within me
Starting its relentless massacre
Slashing my heart to pieces
And leaving a hollow cave

Oh God, please let me die!
Oh God, I don't want it anymore...
Oh God, please take me home!
Let me fall asleep and never awake again...

Mutation to a corpse
A walking dead, a lifeless shell
Absent and indifferent
Only one thing on my mind

I see her face day and night
Her pretty smile and marvelous eyes
This is driving me insane
Lord, hold me close to you!

The departure of a special one
The toughest challenge in my life
No escape, I had to face it...
And all life was squeezed out of me

Will we ever meet again?
Will I ever find peace?
Why does it have to be that hard
This beautiful thing, love...

Now I realize my mistake
Wrong priorities in my life
God is not on pole position
I've been offering to idols, worshipping false gods

Lord, forgive my unfaithfulness
Teach me how to love you more
I know you have a plan for me
Help me trust more in your word and fill the void!

My lady... my love...
My Eve... whoever you are
I'll be waiting for you
Until our time has come...
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Pesticides - Emptiness EP
Emptiness EP - Lyrics
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Pesticides - Emptiness EP
Emptiness EP - Album Credits
  • Gag : Vocals (all tracks), Lyrics (track 4)
  • Tom : Guitars (all tracks), Lyrics (tracks 1-3, 5)
  • Theo Evers : Bass
  • Eli Martin : Drums
Other staff
  • Gag : Cover Art, Layout
  • Tom : Mixing, Mastering
  • Stanislav Berzon : Recording, Mixing, Mastering
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