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Like Poison for the Soul Lyrics

Naglfar - Cerecloth


TypeAlbum (Studio full-length)
GenresMelodic Black Metal
LabelsCentury Media Records
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3. Like Poison for the Soul (6:31)
So my path is chosen
No more false affinity
The time has come to leave
Your worth are the equivalent of a dead insect to me
Indifference be my name

All hope forever lost
No redemption in this place
I cut your presence away
The outcome of your burdens
Are no longer mine to face
I shun your kind and leave you all behind

To gain some peace of mind

Man is an island
This is what I believe
The absence of other humans
Is what I truly need
So I gradually turn inwards
Treading paths unknown
Through catatonic caverns
A haven I can call my own

So I am going deeper
Down into my own world
Where I can be alone
And your voices go unheard
I can't stand them no more
You're like poison for my soul

I was trapped within a nightmare
My life felt like a lie
Like drowning in plain sight
Your voices overwhelm me
In a cacophonic drone
My cup hath runneth over

A yearning for the silence
And the grace of solitude
Far from this worthless place
So the time has come to exit
To finally fade away
To find reprieve in an unresponsive state

I am going deeper
Down into my own world
Where I can be alone
And your voices go unheard
I can't stand them no more
You're like poison for my soul
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Naglfar - Cerecloth
Cerecloth - Lyrics
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Naglfar - Cerecloth
Cerecloth - Album Credits
  • Kristoffer W. Olivius : Vocals
  • Andreas Nilsson : Guitars
  • Marcus E. Norman : Guitars
Additional musicians
  • A. Impaler (Alex Friberg) : Bass
  • Efraim Juntunen : Drums
Other staff
  • Marcus E. Norman : Recording, Mixing Engineer
  • Dan Swanö : Mastering Engineer
  • Kristian Wåhlin : Artwork
  • Ogino Design : Design, Layout
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