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The Infinite Witness Lyrics

Organectomy - Existential Disconnect

Existential Disconnect

TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresSlamming Brutal Death Metal
LabelsUnique Leader Records
Album rating :  86.7 / 100
Votes :  3
11. The Infinite Witness (4:28)
Track rating :  90 / 100       Votes :  1       [ ]
Entombment conviction
Membranous demise
Failure to fathom the extent of my captors
Dragged into the abyss
Far beyond my post-mortal comprehension

Within this prison, the screams set in
What is this light that now lays before me?
Within this hell, the screams set in
What is this pain that now burns my being?

Infinite witness
Power-ridden eyes remain
Conceiving eternity
Every cell that splits
Every sun that dies
The infinite witness
All that is and all that once was

Passes through me
Jarring a conscience once thought immortal
I was but a puppet
Strings knotted and frayed
I see now the mirrors
Of who I have been

Uncountable copies
Haggard and flayed
Trapped in between
Dimensional laminas

The infinite witness
The infinite witness
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Organectomy - Existential Disconnect
Existential Disconnect - Album Credits
  • Alex Paul : Vocals
  • Tyler Jordan : Vocals, Bass, Backing Vocals
  • Sam McRobert : Guitars
  • Ashton Moore : Guitars
  • Levi Sheehan : Drums
Additional musicians
  • Diogo Santana : Vocals (track 5)
  • Matti Way : Vocals (track 7)
Other staff
  • Miguel Tereso : Mixing, Mastering Engineer
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