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Seeking Infinity, Reaching Eternity Lyrics

Pantheist - Seeking Infinity

Seeking Infinity

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresFuneral Doom Metal, Progressive Doom Metal
LabelsMelancholic Realm Productions
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6. Seeking Infinity, Reaching Eternity (14:39)
Sometimes I’m afraid that when I close my eyes
the whole world will disappear
Sometimes I’m scared, you know when I look at the stars
That I’m lost -and God! for real

Infinity, eternity
they leave me and fly far away,
only one thought tortures me:
I am lost in an immense, indifferent and strange world
and when I’m there, in my own hell
my heart cries loud for you

I hear the sound of horns, I see a beast appearing from the sea
it has ten horns and seven heads
looks like a lion, like a leopard it crawls
I stretch out my shaking hand
and touch the body of the dancing Shiva
I want to scream, but I can’t
instead I cry, shake and shiver

Sometimes I really hope that the night never comes
the darkness scares me, you know
Sometimes when I feel that I finally reached the top
my castle of cards falls when the wind blows

I want you, I need you
I can’t exist without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
hold my hand and join me to the end of the world

I hear the peal, it’s the Big Crunch
in front of me there are two worlds
the one expands, but shuts again
the other one already I’ve lost

Each of its particles pursues its own way
I’m standing here and watch all this
I’m all alone, what can I say?

I lost you and I miss you
there is no life without you
Don’t leave me when I’m lost again
in this crazy race to the end of the world
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Pantheist - Seeking Infinity
Seeking Infinity - Lyrics
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